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Comprehensive List of Problems With Obamacare. Repeal & Replace


On March 29, Rep. Peter Roskam announced open registration for Healthcare 218, a daily Twitter update chronicling the massive new costs, delays, hidden problems and bureaucratic hurdles the recently passed healthcare legislation imposes on American families. The educational course counts down the days until November 2, 2010 and highlights the urgent need to repeal this flawed healthcare legislation and replace it with meaningful reforms that actually bring down costs.

See Rep. Roskam’s floor speech below in which he opposes the ABC’s of PelosiCare: the Arrogant nature by which it was forced through the House and Senate; the Budget-Busting nature of its provisions and the Crippling of the economy that will occur as a result of its passage.

In urging passage of the Democrat health overhaul bill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the American people, “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” The Healthcare 218 course will do just that, educating the public about what this $1 trillion legislation actually accomplishes: raising healthcare costs and taxes on the middle class, piling on to the national debt, and interfering with the doctor patient relationship.


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