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Islamics/Muslims Building Their MASSIVE Infidel-Hating Army of Destruction Here NOW.

I’ve been screaming about this dire situation for a few years now, and it’s finally being reported in the media.   We’ve seen video and reports from all over the United States showing islamic terrorist training compounds in each and every State across this country, and they continue to POUR across our Mexican & Canadian borders, as well as through our un-monitored and very poorly managed education and work visa programs.  And last week, we learned that obama announced he is bringing in ANOTHER 80,000 islamic “refugees” this year under the “refugee” program.
They’ve got an entire army of Infidel-HATING islamics here on our soil, and obama continues to bring more of his brothers in islam into OUR country at a time when we’re teetering on the brink of total destruction.  We’re in BIG trouble, my Friends.  I suggest you prepare yourselves for what’s ahead.   It’s important that you locate these terrorist training camps within your communities and WATCH THEM.  This will not end well. For ANYONE.
Islamist sleeper cells in U.S.–secretly lying in wait
By Anthony Martin
On a tip provided by a concerned American yesterday, information has been discovered indicating a widespread network of radical Islamist sleeper cells in the U.S. that have quietly blended in with communities so as not to arouse suspicion. Evidence indicates that the cells are lying in wait, possibly in order to receive a signal to embark on a simultaneous mission to murder hundreds of citizens.

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