America, Destined For Slavery/Serfdom, AND PERIL.

[Here’s an interesting timeline which shows the history of how we find ourselves in this extremely perilous situation today.  Although the timeline ends around 6/2003, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or an ivy league degree) to put the pieces together and fill in the blanks.  Reading what’s here should give EVERYONE serious cause for concern. 

Obama, Billary, Soros, et al are working diligently toward our total and complete destruction.  They orchestrated the last three years of chaos in the middle east with their boots to the pedal in a frenzy to wrap this pesky little annoyance up and put us GOYIMS to bed.  They are closer than they’ve ever been to the total destruction of the United States of America.  They’re not going to give up, and they will NOT lose the next election. They’ll cause martial law by orchestrating some “crisis” so they can disarm us and finish us off. By assassinating Gaddafi, planting the muslim brotherhood in Egypt, and causing the civil unrest in other middle eastern countries since they’ve been in office,  they have put the final nail in the coffin of Israel.   Basically, they handed one half of the middle east to Iran, and the other half of the middle east to their brothers in islam.   THIS OBAMA/BILLARY REGIME IS CREATING THE CALIPHATE THEY SO DESPERATELY NEED, RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES!  The Saudi’s must be spitting fire over this latest move by the global elites, islamics and communists now running America and making decisions AGAINST WHAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT, NEED AND WILL TOLERATE..And let’s not forget the START Treaty, where Billary/obama handed over our nuclear program to Russia, relinquishing our right to defend our nation from incoming nuclear bombs.  Napolitano, DHS and our OPEN BORDERS.   Demonizing our beloved Military Veterans and Patriotic Americans.  Allowing islam to transport hundred of thousands of troops into Venezuala, along with NUCLEAR MATERIALS,  flown direct from Syria, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, Libya and Palestine (no wonder they don’t want to secure our borders. islam needs time and room to get their nukes planted here on our soil, but Venezuala is only 1500miles off our coastline, so other methods will surely be used to supplement their arsenal here on our soil.  The obama regime has been PILLAGING OUR TREASURY. History PROVES it… the last thing to happen before a country goes down is they pillage the treasury. And that is EXACTLY what’s happening today.


Put it all together.  There is NO WAY anyone can deny this.  WATCH WHAT THEY’RE DOING, AND STOP LISTENING TO THEIR LIES.

At the bottom of this post, I’ve taken the Liberty of posting some eye-popping NWO quotes, made by some very prominent individuals.

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Time Line-6 to Slavery

Control Events in the History of the IBLs Progress of Control
By Forest Glen Durland
Copyright 1998 by Forest Glen Durland

Please be advised that the Misprision of Felony Law is in force herein.

This Time Line is far from complete, but it suffices to demonstrate the trend and progress of the agenda of the IBLs, with a few counter moves thrown in as plusses.



Introduction and Definitions

Basic Information

Stage Is Set


Conclusions and Recommendations



Time Line

Showing the accomplishments of the IBLs

1750 – Ben Franklin issued debt free money called “Colonial Script”

The Bank of England caused the Parliament of England to outlaw Colonial Script.
Within one year, the prosperous colony was reduced to poverty by England’s debt money.

1773 – The basis for modern Communism was organized by money barons. Used by Lenin. (Pawns)

1773 – The World Revolutionary Movement was organized to further the goals of a group of international bankers hiding in the Grand Orient Freemasonry. Their goal was world domination. (Pawns)

c. 1774 – Karl Ritter wrote an antithesis to Marx’s Communist Manifesto exposing the dangers posed by the international bankers. Ritter recommended that the people organize Nazism and use Fascism (National Socialism) as secret plans to dominate the world. (Pawns)

1776 + The U.S. Declaration of Independence was signed.

1776 – Weishaupt (Pawns)

1. Hired by the House of Rothchild (IBLs) over 200 years ago to formulate their plan
2. To rule the world by instigating wars and revolutions to destroy all governments and religions.

