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ISLAM: Today’s Headlines

Last Week’s Body Count to Follow later today…..


Muslims in Germany Throw Stones at Jewish Dance Troupe

Muslims Celebrate As Police Arrest Christians in Michigan

Saudi Arabia Convicts 15 for Crime of – Attending a Party

Islamic Justice: Gang Rape VICTIM Gets 1 Year in Prison

Oklahoma Set to Follow Louisiana and Ban Sharia Law

Murfreesboro, TN Residents Oppose New Mega-Mosque

Muslim Student Group Suspended on CA Campus

Radical Muslims Return to Chicago to Hold Recruitment Drive

Muslims Call British Soldiers “Murderers” at Homecoming Parade

New EU Hate Crime: Eating Pork in Muslim Neighborhoods

Muslim Terrorists in Somalia Kill Two for Watching World Cup Soccer

Saudi Court Gives Man 90 Lashes, Prison for Kissing Woman in Public

Marine Vet Sues US Government for Giving $$$ to Shariah’s AIG

Muslim Murdered Vatican Official in Turkey Last Week

Danish Muhammad Cartoonist Retires Near Age 75

Thousands in NYC Rally Against Ground Zero Mosque

A Muslim Comes Out Against the Mosque at Ground Zero

Talk Show Host: Christians Kill More Than Muslims Do

Walid Shoebat: Imam of Ground Zero Mosque Lying About Sharia Law

Counterterrorism Advisor: Jihad Is Legitimate Tenet of Islam

Muslims Want Death Penalty for “Blasphemy” of Prophet Mohammad

9/11 Families Fight Sharia Mosque at Ground Zero

Islamic Nations Praise President for New Outreach Diplomacy

Alan Colmes: There Is No Such Thing As Radical Islam

French President Sarkozy Demands Ban on Burqas

US Government Rejects SIOA Trademark, It Would Offend Muslims

Arab Media Praises President for Dropping “Muslim Terrorist”

MN School Dismisses Harassment Complaints, Harrasment by Muslims

David Horowitz Silences Muslim Who Refuses to Condemn Hamas

Peaceful Muslims Attack Swedish Artist During Free Speech Lecture

UN Human Rights Council Will Seat More Islamic Countries

President Keeps Promise to Support Muslims Over All Other Americans

UK Town Scraps Plan for Monster Mosque After Massive Opposition

Soccer Federation Reverses Hijab Ban After Muslims Protest

1 in 3 Convicts in US Prisons Converting to Islam

President Holds Economic Summit for Muslims

Muslims Succeed in Getting Graham Booted From Pentagon Event

Activists Claim Free Speech Victory in Leaving Islam Banner Case

Muslim With CAIR Ties Be Appointed to FL Human Rights Commission

UK Loosens Hygiene Procedures for Muslim Doctors, Nurses

President Courts Muslims, Gives Them Unprecedented Access to WH

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