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I would say “Unbelievable!”, but NOTHING surprises me anymore. 

I just saw on the news that Kenneth Melson, ATF Director during the Fast & Furious Scheme, has just been “reassigned” to the DOJ (Department of Jihad).

Soooooooo, looks like good ole Kenny has been well rewarded by his masters for his lies, deceit and TREASON. 

And now, folks…… WE WILL HAVE THAT A-HOLE ANDREW TRAVER  HEADING UP OUR ATF!  This couldn’t have worked out better for the gun grabbers and the islamocommie SOB’s running these cabals unless We, The People simply gathered up our guns and ammo, personally dropped them off at the ATF and begged those bastards for a bullet to our own heads.

And remind me again… WHO WORKS FOR WHOM IN THIS COUNTRY?   Do THEY work for US?  Or do WE, THE PEOPLE, WORK FOR THEM? 

When are we going to give those bastards their pink slips?    Apparently NEVER.

“Republicans NOT ALLOWED” at the Wausau Labor Day Parade…

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Fine with me, but what about those of us who aren’t Republicans, but we hate you bunches anyway?

Hey! I’ve got an idea!  How about this….. We, The People won’t attend their putrid little commie circle jerk, and they don’t get to use the American Flag, because they have  “openly attacked” the American Flag, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and everything else for which America stands.  “It should come as no surprise that we choose not to associate with those who have openly attacked American Citizens, our Constitution and who have lied, cheated and stolen from ALL of us on a consistent basis. They have held this country and Her Citizens “HOSTAGE” at the “BARREL OF A GUN” long enough. This includes those who stood idly by while their political party, global elitists and union thugs fought to strip American Citizens of their right to LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.”


Shove that up your manholes, Randy Radtke and the rest of you dirty, rotten purple people beaters.






SO SAYETH THE LIMP-WRISTED RAAN SISSIES: “All you f**king Tea Party Baggers, It’s coming, get ready.”

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At a protest sing-along against Governor Scott Walker at the Wisconsin Capitol on Friday, a member of the Red & Anarchist Action Network (RAAN) held up a huge banner saying “Class War” and then delivered a message to someone filming the event: “All you f**king Tea Party Baggers, It’s coming, get ready.”

Can someone explain the concept of “Red Anarchist”?

“With Communism the government has complete control over the production and distribution of goods and all the resources and it is shared in the society equally.

Communism is total government control…Anarchy = no government. I don’t see how they are able to reconcile that…”










When it begins for YOU, It will begin for US.

When it begins for US, it will come to an end for YOU.

WE will hear YOU fire first.

YOU will hear US fire last.

If it comes to it it will be YOU who will bring it. It will be WE, THE PEOPLE who bring it to an end.









The Disaster That Is Barack Hussain “Obama”, “Sotero” or WHATEVER IT’S NAME IS TODAY.

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A Disaster Called Obama
Great promise turns into catastrophe as Obama leads world into abyss; can we have Bush back?
Yigal Walt Israel Opinion 

Barack Obama is solidifying his status as the worst president in American history. The leader who promised us a bright future of peace and fraternity is leading the American empire – and the rest of the world with it – into a dark abyss. Ever since he settled into the Oval Office, Obama has been hopping from one disaster to the next, making every possible mistake, boosting enemies and disregarding allies while ruining everything he touches in the process. To our regret, the heaviest price – for the time being at least – is being paid by residents of the Middle East.
When the masses hit Iran’s street and threatened to topple the Ayatollah regime, Obama was silent. Why should he support a struggle waged by freedom-hungry citizens against a radical Islamic dictatorship and chronic human rights violator? And so, a rare opportunity to change the face of a state that today constitutes the gravest threat to world and regional peace slipped away.

Instead of supporting the brave Iranian protestors, Obama chose to nurture his relationship with a new buddy, Bashar Assad, while portraying him as a US ally. When the same Assad started to heartily butcher his own people, while ignoring his “American friends,” Obama again chose silence, until finally breaking it with meaningless, vain declarations. For the time being Obama keeps muttering, Assad keeps murdering, and the world keeps watching and doing nothing.

