Take Your Children Back!

Care to see how the UN and Communists have hijacked our children in the so-called “public education system”?   Our youth have been brainwashed and dumbed down, all according to the plan.  The communists running those indoctrination camps have been teaching our children WHAT to think, instead of HOW to think.  Teaching them how to be victims, full of an attitude of entitlement, bigotry and anti-American fervor.  Teaching them how to VOTE for a living instead of WORK for a living.  Our University campuses have become nothing more than a festering cauldron of anti-American vitriol. 


Conservative children in the schools have to hide their views if they want to avoid ridicule, demonization and violence from the radical, anti-American, violent, vitriolic, militant student majority.  It’s SICKENING.  This is so deeply evil in so many ways.


It’s not a “conspiracy”.  It’s all been recorded in black and white for all to see but we weren’t paying attention.   We are now seeing the results of their diabolical efforts as well as the results of our own apathy.  We trusted the schools with our children, only to find that they’ve destroyed them.





Education ListTruth for our children

Contents, Brief

TEACHING ENGLISH WINS– California boots ESL out. All are taught in English.
California Pupils Indoctrinated in Islam– 1-10-02. Take a look at this one.
Articles by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt [pronounced ih’ zr beet’]
No American Left Alone – Excellent essay on Communism/Socialism in American Education.
Death Sentence for Private and Home Education, Courtesy of Supreme Court– slavery is right around the corner
What’s On Our Mind
New World Order Influence on Curriculum, STW-System (Hitler)
More Laws On Education, Communism
Legal Drugs, New Books, Sex and Results, Ritalin
Teaching Homosexuality in Schools Down to Elementary Level
Parents Speak Up
More Good Stuff, Essays of Worth
Federal Involvement
Guns in School

Contents Expanded
Additional Subject Expansion


Contents, Expanded

What’s On Our Mind
Our Dilemma– the philosophy of this site on education. Just who is supposed to run our schools?
Free Mind – Just what is a free mind in this Land of the Free? Are we still free? Will our children be free? The source of this material is Money Is Unreal: Blowing the Whistle on the Federal Reserve Systemby Forest Glen Durland. Hot links to documentation are provided for your convenience.
New World Order Influence on Curriculum
Check out this giant puzzle in four, main sections: Agenda, WIA, STW, and the 4th is a multitude of laws, regulations and executive orders. The entire scheme is so immense and complicated that it is difficult to sort out the facts that will take our children from us, much the same as Hitler and Stalin did. Those punks are alive and well in the shadows. Better turn on your flashlight and take a good look.Forest
 No American Left Alone – by Iserbyt. For tentacles and USA Patriot Act see the top entries. This exemplary essay lays the communist agenda in American education wide open. Scary are the facts revealed. It is here!! Then go read her book, Dumming Down of America“.
 HR 1 Doublespeak Continues – as of 12-9-01, Congress continues it unconstitutional onslaught.
Note: HR 1 became law in January, 02. Iserbyt says it is the final cog in Socialism, which is now complete in America. Bush’s USA Patriot Law is in the finals. The four main sections, below, can and will now proceed unless drastic action is taken soon.
Education and the New World Order– Erica Carle. NCSS has taken over social studies curriculum. UN Socialism is given preference to American ideals.
The Communist/Socialist/UN takeover of American education falls into four parts.
The frequent changing of names muddies the waters. Other analyses are possible. But in the end, the UN Commies are winning. It should be noted here that any participation by the federal government in education is very unconstitutional, and those pushing it are violating of some very stiff laws.
1. Agenda – How the kids are taught what.
Goals 2000 – Clinton’s dictatorial, socialist school agenda. It plans to take the minds of your children. Don’t believe me? Read it for yourself. It is part of the STW-System. Check Iserbyt for history. Congress fought it, but later the name was changed and it is now law.
OBE – Outcome Based Education. Check Iserbyt for history.
WL – Whole Language technique of teaching reading
2. Workforce Investment Act is the new name for the Careers Act
3. STW – School to Work System– The SYS System was never intended to help children and schools. Instead, in its cowardly manner it hides behind the school children to place a totalitarian scheme in place. It is law now.
STW OP (School to Work Opportunities Act) – Merges the departments of education, labor, health and human services together.
4. A veritable quandry of laws and regulations having the force and effect of laws.
Leave No Child Behind– Phyllis Schaffly, January 2, 2002. The Department of Education grabs more unconstitutional control of education and schools. [Phyllis Schaffly is a respected and responsible journalist. Forest]

