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Kirkland shoot-out aftermath proves medical marijuana dilemma requires legislative fix

March 31, 2:37 PMSeattle Gun Rights ExaminerDave Workman


The case of Kirkland medical marijuana activist Steve Sarich suggests that there may be something fundamentally wrong with federal firearm statutes that penalize people who have not been found guilty of a crime or adjudicated to be mentally incompetent.

Instead, they are simply “disqualified” from possessing firearms, as noted in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s on-line edition, even if it might mean – as it could in Sarich’s case – that they are rendered unable to defend themselves from home invasion robbers who might kill them.

This much has already been established in the Sarich case, because he traded shots with one of four thugs who broken into his home March 15. Sarich critically wounded one of the perpetrators, and another of the group slightly wounded him with a round from the stolen shotgun he was carrying.


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  1. April 5, 2010 at 05:56

    Thanks for posting on this.

    The Seattle case is very controversial, because the guy was involved in some kind of grow operation which may have been illegal- still the sheriff’s dept. stated that anyone who is a legal medical marijuana user could not purchase a firearm due to federal restrictions.

    There is another case in California where a veteran who is a medical marijuana user has been banned from purchasing forearms: http://tinyurl.com/ybc567d

    For the purpose of purchasing firearms- the federal government is saying that a legal medical marijuana user- at the state level- is the same as a convicted felon.

    Why would the medical use of marijuana result in a federal gun ban any more than the use of prescription vicodin, percocet, a glass of wine, pitcher of beer or bottle of tequila?

    California and Washington are attempting to legalize the recreational use of Marijuana in Nov- so this issue is not going to go away.

    If we went with the constitution- we could all grow a marijuana plant in the back yard.

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