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Tyranny Roundup, June 29, 2011 PART TWO

Part Two of today’s roundup. More to follow.

FBI Invites Virulent Westboro Baptist Church to Assist in Counterterrorism Training Program!  Obama’s own little group of liberal hate mongers posing as christians…it doesn’t get any more blasphemous than this: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/fbi-invites-virulent-westboro-baptist-church-to-assist-in-counterterrorism-training-program/

Gun Grabbers and islamocommies Now using Al Queda to Help them Steal Our Guns and Our Second Amendment Rights!: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/national-gun-control-group-uses-al-qaeda-threat-to-push-for-stricter-firearm-regulation/



Today’s M3 Report from The National Association Of Former Border Control Officers   Care to see the chaos at our borders?  How about how illegal aliens are wreaking havoc here in America?  WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES.


MEXICO: Armed group attacks Federal Courthouse in Veracruz.

An armed group attacked a federal courthouse in Xalapa, Veracruz, killing one state police officer and wounding two others.-Informador.com.mx

MEXICO   Zeta leader for Cancun Captured

Altimirano Terrones, also known as ‘El Pelon’, has been captured by Mexican Marines, Federal Police and the Army.-El Universal


Over 200 homes have been flooded

in Nezahualcoyotl, State of Mexico, and the government is delivering bottled water and food. Pumps are being used to evacuate the water. One resident commented that flooding has happened every one of the seven years they’ve lived there.-terra.com.mx


Three clandestine labs have been located by the military.

Military noticed chemical containers in the village, and did a fly by, locating the camouflaged labs. While dismantling 2 labs, they noticed a metal door access to a tunnel, where found a 2 floor lab with electricity, ventilation and processing equipment. Over 2050 kilos of crystal was seized, 52 drums of 200 liters each, along with chemicals -http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/notas/775474.html


The indigenous town of Cheran, Michoacan, has barricaded itself

for the past 74 days to keep out illegal loggers and organized crime which has been using extortion and kidnapping to control them. Without weapons, the communal guard has isolated the community, and an attack against them left 2 dead. In meetings with he government, they have said that unless they get protection, they will not participate in elections. They did not vote during the primary for governor Sunday. (More and more of the Mexican people are speaking out, and in some cases defending themselves against the violence.)-CNN Mexico

Noticias Univision (Mexico) 6/28/2011

Attacks on U.S. Border Patrol agents increase: Narcos are not willing to lose

MEXICO – The clashes between drug traffickers and agents of the U.S. Border Patrol has increased 200 percent, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) . According to data published by the digital version of El Universal , it was members of the Gulf cartel who attacked Border Patrol agents on June 9 in Texas, noting that criminal organizations are desperate and do not want to lose more drug shipments. Between fiscal years 2004 and 2009, according to the Department of Customs and Border Protection, as quoted by El Universal , the attacks grew from 356 to 1,073, ie 200 percent. According to Steve McGraw, director of the Department of Public Safety Texas, who said that criminal gangs are uswing the most advanced weapons technology, have an unlimited budget, and they have no rules to follow and have very good countertactics. Of open shootouts in the last 18 months, according to the official, he added 44 suspected drug traffickers attacked U.S. agents. On June 9, members of the Border Patrol observed a van with Tamaulipas plates near the town of Abram in Texas, where several people discharged about 180 pounds of marijuana. Noting the presence of the agents, drug dealers returned to the Mexican side, from where they started a confrontation with the Americans. A Border Patrol agent was injured. On the other hand, three criminals were injured and one killed. “At one time, members of drug cartels abandoned their vehicles when the agents confronted them in the United States. Similarly, the smugglers simply fled when they were stopped on the road. It is no longer the case. The drug cartels will not tolerate further failures. Loads of drugs and people are vigorously protected by direct confrontation, running away at high speed and returning to Mexico, “said McCraw to El Universal .



Blog del Narco (www.blogdelnarco.com)

(Each time an item refers to another police officer being killed, including military acting in that capacity, there will be an asterisk*.)

Warning: May have graphic photos. Viewer discretion.


Four men found, tortured and executed, then wrapped in blankets and left inside a car behind two schools.


A violent weekend in Acapulco. At least five men were killed in four incidents. Unlike the US, news travels slower south of the border, and coupled with busy cops who may not have time to file reports, these killings may not become known until Monday or even Tuesday.


Sunday morning, a man was thrown from a truck, handcuffed and blindfolded. After he was on the street, he was then executed.


Early Sunday morning, two men in a truck were killed when gunmen in another opened fire. Police counted over 20 shell casings.