3. Organized the Illuminati to carry out the plan.

4. Established Lodges of the Grand Orient as secret headquarters.

5. Sex and money would be used as bribery. Murder was used.

6. They call humans “goyim”, meaning human cattle, and consider them disposable.

7. Zwack put Weishaupt’s writing into book form.

1784 – Zwack’s book (Pawns)

1. Was sent to France to foment war.
2. The courier was struck dead in Bavaria by lighting. (This is a plus – a good item.)

3. The police sent the book to the Bavarian government.

1785 + The Bavarian Government (Pawns)

1. Outlawed the Illuminati and closed their Lodges of the Grand Orient
2. Determined that the Illuminati planned to control the world by one way or another.
3. The Illuminati worship Satan.
4. The Illuminati relocated in Switzerland
5. (This is a plus – a good item.)
1787 + The Constitution of the United States was signed.

1789 – The Illuminati scheduled wars to weaken France and Britain. (Pawns)

1829 – The Illuminati raised money to finance Marx and Engels in Soho, England. (Pawns)

1848 – Karl Marx published his Communist Manifesto in England after being expelled from France and Germany. (Pawns)

1859 – Pike Plan.

1. Over 100 years ago, ex- U.S. General Albert Pike expanded the Weishaupt plan.
2. Drew up a military blue print in Little Rock, Arkansas for
a. 3 revolutions, which have occurred, and
b. 3 world wars, 2 of which have occurred as planned.
3. WW3
a. To be fomented by stirring up artificial differences between Political Zionists and the leaders of the Moslem World.
b. Was planned to occur in the Mid East.
(1) To cause Islam ( the Arab World including Mohammedanism) and Political Zionism (including Israel ) to destroy themselves. (See Israel in 1859 Pike Plan, 1917, 1947, 1978 Camp David Peace Accord, Israel Covert, Israel History.)
(2) The remaining nations will fight themselves to exhaustion.
c. Any remaining resistance to world domination will cause the release of the greatest social cataclysm the world has ever known.
d. (Clinton nearly started WW3 in Bosnia. Clinton is a Rhodes Scholar.)
4. Organized the New and Reformed Palladian Rite (at an earlier date for secrecy.)
5. (1958) The IBLs have fomented and financed both sides of every war since 1776. 
1861, m/l – The IBLs fomented the Civil War. ?? (Documentation not included.)

1862 – Lincoln’s Debt Free Greenbacks

1. Lincoln issued $400 billion in debt free greenbacks to finance the Civil War.
2. Lincoln had crossed the IBLs and beat their cost of money.
3. During that time, the London Times brazenly reported that by that method, the U.S. would furnish its own money without cost, and “That government must be destroyed, or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.”  
1863 – National Banking Act of 1863, the forerunner of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Read Lincoln’s sage predictions of doom.

1864, m/l Lincoln was assassinated, arranged by the IBLs. See 1881 Garfield , 1963 Kennedy and 1901 McKinley.

1881 – President Garfield was assassinated shortly after declaring that whoever controls the supply of currency would control the business and activities of the people. See 1963 Kennedy , 1864 Lincoln and 1901 McKinley.

1901 – Wiliam KcKinley, President, was assassinated. He had been recommending the gold standard. See 1864 Lincoln, 1881 Garfield and 1963 Kennedy

1908 – Theodore Roosevelt, President

1. Initiated the national monument and national park precedent
2. Commencing unconstitutional federal control of land. 
1913 – Three landmark events were completed by the IBLs: The Fed and Amendments 16 and 17.

1. Federal Reserve Act of 1913
a. Gave the bankers control of our money and hence
(1) Elections are now controlled by control of money
(2) People are now controlled by the control of money
b. The Federal Reserve System (Fed) was created.
1) Is privately owned and privately operated in secret for private gain.
2) Is foreign owned by about 13 IBLs.
a) Most in Europe
b) Most of Jewish ancestry, but not caring for Jewish lives.
c) Most probably includes Rockefeller and Chase Manhattan.
c. The Fed controls the income tax that goes almost directly to the IBLs. Not one dime of income tax is used to lower the nation debt that is skyrocketing exponentially.
2. The 16th Amendment allowed a destructive income tax. Although struck down by two Supreme Court decisions, we still pay tax or go in jail.
3. The 17th Amendment called for the general election of Senators, ending appointment by states as specified in the Constitution, and ending state control as guaranteed by state’s rights.
4. This gave the IBLs control of money and subsequent control of elections, which cost money — lots of money — increasing constantly due to the controlled 5% inflation rate.
5. Wars and depressions are now instigated and completely controlled.
6. Those unseen powers (IBLs)
a. Now control the creation and issuance of money
b. By that means they control every one and most things.  
1917 – The British government issued the Balfour Declaration on November 2, 1917 to support a nation of Israel. (See Israel in 1859 Pike Plan, 1917, 1947, 1978 Camp David Peace Accord, Israel Covert, Israel History.)

