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CHINA AND KOREA: Today’s Headlines

North Korea Wants $75 Trillion from US for 6 Decades of Hostility

Floods Kill 200 in China, Dozens Missing

China Will Overtake US in Manufacturing by 2013

North Korea Lifts Restrictrions on Private Markets

China’s US Debt Holdings Rise to $900 Billion

China Opposes Deployment of US Aircraft Carriers in Asia

North Korea Threatens to Turn South Korea Into “Sea of Flame”

Chinese Military Official: US Is to Blame for Everything Wrong

North Korean Border Guard Shoots, Kills 3 Chinese

US to Join South Korea in Military Exercises

China’s Supercomputer Challenging US Dominance

China Says No to Visit by Defense Secretary Gates

Under Pressure, China Apologizes to South Korea

South Korea Loses Track of North Korea Submarines

China Becoming More Aggressive in Asia

North Korea Accuses South of Trespassing, Threatens War

North Korea Severs Communications From South Korea

US Plans Naval Exercises With South Korea

South Korea Cuts Off Economic Trade With North Korea

China Rejects US Efforts to Rein In North Korea

South Korea Blames North Korea for Sinking Ship

China Influencing US Schools Through “Confucius Institutes”

State Dept. Official Smears AZ Immigration Law to Red Chinese

South Korea Fires Warning Shots at North Korean Ships

How Does China Treat Immigrants?

Israel Says North Korea Shipping WMDs to Syria

Dictator Kim Jong Il Visits China

China Kills Prisoners, Sells Their Organs on World Market

Mattel Buys Toxic Toys From China, Gets Waiver on Testing

China Developing, Transforming Africa

China Threatens Japan: Don’t Mess With Our Military Exercises

Dictator Chavez Hails China’s $20 Billion for Venezuela

China Producing Missiles to Target US Aircraft Carriers

Cyber Attack on US Firms, Google Traced to China

China Considers Bases, Soldiers in Middle East

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