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The U.N. Disarmament Scheme To Be Negotiated By The Clintons in JUNE

Small arms

Report of the Secretary-General


Most present-day conflicts are fought primarily with small arms and light

weapons. Such weapons are broadly used in inter-State conflict, and are the weapons

of choice in civil wars and for terrorism, organized crime and gang warfare. The

dividing lines between underdevelopment, instability, fragility, crisis, conflict and

war are becoming increasingly blurred; contemporary conflict prevention, conflict

resolution and peacebuilding therefore require multidimensional responses.

The present report discusses various aspects of the issue of small arms, with an

emphasis on the negative impact that illicit small arms have on security, human

rights and social and economic development, in particular in areas of crisis and in

post-conflict situations. It analyses global instruments of relevance in stemming the

uncontrolled proliferation of small arms, including the Programme of Action to

Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in

All its Aspects.

In addressing the issue of small arms, the report places particular emphasis on……… READ THE REPORT BY CLICKING HERE

  1. True Patriot
    April 27, 2010 at 09:02

    Why is it every time you turn around the evil Clintons are assaulting America’s liberties and freedoms.

    Although I can’t stand the radical evil left, they have made a valid point about many in these Tea Party groups. The inner fighting, and bickering is non-productive, and splits and weakens the cause. There seems to be a pattern of
    some of these, so called Directors, who once given a title become Gods instead of
    leaders. Sadly, in the real world, many of them could not get a job at a 7-11
    on the midnight shift. The disorganization and inability to create and mount a strong united front against the assaults on America are disturbing. For the ones
    who are doing a great job this does not apply obviously, however many are acting like cheerleaders with pom poms. Making a lot of noise and getting nothing done.

    The only thing standing between a country’s liberties & freedom is God and Guns.

    It is time for true patriots to stand by America and stop all of the assaults being launched to destroy America the last free bastion of hope on the earth!!

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