1921, m/l + Henry Ford stated that if we removed the control of money from the IBLs, we would stop all wars. (This is a plus – a good item.)

1929, m/l – Hoover initiated the precedent of using EOs to propagate Executive Law (EL). 

1929 – The great economic crash was fomented by the IBLs, creating the stage for FDR to “save” the people.

1932 – Franklin Delano Roosevelt elected as president.

1. In the 1930s, FDR did more than any one president to destroy the Constitution.
2. Issued many EOs that bypassed the Constitution and became law.
3. Established many agencies that violate our Constitution. (Also see fron243, fron82, )
a. Agencies wrote, and still write,
b. Rules and Regs that have the force and effect of law.
c. But only Congress can pass federal laws.
4. Gathered our gold and sent it to European banking families. (Also see Gold Illegally Taken; run a search for gold. There is lots of information there.)
5. Lied about Japanese attack on Hawaii. FDR knew.
6. Plunged us into WW2, which was fomented by the IBLs.
7. FDR was definitely in bed with the IBLs. 
1935 – The Glass-Steagall Act of 1935 put the bankers in control of the Open market Committee.  

1933 + Congressman McFadden issued a report exposing the Federal Reserve System, thoroughly exposing the Fed for the scandal that it is. (This is a plus – a good item.)

1939 + Senator Owen produced Senate Document 23, quoting Ben Franklin and his Colonial Script as being debt free money that fostered a healthy economy. The Fed system is a debt money system. (This is a plus – a good item.)

1947, m/l – Operation Mockingbird was created to enable the CIA to control the media.

1947 – The British turned control of the waring Israel over to the UN. On November 29, 1947, the UN adopted a plan calling for the partition of Palestine into Jewish and Arab states, with Jerusalem as an international zone under UN jurisdiction. The US and the Soviet Union backed the plan. Britain abstained. Violence erupted from the Arabic States. (See Israel in 1859 Pike Plan, 1917, 1947, 1978 Camp David Peace Accord, Israel Covert, Israel History.)

1948 – The State of Israel (Medinat Israel) declared its independence on May 14, 1948. (See Israel in 1859 Pike Plan, 1917, 1947, 1978 Camp David Peace Accord, Israel Covert, Israel History.)

1958 – The IBLs have fomented and financed both sides of every war since 1776. (Carr and Lindbergh)

1951 – At the end of the Korean War, Truman initiated the first incomplete war. The armed forces were not allowed to finish their job. This cost General MacArthur his job.

1951 – The Socialist International, whose origins go back to 1864, has existed in its present form since 1951 when it was re-established at the Frankfurt congress. (Carr)

1960 – The nation’s gold was sold at $35 an ounce. The price had been held down while speculators bought the gold out the back door in one of the greatest gold robberies in history.

1963, m/l – Kennedy

1. Crossed the Fed and created debt free money.
2. The day after Kennedy’s death, Johnson recalled and destroyed all of Kennedy’s debt free money.
3. Kennedy was assassinated, but the crooks got their act together this time and didn’t get caught. After reading this Timeline, the IBLs are certainly in the crosshairs. See 1864 Lincoln and 1881 Garfield.
1964 + Congressman Wright delivered his ABCs of Money speech to the House of Representatives, thoroughly exposing the Federal Reserve System as a fraud. (This is a plus – a good item.)

