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Pray to God that You Never Become a Targeted Individual

From The Palouse Patriot


Carolyn on March 29, 2011 in Issue #57

Shortly after we began publishing the Palouse Patriot, we received a call from a reader in Troy, ID who said the Police Chief (a woman) made a comment about turning us in to the FBI in Lewiston. Immediately, we headed for Troy and found the Chief at a mini-mart. We walked up, introduced ourselves and she immediately started to apologize. She said, when she received the Palouse Patriot, she only looked at the masthead and the word “Patriot” caught her attention. Just prior to getting the views-letter, she received a Memo from Homeland Security advising to be “suspicious” of anyone using the word “Patriot.”

In the meantime, she said that she read our publication and was, for the most part, in agreement with the views expressed. Problem averted. If you are ever “targeted,” we advise going immediately to the source to clear it up.


Free Speech Squashed

We had not planned to tell the Troy story, but recently we learned that one of our readers, Richard Wiltse, gave an issue of Palouse Patriot and an Oath Keepers pamphlet to an off-duty Spokane Police Officer. Later on, Richard found out he was put on “A LIST” by the Spokane Police Department. (The list is for people the police feel might be a potential threat to “law enforcement.”) In between these two incidents, we were told by a Pullman, WA police officer that we were on “a list.” Consequently, you can see why we are now making “an issue” (literally and figuratively) of this practice of “listing” or “targeting” individuals.

What’s the deal? What doesn’t law enforcement under-stand about the First Amendment? Let’s be clear. When Patriots EXPOSE un-Constitutional policies, they are NO DANGER to peace officers who OBEY THE OATH they took to uphold the U.S. and State Constitutions.

Now, back to the Wiltse incident. Richard went to visit a friend and upon arriving at his house, noticed his friend was talking to a neighbor across the street. Richard walked over, whereupon his friend introduced him to the neighbor, a Spokane policeman. They chatted and prior to leaving, Richard handed the off-duty policeman an issue of the Palouse Patriot which contained the article “Dear Peace Officer,” along with a pamphlet describing the Oath Keeper organization. That’s all folks. Later, he finds out that his name, photo and personal information are posted on a list in a police station along with other people listed as “potential threats.” He also learned a SPD officer and a County Sheriff’s officer were assigned to keep track of him.

Because Richard Wiltse is associated with various local Constitutional/Liberty groups, a meeting was arranged for the purpose of finding out how to get his name off the list. Those attending were leaders of Spokane’s 9-12 Group, TEA Party, 63rd Lightfoot and Palouse Patriot publishers, along with Spokane County Sheriff, Ozzie Knezovich and Captain Mark Warner. Spokane Chief of Police, Anne Kirkpatrick refused to attend and would not allow the officer who filed the complaint to attend; thereby not giving Richard an opportunity to face his accuser. Worse yet, the Chief refused to send ANY representative of SPD to the meeting. This was shocking to those in attendance, because the SPD originated the complaint, in essence — accusing, trying and convicting Richard without even speaking to him. This is a “slap in the face” to every citizen of Spokane and exactly why there is such a horrendous gap of trust between the people and the police.

The People’s Sheriff

Though he was not directly involved in the incident, Sheriff Ozzie stepped up and graciously hosted the lengthy meeting at his office. Everyone in attendance had an opportunity to express themselves fully. This typifies Sheriff Ozzie’s openness and availability to citizens. He attends many “liberty-type” events and is willing to talk with anyone, often being one of the last to leave.

One of the issues brought up during that meeting was the encroachment of Federal Agents on the private lives of citizens, specifically Homeland Security and “their list” of potential domestic terrorists. This is of great concern to those of us who are liberty-minded Constitutionalists. The Sheriff told everyone that Homeland Security should be of NO CONCERN to us, giving us the impression that theywere no threat whatsoever. Sheriff Ozzie was emphatic that the key to citizen/police relationships is TRUST. At the end of the meeting, Sheriff Ozzie assured Richard that his name would be removed from the list. All of us left the meeting feeling better than when we arrived.

Trust? Not So Much

That afternoon, we drove to the Federal Courthouse in Coeur d’Alene, ID to observe the trial of Edgar Steele. Upon arriving we were stunned to see an armed federal government encampment. It was a massive show of FORCE and INTIMIDATION. There were two armed men, dressed in black military-style garb, with no identification, patrolling the front entrance. The parking lot had three huge white SUVs with Homeland Security emblazoned on the sides. At the side of the Courthouse, another lot was filled with big black SUVs with darkened windows and no markings. There must have been a million dollars worth of federal government vehicles. Maybe they thought there would be an “attempted breakout.” (We don’t buy it.) This show of force was for the purpose of intimidating those who support Mr. Steele. The government has a vendetta against him, that’s for sure. Just being an attorney who represents the politically incorrect, wouldn’t get Mr. Steele prison time, so the Feds defaulted to their time-honored “he-planted-a-bomb” scenario. Makes you wonder if Mr. Steele might have been getting too close to something the government does not want exposed. That would explain his solitary confinement, extremely limited communication and no bail.

