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TWG Growls: Introduction (23JUL10)

What to do now?

I’m tired. And I’m tired of this damned shadow-boxing.

Every day we awake to a new barrage of sewer billowing from the DC machine and from our so-called “Representatives” in Government. It’s nothing less than a travesty what they’re doing to the American people.

Starting today, I’m going to post a daily TWG GROWL.  It’ll be whatever is on my mind for that particular day, and it usually begins the moment I awake.

Today’s GROWL is related to the relentless attack on our second amendment rights. 

The Federal government and the United Nations have been working in unison for years to systematically disarm American citizens. Why is it so critical that they disarm us?

Today, many men and women have reason to believe that the United Nations and the Federal government are intent on disarming the American people as a means to significantly greater control the way citizens in disarmed China, Germany, the Soviet Union and Cuba were controlled.

We’ve seen Constitutional protections for fundamental individual rights eroded by a government that is actively hostile to the legacy of individual sovereignty we inherited from the American Revolution, and abandoned by countrymen who have surrendered to fear, laziness, apathy and complacency.

We’re entangled in laws that portray natural rights as vices and attack them in the name of false security, and by government that grows like a cancer until it occupies every area of human life.

We find our speech threatened, our communications spied upon, our privacy violated, our finances probed, our bedrooms monitored, our bodies controlled, our businesses regulated, our property stolen, our income taxed into nonexistence, and ourselves disarmed by officials who find comfort in the thought of submissive subjects.

We’ve seen people fined, imprisoned, and even murdered by officials for doing no more than acting on their liberty in ways that draw the displeasure of those who treat independence as a threat and the coercive power of the state as a plaything.

We’ve been told from those in our current administration that “political power comes from the barrel of a gun”. These are also words spoken by Mao Zedong and Lenin, dictators who murdered millions of their own countrymen! We’ve heard people in our own current administration, such as Anita Dunn, telling a group of college students that she “looks up to Chairman Mao.”


When we express anger, we law-abiding gun owners and Patriotic Americans of today are presented as “gun nuts, extremists, militia fanatics, and killers” in the lame-stream media. Why?

Can you understand why tolerance pushed beyond a limit of fairness leads to justifiable anger? Can you understand why being told we cannot enjoy the same safety our leaders and representatives in government enjoy invokes outrage? Is a politician’s life more important than your life?

Gun owners are clearly losing rights with each new gun law. We’re constantly trying to correct statistics, and those against our second amendment rights don’t even want to be
educated because they are convinced regardless of all that information that the real problem is that the (evil) firearms owners have hate and violence in their hearts. Nothing could be further from the truth. But then, what do they care?

The fact that the barrage of legislation proposed today only apply to people who ALREADY own a handgun tells me that it’s not about crime prevention, it’s about harassment.

Personally, I want to live in a free society, not one with the government as chief nanny.

Criminals often kill people who’ve already turned over their money and put up no resistance. If a woman does not resist and the criminal intends to rape her, she will be raped.

Are we supposed to simply Submit when confronted with an armed rapist or murderer and leave our ourselves at their mercy?

I strongly disagree.

How is this different from the way the tyrants and news organizations of Nazi Germany,China, the Soviet Union, Cambodia, and Cuba propagandized against the segments of their societies that opposed complete state control?

Many documented statements by anti-gun groups claim that the Second Amendment refers to the power of the States to keep and bear arms. In other sections of the Constitution, we find the following statements:

“the right of the PEOPLE to peaceably assemble,”

the “right of the PEOPLE to be secure in their homes,”

“enumeration here of certain rights shall not be construed to disparage others retained by the PEOPLE,” and “the powers not delegated herein are reserved to the states respectively, and to the PEOPLE.”

Do you honestly believe “the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms” refers to the States but excludes Individuals?

The argument against our second amendment rights fail the basic tests of logic. Their argument is not determined by its truth, accuracy, or even that it is fully understood.

Let me remind you that Authority is NOT truth. TRUTH is authority.

They are our Representatives. NOT our rulers.

Our second amendment rights have nearly been decimated. It is time to stand up and be heard. Before there is nothing left to save.



Guns are the right of self-preservation, our basic human right to life itself. Our rights are, of course, everyone’s rights — whether or not some choose not to own firearms.

GUN RIGHTS are HUMAN RIGHTS. There are no rights at all for a disarmed population.

Society is not giving the citizens the protection, status, and empowerment usually offered to victims who are denied their civil rights.

Criminals get guns, knives, and bludgeons any time they wish, and they disobey whatever laws they wish–including laws against robbery, rape, and murder. Why would you want to make law-abiding citizens easier prey by taking away, or limiting their right to own and carry, their guns?

The ACLU and most Americans think a door-to-door search for drugs is a gross violation of civil rights. Many gun banners would like to see door-to-door confiscation of guns. Are you willing to have Your Home searched for guns (or anything else) any time the government wishes to do so?

To the politicians and officials who treat our rights as if they were privileges that they might limit or remove at will, we say that WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

You have overstepped your bounds and cut away at that which no government, no legislature, no agency, no referendum, no quorum, no majority, and no power of any sort may trespass against except at its own peril.

By your actions, you have deprived the institutions in which you do your worst of their legitimacy.

You have awakened the GIANT, and We, The People are going to monitor the activities of our politicians and government bureaucrats who threaten liberty, and to share such information as we gather with others who also value freedom so that those who engage in abuses can not hide behind official anonymity.

We do this not to turn our backs on our friends, relatives, and neighbors who have been duped into abandoning liberty, but to defend the rights whose value they have forgotten for them as well as ourselves.

You want to institute a system where the weak and elderly are at the mercy of the strong, the lone are at the mercy of the gang. You want to give violent criminals a government guarantee that citizens are disarmed.

Sorry, that’s unacceptable.

Fidelity to the Constitution is an absoloute MUST in your positions. Otherwise, we will vote you out and replace you with those who will keep their solemn oath to do so.


Our Republic is no longer the unified force for freedom that it once was. The dignity of office… the respect for law… and the commitment to spreading the shining and brilliant
love of freedom that we based our lives upon, has slowly but surely been transformed into an ignorant and careless abrogation of our duties and responsibilities.

We see our Senators calling for the dismantling of our Constitution, and for the change of
our representative government into officially sanctioned mob rule.

We see our leaders commit disgusting crimes in the face of our people, and explain away the consequences by the definition of simple words. Giving We, The People nothing but empty words, smug faces and middle fingers when we ask WHY.

We, The People need to be ever vigilant in upholding our Constitution because the people who took an oath to protect it aren’t keeping that oath.

Ask yourselves…….What agenda for the United States do they have planned that requires disarming the citizens of our country?





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