So when did Obama act? Mubarak! The Egyptian ruler, possibly the wisest, most moderate Mideastern leader safeguarded the peace treaty with Israel, hunted down Islamic radicals, counter-balanced the Shiite Iran, steadfastly maintained his ties with the US and turned our crazed region into a slightly saner place. He was no angel, certainly not towards his own people, but was or is there a better realistic option?  (Con’t)





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Remember Who The Traitors Are.

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This is an old article (June 2009), but one to take note.  Hard to keep track these days of those dirty,, rotten swine, but suffice to say that I’m taking notes and will post under the section “2012 Elections”.   DON’T FORGET WHO THE TRAITORS TO THIS COUNTRY ARE.  REMEMBER THEM NOW, IN 2012 AND FOREVER.  NEVER ALLOW THEM TO FORGET WHAT THEY DID TO HELP DESTROY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.




Republican traitors bow for Obama’s 30 pieces of silver

Posted by thekeenobserver on Monday, June 29, 2009 8:20:30 PM

In the Gospel of Matthew, after betraying his Master Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, Judas Iscariot returns to the Jewish temple and flings the coins at the high priest Caiphus– then proceeds to hang himself.

And in a modern-day repeat, eight republican quislings –after voting to destroy theUnited Stateseconomy– may end up hanging themselves politically after having accepted underhanded Whitehouse bribes.

Republicans voting for the Waxman-Markey cap and trade bill: Reichert, Mack, Castle, Lo Biondo, McHugh, Smith (N.J.), Lance, Kirk. Indeed. These conniving turncoats won’t exactly be getting ticker tape parades when they return home to their districts for summer recess.

But before we condemn them even further, isn’t this what serving in Congress has always been about? After all, doesn’t everybody have their price?

These Republicans– having received their “30 pieces of silver”– knew EXACTLY what they were risking; casting votes, not for the good of  their districts –or their country– but in hopes of making themselves known in DC political circles, and furthering their own shameful careers.

Wednesday morning- June 24:

After the Waxman-Markey draft emerges from committee, Pelosi calls for a vote, knowing full well there were many blue dog Democrats howling nervously on the fence– facing career extinction if they voted yes to this “energy tax” on carbon.

Thursday afternoon- June 25:

Carrots and sticks are flying around Capitol Hill. Pelosi and Rahm Emanuel are in frantic arm-twisting mode, imploring the undecided… “What can we do for you?” …”All votes are on sale”…”What do we need from you to get this passed?”

Illinois Republican Debbie Halvorson is the first to succumb: She had vowed she would “never cave in to pressure from Obama to vote yes on cap and trade.” But then…”I had a nice chat with the President this morning, and I’m fine with the bill (i.e. I’ll vote with my Illinois buddy Obama; he promised me enough pork to feed the Soviet army”).

Next, Henry Waxman got into a spirited “colloquy” with Alan Grayson– a first-term Democrat from a Republican area in central Florida.Grayson then extracted a “pledge of support” from Waxman– $50 million would go to a proposed new hurricane research facility in his district inOrlando, in exchange for his vote.

Then Republican John McHugh– from a conservative upstateNew Yorkdistrict– suddenly reversed his position “in the name of bipartisanship” (and warm-fuzzy feelings in general). Mr. Obama picked off yet another Republican “no” vote and changed it to a “yes.”

McHugh has now been picked to be the next Secretary of the Army; so no need to ever worry again about re-election campaigns. 

Texasblue-dog Democrat Lloyd Doggett went from a firm “no,” to an enthusiastic “yes” after he was promised a “seat at the table” at the House-Senate negotiations on the final package.

There were also a few traitors from the democratic side who voted against their own districts:

Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan (from a heavily industrialized area of northeasternOhio) voted “yes,” explaining that without the bill, the United States would remain energy-dependent on people who want to, (quote) “fly airplanes into our buildings.”