At the Courthouse, there were “conspicuous” armed federal agents all over the place. There were also FOUR attorneys on the government’s prosecution team. The government wants to put Mr. Steele away “real bad.” Why?

As it turns out, the trial did not proceed. It was continued and the venue changed to Boise. Aside from seeing the “force of government wrath” up-close and personal, we came to the conclusion that being a “targeted individual” is not something any of us want to be. It was in stark contrast to what the Spokane County Sheriff assured us that very morning about Homeland Security. Believe us, Homeland Security should be a MAJOR CONCERN to all Constitutionalists. Looking back to the meeting that morning, we realized that the TRUST we talked about had been stolen from us that very afternoon. All local “Peace Officers” must convince us that they are not “in bed” with out-of-control federal law enforcement, only then will TRUST be restored. We Patriots are open and anxious for that dialogue to begin — and the sooner, the better, for all of us.

~ Rick & Carolyn Kiesz


  1. my world
    June 29, 2011 at 17:21

    I heard on the news this a.m 6-28-2011 that groups meeting troops alive or ……..are not to use the words “God ” or Jesus” ……..you will not say “God Bless ” or pray …….
    What is next ..???? the Flag ? the Natl. Anthem ? A DICTATOR IN OUR WHITE HOUSE? ……………THE NWO? ……WHAT IS NEXT? ……………………………..

    • June 29, 2011 at 18:11


  2. Doyle
    June 29, 2011 at 18:10

    Quite reminiscent of the array of Law Enforcement on scene at trials of Commander Walter Fitzpatrick. Scary and intimidating…Police State Scary!!!

  3. Kelly Kafir
    June 29, 2011 at 19:01

    Yes, because the FBI needs to be watching us pro life, pro 2A, pro American Patriots instead of the Islamists who tried to blow up stuff in Spokane! Tip toe through the Muslims….

    • June 29, 2011 at 19:26

      They need us out of the way to clear way here on our soil for islam and the caliphate……. and they’re going to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to eliminate the threat of American’s finding out what they’re up to before the deed is done and our coffins are nailed shut forever.

  4. Laura
    June 29, 2011 at 22:51

    You are all spot on

    we are being attacked from within it’s time to lock and load and do it all in stealth mode

  5. Julie
    December 12, 2012 at 22:18

    Speaking of being targeting, they are watched 24/7 by advanced technology. This means most other people could be watched, too, and not even know it. Targeted people are made to know it.

    • December 12, 2012 at 23:11

      We’re all being watched by those fascist aholes.

  6. January 24, 2013 at 20:49

    I’ve been living this waking nightmare for over a year. I’m a targeted individual. I have been betrayed and deceived by family and “friends” for years. I angered a man from a wealthy family in the area (Spokane/CDA), and since then have been followed and watched 24/7, every time i go anywhere, people are incredibly rude to me. I can never be in a hurry because there is always some kind of delaying tactic used to slow me down and frustrate me. This might sound stupid, but it’s death by a thousand paper cuts. My life has been systematically ruined. I’ve lost everything.
    i was mobbed last year, got license plate numbers and filed a report with the SPD, with no follow up from them.
    I’ve given up hope that I will ever have a normal life again. I don’t know why I was targeted, and think there is more than one reason. I signed petitions online against big oil subsidies, etc, and now I believe holding feminist beliefs (Iike equal pay for equal work, protection for domestic violence victims) put me on the radar of women-hating men. Don’t kid yourselves anymore: you have NO CIVIL RIGHTS SINCE THE PATRIOT ACT WAS PASSED. EVERYONE IS BEING WATCHED. Neighbors, co-workers, civil service workers like postal carriers – everyone – has been instructed to report anything “suspicious” to the NSA. This is what happened in Germany during the Third Reich.
    I am not a threat to our country. I love our country and would never do anything to hurt anyone. But I believe in speaking out, much to my peril. We are through the looking glass. It’s too late. We will never get our liberties back. They were snatched from us while we were tricked into believing terrorists blew up our buildings.

  7. June 12, 2014 at 20:16

    I am a targeted individual since 2006 but got violent and destructive in 2013. I really can’t comprehend how they(law enforcement) manages to recruit the ordinary people around us to carry out assaults, noise campaigns, stalking, pesticide fumigation’s for weeks on end.. etc ..but they do. They must offer a pretty good deal to these dirt bags.

    Fumigation is the worst. I’ve had some direct personal experience with those and got the labwork to prove it.

    I can tell you that they will do everything short of ending your life and if you’re away from witnesses and discredited and it can be confabulated as natural causes-they’ll do that too.

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