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FIRST EVER! – Austinites outbid Police in gun buyback counter-program (UPDATED)

February 26, 2011 by Jack Blood  


EXCLUSIVE – DeadlineLive.info

Today in Austin TX – Activists were successful in buying TRUNKS full of usable firearms that would have otherwise been destroyed (or ended up in the hands of “terrorists” – as we have seen before how cops confiscate guns and resell them to cartels…)

About 40 gun buyers, both independent and otherwise, stood in front of the Austin Police Gun Buyback Event offering CASH for the guns they were about to turn in to the city for food cards. As people rolled up, we approached them with our offers, and paid them hard cash after inspecting the guns to make sure they were operable. (the Police were unbelievably cooperative in the process)

I ended up with a 9mm for a fraction of what it would cost at a gun shop.

Media was in attendance, both local and international. They did seem somewhat confused by our DIRECT ACTION, as did some of the citizenry trying to TURN IN THEIR GUNS. The sounds bytes on local news all sounded identical: “We are turning in our guns so that no one can break in and steal them, using them for crime”.

Well then… How about this?


or This:

Sheriff resells criminals’ guns: a look at how murder weapons end up back on the street

No comment huh?

About 50% chose to sell them to us, rather than the police. Some simply sold broken guns for $100.00 worth of food. Think “Cash for Clunkers”… but with Guns. Your tax dollars at work folks.

Its not so funny that starving people turn in their guns, not criminals. Pop tarts do not protect Life Liberty and Property. (these were the signs I held)

Near the end, the police ran our of Food Cards, and were asking people to give them their guns for free. We were there til the end buying all we could.

I estimate about 3 – $4,000.00 was spent by our group.

Austin PD spent an estimated $30.000.00 (mostly for broken guns)

The weapons we purchased will go to those who otherwise cannot afford a firearm, and they will pledge to do some service for the community, and freedom.

Thanks to Texans for Accountable Government for organizing the event, and to all who stood in the rain holding signs, and offering an alternative to the city buy back program.


Jack Blood


We will UPDATE this post as pictures and video comes in..


Original Release 2.26.11

WHO: Texans for Accountable Government (TAG) and local Austin activists.

WHAT: Local activists will be purchasing guns from Austinites in need of a little cash, and will give some of the firearms to law abiding residents in need. The citizens receiving those firearms will be encouraged to participate in community philanthropy.

WHERE: The right of way in front of Oak Meadow Baptist Church, 6905 South I-35, South Austin.

WHEN: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 26.

CONTACT: JohnBush512@gmail.com

Feb. 25, 2011

AUSTIN — The fast-talking auctioneer nonchalantly reaches for his gavel, sure that no one can beat the only bid on the floor so far.

“$100 grocery card for this walnut-grip, straight-shooting 9mm Browning Hi-Power, from the police officer in the corner. Do I hear $110 ..?” he says, before rattling off an increasing series of numbers.

“$110 cash!” comes a lone voice from the back of the crowd, to a few gasps from the crowd. This has never happened before.

“Going once, going twice … SOLD!” says the auctioneer, with no higher bids made.

Unfortunately, Saturday morning’s Austin Police Department “Guns for Groceries” event won’t be held as a public auction. But local Austin activists are hoping to engage APD in a bidding-war.

The plan: To outbid the APD in their effort to disarm the economically disadvantaged while promoting community philanthropy and safety.

Texans for Accountable Government (TAG) will be hosting the “Guns for Cash” counter-program on the public right of way in front of Meadow Baptist Church, 6905 South I-35 in Austin, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. TAG’s event will provide a means for local activists to offer those trading in their working firearms cash and, as a bonus, the firearm will be used to better their community in a multitude of ways.

“Instead of destroying the firearms like APD plans to do, which is a sad waste of resources,” explained John Bush, executive director of TAG, “Austin activists will be giving some of the functioning guns we collect to local Texans in need. Those receiving the firearms will be asked to volunteer for community philanthropy projects so we can make our city a more safe and enjoyable place to live. This is especially important in these trying economic times.”  Bush added that they were also hoping to “educate the public about the simplicity and lawfulness of private firearms transactions.”

TAG holds strongly to the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms, and agrees with the countless studies that show that firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens makes for a safer city — not a more dangerous environment as APD’s “Guns for Groceries” implies.

While the Greater Austin Crime Commission is paying for the APD’s buyback program, the Guns for Cash program is funded entirely by individual, local activists. The organization TAG is not buying the guns, Bush clarified.

“We have already secured $2,000 and are looking for more funds to compete with APD, which will have $30,000 worth of grocery debit cards,” said Heather Fazio, a TAG leader, and a facilitator for the event. Fazio said more donations are necessary to keep pace with APD. Those interested in supporting this cause may e-mail John Bush at LibertyLover512[AT]yahoo.com for more information.


Below is a comparison between APD’s and TAG’s gun buyback offers:

(Activists will only be accepting functional firearms)

Handguns and rifles: APD, $100 grocery card, TAG, $110

“Assault” or sporting rifles: APD, $200 grocery card, TAG, $220

Air gun, BB gun, or replica: APD, $10 grocery card. TAG, n/a

• Unload the gun.
• Put the gun and ammunition in separate paper bags.
• Bring gun and ammunition to the right of way in front of Oak Meadow Baptist Church (6905 South IH-35), Saturday, February 26, 2011, between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.
• Upon arrival, tell an activist you are there to sell a gun.
• Do not remove the gun from the bag unless asked to do so.

WEB LINK: http://tagtexas.org/169-activists-to-counter-apd-qguns-for-groceriesq-by-offering-cash-alternative-and-encouraging-community-philanthropy

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