But will Ryan be able replace all the blue-collar workers in his area who find themselves out of a job, after the bill’s provisions hit home? Look for a HUGE earmark– coming soon to Ryan’s district– to “salve” the wound.

Representative John Boccieri (D-Oh.)– another “yes” vote traitor to his manufacturing district in Canton–  countered with a lame story about how (as a child) he remembers, “waiting in gas lines with his father”…and…”this bill reduces foreign oil imports.”

But the oil companies beg to differ, saying their likely course of action would entail “moth-balling” their domestic refineries, and importing refined oil products in greater quantities.

Boccieri can’t possibly be this dense; Obama may have promised him a nice, fat lobbyist’s job–plus a few earmarks to boot– should his Republican district exact their revenge in 2010.

June 25, Thursday night- 6 pm: 

Despite all their horse trading (and coercion), Pelosi and Obama discover they’re still 22 votes short:
Obama invites a group of freshman democrats to a Whitehouse Hawiian luau, telling them…”You’ve got to run every two years, and I completely understand that.” These were the same Democrats who had vowed to their districts…”to stand up the to White House, and vote NO”


But after receiving a phone call from Rahm Emanuel, they “melted like butter.” Emanuel had “advised” these rookie democrats (all recently elected from republican districts) that the Whitehouse will not support them in 2010 (no party funding) unless they vote “correctly.” Chalk another 10 ‘yes’ votes to the Pelosi ledger.

3 AM, Friday morning- June 25:

Like a thief in the night, Nancy Pelosi hangs even more carrots from the ceiling of the House- a 325 page addendum to the bill; billions in outright bribery to attract the votes necessary from Midwestern farm states and the coal states out West.

The agriculture areas were promised fat federal subsidies on ethanol, and big “sweeteners” for fertilizer production. Deals were struck with key conservative Democrats over farming offsets and CO2 allowances.

The coal states were promised that the cap and trade energy tax would be postponed until 2020; and there would be enough loopholes for western coal industries to not really need cut back on their CO2 emissions.


Friday morning, 8 AM- June 26:

In an act of desperation, a wild-eyed Nancy Pelosi springs druggie Patrick Kennedy from a rehab hospital, just so he could vote on this obscene regressive tax bill.

Friday afternoon 5PM, June 26:

Pelosi discovers she’s still 8 votes short; Sean Hannity cheerfully reports (during his radio talk show), “the vote has now been postponed!”

5:30 PM – 6:30 PM, late Friday afternoon:

In desperation, Obama “mines” 8 more votes, Chicago-style. He calls all republicans elected from “blue” districts, promising them if they vote “yes”, the democrats won’t run anyone against them in 2010—plus the majority of their state’s pork will be “diverted” to their home districts for whatever purposes they have in mind. Viola! The last 8 votes!

6:35 PM:

The Mark Levin talk show unexpectedly reports that the House is now going to vote. His voice drops noticeably as he watches a C-Span monitor– Nancy Pelosi has a smile on her face wider than the Potomac River.  

7:15 PM:

The measure is passed 219 to 212. A mere four-vote swing the other way would have been a huge defeat for the Obama- Pelosi- Reid “axis of evil.” This seriously raises the question of whether most legislators– just like the stimulus package– even knew what they were voting on. 


Cap ‘n trade has nothing to do with the environment.

Cap ‘n trade has nothing to do with energy independence.

Obama and Pelosi sweated blood to get it passed for one purpose:  WIPE OUT the so-called middle class by bankrupting them with higher energy costs, and the loss of their livelihood.

And remaining will be the aristocracy ruling at the top; and the serfs at the bottom who are ruled by them.

Obama and his comrades are about to achieve total power over the American people… “If we pass it, it will soon render them poor, and TOTALLY dependent on us, their government!”

Thomas Jefferson once said, (quote) “A government big enough to give you anything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.” (unquote)

Goodbye democracy…hello Depression – cap ‘n trade will no doubt see to that.
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