Sunday evening a group of gunmen attacked the Federal Courthouse. The attack was repelled, but at least one state police officer wad four others were injured. The report did not say whether they were officers or civilians. During the 2 hour attack, social network users reported large explosions.


Three men in a grocery store were gunned down but initially survived. Two of the three are in very grave condition. One was the owner and the other two were customers.


The head of a man was left near the state police facilities early Sunday morning. There was a mark on the forehead, made with a knife, and an ear was missing. About 20 minutes later, police were notified of a body hanging from a bridge over a roadway. He was identified as a 33 year old man. (At least he’s identified. There are thousands of bodies in Mexico that have not or can not be identified. Some state governments have been forced to bury many of them, occasionally in mass graves. The bigger tragedy are the many families, especially parents, who will never have closure and know what happened to their loved one.)


During about a 5-6 hour period early Monday morning, 5 men were tortured and executed . All were handcuffed, and all had been shot. The report indicates that although found in different locales, they appeared to be related as each had a narco message from the same group although it did not indicate who was responsible.


Monday afternoon a dozen gunmen arrived at the municipal police headquarters, walked in and killed the chief, Germain Perez. They then kidnapped five others in custody, and left in five or more trucks they arrived in. This is the only information released at this point, and a press conference is expected within the next few hours. Another source makes note of one murder per hour in the state of Nueva León.


Gunmen entered a crowded pizza restaurant, with dozens of children and families. They opened fire on two youth, killing one and wounding the other, and then fled.


Mexico president feels ‘misunderstood’ in drug war



Zeta Testimony Solves Mystery of Mexico Bus Massacres



3 More Arrests in San Fernando Mass Graves



Sixteen people killed in Juárez during past four days



Heating Up the Plaza: Recent cartel violence a sign of turf war, sources say



El Salvador: Soldiers Linked to Guatemalan Gangs

(More than 1,800 hand grenades stolen from the Salvadoran Army were meant for the Zetas.)



Drug lords are put on parade, but Mexico violence continues



Colombian Women Say ‘No Sex’ Until Dirt Road Is Paved

(Bet it gets paved quickly.)



Venezuela Seizes More Than 5 Tons of Cocaine



More than 70 inmates escape prison in Brazil



Priest: At least 80 illegal migrants from Central America kidnapped in southern Mexico

(The count initially was 60, and is now 80.  In the confusion, there may not be a way to know exactly how many were taken or just scattered and fled in a panic.)



Report: La Familia cartel extorts farmers, bullfights



Cuidad Juarez Murder Rate, Tipping Over 1,000 in 2011, Shows Signs of Abating



Authorities on Alert After Clash in Matamoros



Rising numbers of Venezuelans seek exile in US



Santa Muerte more common on US side of border



28 Die in Bus Accident in Southern Bolivia



Palaima: Pair hope 31,000 images will help spur social change



Domestic News – United States

‘Project Gunrunner’ Whistleblower Says ATF Sent Him Termination Notice



Hezbollah in Latin America – Implications for homeland security



ICE union says Obama admin wants to ‘win votes at the expense of responsible law enforcement’

-must read



Border Patrols Are Attacked



Jailed Border Agent Jesus Diaz Denied Bond; Family Speaks Out



ICE’s Mission Melt 5: Another No Confidence Vote for Morton




Border Patrol Agents Rescue Alien Later Identified as Homicide Suspect



San Diego County Adopts E-Verify for County Employees



Immigration provision can benefit military spouses



Rock-throwing common on border



Terrorist-Criminal Pipelines and Criminalized States: Emerging Alliances for the 21st Century



NRA News scores big with Fast & Furious interviews



B.C. (Canada) man nabbed over 1983 U.S. murder




Men get prison, deportation for smuggling cash across border near Blaine



New York Works Too Closely With ICE, Critics Say



DHS officials misled about backdoor amnesty for illegal aliens




4 sentenced in immigrant kidnapping ring near Peñitas



Michigan Legislature to Vote Soon on Immigration Bill



Federal Judge Blocks Parts of Georgia Immigration Law



ICE union says Obama admin wants to ‘win votes at the expense of responsible law enforcement’




Border ports of entry criminal activity reports



Drug Traffickers Worship “Holy Death” Saint To Keep The Law Away




Border Patrol Apprehends Two Wanted Sex Offenders




Truck driver jailed for 117 pounds of cocaine



Alvaro Huerta: We need to stop blaming immigrants-Commentary



Despite Mariel agreement, U.S. deports man to Cuba after almost 30 years



NY Can’t Opt Out of Fingerprint Sharing With Feds: Officials



The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration: Nearly One Million Sex Crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants in the United States

(Older piece, but well researched and referenced.)



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