Is Your Child Human Capital?

Court Puts The Lid On Nosy Questionnaires – Phyllis Schaffly

Maple River Education Coalition – good source site.

Our New Little Factory Workers, It’s Our Children
This article is an eye opener with lots of links.
I have not checked everything, so read with open mind.
ESEA Reauthorization Federalizes Public Schools – lists use of Goals 2000, STW and OBE. Dangerous!
New law separates students from parents. Go to Eagle Forum for the questions. Ritalin involved.
Check out Lynn Stuter’s page.
Death Education Was Taught at Columbine High School, site of killings
Congressman Ron Paul – Texas Straight Talk, A Weekly Column by US Rep. Ron Paul, April 20, 1998, Giving power to parents is truly pro-education, Federal ‘solutions’ are biggest obstacles to academic achievement. Texas Straight Talk for April 20, 1998.
Congressman Ron Paul – Goals 2000 is alarming. Texas Straight Talk for July 20, 1997.
Awakening America through our Schools– a project involving letters to principals.
School Restructuring, a Military Perspective– by Rev. “Curt” Tomlin, Major USA Ret, now with TCAN. Read this one.
Exodus 2000 Project– a last ditch attempt to thwart Goals 2000 – pull the kids out of public schools.
Charter Schools– flexibility in decision-making in exchange for accountability for results. Clinton
Virginia Governor’s School– believes in a global community. Wendi found this one.
Schools Teaching Parents Parenting? – or suspended!
Colleges not teaching history or Constitution graduate our politicians for WnDC. *”NEW* Released President’s Day 2000: LOSING AMERICA’S MEMORY; Historical Illiteracy in the 21st Century; This report is a 472K PDF file. If you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader click here.” Also see Heads Up#189: Sophomores in Gov’t.
Is Hillary Really for our Children– Phyllis Schaffly exposes the truth.

More Laws on Education

Text and summaries of laws affecting education; Communism
Yolo Case- Calbretta v.Flloyd
California’s Laws and Groups Supporting the Homosexuals in Schools
Legal Drugs, Books and Results
Ritalin is immediately below. Click here.
Pyschiatric Drugs and Kids Who KillRead this one. It’s loaded.
Springfield, Oregon Ordeal
The Schools Have Gone Mad – the Effect of Luvox, etc
metha– Announcing $8.8 Million to Fight Methamphetamines
Sexual Orientation
Vin on Guns and Dope – good article on Prozac, etc
Overdose of Socialism– by and MD. This is getting scary, folks.


Ritalin and Prozac

Research Question: Were these drugs being used by kids who killed kids?
New law separates students from parents. Go to Eagle Forum for the questions. Ritalin involved.
Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology– This is a great site by an MD. Ritalin is like cocaine.
An MD tells of the addictiveness, etc. of Ritalin. Same as Metha. Read the Hazards article. DADD is called Dad Deficit Disorder — the father is not giving time to his son.
Ritalin’s long-term effects questioned after death of 14-year-old boy. By Jon E. Dougherty, WND
Lawsuit over girl’s death allegedly from Ritalin
Colorado school board warns of Ritalin.
Ritalin in School– DOE pays districts to use it.
Ritalin, Prozac and Valium– Were these school administered drugs used by the kids who killed kids? A research question.
A Report from the Parents– the Springfield ordeal had government sanctioned drugs in the background.
Report from books for doctors– Ritain can be dangerous and harmful. [Something happened to this url ]
Schools are now authorized to presribe Ritalin, Prozac and Valium. Need they even ask their parents?
No More Ritalin– here are some more excerpts from medical sources that should wake you up.

Parents Speak Up – We Own These Schools! Don’t Mess With Our Kids!
G2K Warps– A mother spanks Goals 2000 – warps minds; hides books.
Report Cards and Papers from you parents.Read what is actually happening in our schools.
Parental Rights bill in Sacramento– Someone needs to talk to State Senator Byron Sher about who owns these public schools.
DDS grandfather writes about ritalin and EO 13083
Kitchen Militiaand other grassroot forces that intend to take back America for us people
Guns In School
Principal’s Gun Saves Livesby Neal Knox. Excellent example of being armed for self defense.
Heads Up #131has an excellent article on the responsibility of parents.
Teaching Homosexuality in Schools Down to Elementary Level
Brave New Schools: Public employees teach kids ‘gay’ sex – WND on bold Mass. move
NEA, etc. Informative, good reading. See Reply #11.
Hollywood Homosshout, “We’re queer and we’re here”. Read Reply #195
More Good Stuff
Congress Missed the Biggie in Campaign Finance Reform– Phyllis Schafly
Delphi Technique– It robs parents of control over their child’s education. American Policy Center
Elephants Demonstrate the Need of Parental Guidance– Nature is trying to tell us something.
Essays of Worth– other articles of interest and value
Husband and Wife Change Sex – of the genitals!
Lies Your Professor Told You: An Accuracy in Academia Address by Daniel J. Flynn
Links to Pertinent Sites with Varied Information
Multiculturalism and Education– a common sense view.
Saving the Nation’s Youth – Cane their butts!
Vin on Teacher Shortage.Great idea. Maybe it’s what the schools need.
Textbooks rife with errors
Why Education Reform Won’t Help Schoolchildrenby Phyllis Schlafly. Read about races and massages.
Disclaimer. Necessary though unwelcome

Sites of worthy pertinence

Biometric Consortium– Automatically recognizing a person using distinguishing traits. Watch this Government operation. Has bad potential.
Capital Resource Institute– Reports on bills in Saco affecting education and homos.
Diana Fessler– exposing STW (School To Work) and its menacing secrecy; elected member Ohio State Board of Education
EducationNews.orglooks like a good site.
Exodus 2000 Project– a last ditch attempt to thwart Goals 2000 – pull the kids out of public schools.
Lynn Stuter’s Web Pageon all the Education issues is recommended by Jackie Junnti. Very informative.
Parents’ Drug Abuse Resource Guide— Good, simple reading. Good for kids. Click on Contents.
Phyllis Schafly– exposing federal graft in schools through Medicaid and Goals 2000.
Ready by Grade 3– good source for disabilities
RSTennison.com– The Tennisons are fighting for educational survival in Oregon schools.
Special Education OBSERVER– great articles from the parent perspective.
The Christian Alert Network– TCAN – Great articles for all. Rev. “Curt” Tomlin, Major USA Ret, now with TCAN.

Additional Subject Expansion

Goals 2000

Goals 2000 is Clinton’s dictatorial, socialist school agenda. It plans to take the minds of your children. Don’t believe me? Read it for yourself.

Goals 2000-winds is discussed scholarly by The Winds. Run a search for goal. Will remove children from parental control. Well documented.

Goals 2000-obe Ignition Point gives Goals 2000 a real examination, exposing it as a parallel to Marxism and defining it as OBE (Outcome Based Education). Goals 2000 uses Marxist/Communist techniques to steal the minds of our children. Here is a real life Pied Piper of Hamlin. The lesbian on The Hill is deceiving you.

Goals 2000 – an act. Read the law.

Goals 2000 – an analysis of the law.

Goals 2000 – read Clinton’s letter.

 See an actual CIM – a certificated of Initial Mastery issued to a student.

Congressman Henry Hyde discusses the damaging nature of Goals 2000. Your children are guinea pigs for dumbing down our children.

 Congressman Henry Hyde sponsors a speech on “What Goals 2000 Means to the States”

OBE – Outcome Based Education

The Tennisons have much information available.

Senator Armey draws and quarters OBE. The letter lays OBE bare. Armey tells just how bad OBE really is.

Careers Act – now called the Workforce Investment Act

Ignition Point has enough scoop to keep you reading — and thinking — for awhile.

St. Louis Metro Voice wrote an excellent history.

School to Work’s Missing Piece: The Workforce Investment Act – great expose’

WL – Whole Language technique of teaching reading

WL defined as socialist (communist), demandind polititical reform.

Report Cards and Papers from You Parents

Springfield, Oregon Ordeal

Senator Ashcroft reports on S 1186 – the Workforce Investment Partnership Act

G2K – A mother speaks out.

[This will fill rapidly. Need some time to do it.]


Communist Infiltration into American Education is advanced.You could lose your kids. Quotes Federal Register.
Educate America Act


Springfield, Oregon, Ordeal

A Report from the Parents



What Our Schools Are Teaching Our Children About Sex

Homos in California lost — so far.So why are our schools pushing it?
National Ennndowment of the Arts – NEA – smut of the lowest.
Sex Ed and Global Valuesby Berit Kjos. Hang on to your chair when you read this one.
Sexual Orientation -1– downright nasty; quotes; bad books; kids encouraged to report parents. Good research by TCAN.0
Smut of the lowest– What OUR government thinks is art; NEA


Essays of Worth not in other categories. Alphabetical.(Please read disclaimer)

Children’s Future Will Be Determined by Government Without Your Choice
Children Will Be Taken From You, Their Parents!It’s closer than you think.
Communist Infiltration into American Education is advanced.You could lose your kids. Quotes Federal Register.
Court Deals Blow to Mandatory College Fees– Phyllis Schafly
DeWeese Report– for those who want to get into the subject. Myths are exploded here.
Finance our pubic schools and libraries and lower taxes.
Hansen, Congressman, spoke to students at Homestead High School. Other than the two of us sponsoring the project, not one teacher or administrator showed up. The teachers are asleep at the switch. Hansen is living proof of what the BBLs will do to their enemies.
Project to Inform our Students, 1996 – 98, by Forest Glen Durland


Links to Pertinent Sites with Varied Information. Alphabetical. (Please read disclaimer)

CPR for the Family has some great articles on schools and education. Varied info includes legislation and its effects.
Education Week– American Education’s Online Newspaper of Record. What little I’ve seen looks OK.
ICEpresents links to important trends in education.
TCAN– The Christian Alert Network has some great articles. Click on the Alerts.
The Tennyson’sare really going after the Springfiled ordeal, plus more, in their site.
More links to Educational Activists
Southern style education contents. Has some good stuff.
The Separation of School & State Alliance– Found this site courtesy FreeRepublic
American Policy Center– Property rights and back-to-basics education grassroots internet headquarters

Good Reading, Hard Copy

Federal Involvement

Unconstitutional, but they do anyway, big time

PBO – Performance-Based Organization. I wonder what they are up to here.


The necessary disclaimer: These sites seem to have much the same goal as uhuh. Uhuh makes no claims in any way about information found at these sites. Read with open mind. Their authors can be quite candid. Look for names, dates and documentation that lend credence to the article.

Those sites that are brown and underlined are linked. Simple click them and go there. If that does not work, try this.

By copyingthe other addresses you can
pastethem into the location space at the top of Netscape.
Then press return and be gone in more adventure.

SOURCE: http://www.uhuh.com/education/list-ed.htm


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