1964 – The Fed threatened to veto President Kennedy. Kennedy backed down.

c. 1965 – Lyndon Johnson

1. Lied about the Gulf of Tonkin attack. There was none.
2. Created the Tonkin Resolution that set the stage for the Asian Wars.
3. Initiated the Great Society that plunged America into a welfare state. 
1971 + Nixon ended the gold standard.  This is a plus. See Ford.

1973 – The federal government ordered oil pipelines crossing America closed to create an energy crisis. The federal government stalled the Alaska pipeline in every way possible to create a crisis to nationalize the oil companies and gain control of the American people. There has never been an energy shortage. The crisis was created by the federal government. There is more clean oil under the north slope of Alaska than in all of Saudi Arabia, plus a 200 year supply of natural gas could have been linked to California in six months, but the federal government blocked all production. (Williams)

1976-1979 – Bush1 was head of the CIA from 1976-77, appointed by Ford.

1977, m/l – Bush1 made a deal to supply weapons to the Contras in exchange for free passage of cocaine into U.S. ((Inside Job, 253)

1978 – President Carter signed the Camp David Peace Accord, giving billions to Israel over the years. (See Israel in 1859 Pike Plan, 1917, 1947, 1978 Camp David Peace Accord, Israel Covert, Israel History.)

1979, m/l – Carter

1. Gave away the Panama Canal
a. Creating grave risks of national defense
b. Carter and Congress could gave stopped the give away by demanding adherence to the treaty.
2. Instituted secret courts, now in FISA.
3. October 6, 1979 – During Carter’s term, the Fed let the interest rate float, throwing the economy into chaos. Rates hit 22 percent and roller coastered 86 times by 1982. Making money on money made more money than making cars. (Iacocca Auto 351-2)  
1980 – Chaplain Lindsey Williams published Energy Non Crisis, revealing the scandal of the federal government controlling people through control of energy. There is no energy shortage. Government created the crisis. There is more clean oil under the North Slope of Alaska than in all of Saudia Arabia, plus a 200 year supply of natural gas.

1980 – Interest rates were deregulated. Banks were deregulated. “The price of money was free at last.”

1980 – The Contras despised Carter and welcomed the Reagan-Bush1 team.

1981 – The Contra War in Nicaragua was launched by Reagan and Bush1 using the CIA. See 1982 Reagan. 

1982 – President Reagan

1. Deregulated the S&Ls, opening the door for their demise. None of his other acts can justify that booboo.
2. The CIA was a major looter of the S&Ls.
3. Bush1 was vice president.
4. Reagan and Bush1 allowed the CIA to import crack cocaine that caused the epidemic in LA and SF. Bush1 was head of the CIA in 1976-77 and must have known. The CIA was deeply involved covertly and illegally. This contributed to the demise of society. (Inside Job). Also see 1997 and Hanmedia). Bush1 could have known and should have known and could and should have told Reagan.
5. + Reagan Established federalism, a great move. Clinton later trashed it. 
1983 – Making money on money was more profitable than investing in manufacturing, etc. See 1979, Iacocca. 

1984 – Congress had help for banks that were too big to fail (TBTF). Continental Illinois Bank was first. Bush1 urged the federal bank regulators to bend the rules for Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan Bank. 

1985 – Under Secretary Lamb stated that they did not want the third world nations to pay off their debt. They just wanted to loan them enough money to make them healthy enough to pay the interest and roll over their existing debts. (NoName, 65)

1987 – Great Crash of 87. The federal government rescued any defaulting bank that was big enough.

1988 – Bank deregulation pondered

1. Congress made plans to. (Inside Job, 7, 325-326)
2. Greenspan was hot and cold. (Inside Job, 325-6)  
1989, April – An international “committee” working with the State Department’s Office of Advanced Technology declared some “principles” that forbade anyone that discovered extra-terrestrial intelligence from making it public. (Genesis Revisited, 330-331) This demonstrates how governments can and will control the media.

1989 – Attorney General Dick Thornburg

1. Recommended the elimination of 24 regional crime strike forces. (Inside Job, 320)
2. Refused to declassify records for court trial on cocaine trafficing. (Inside Job, 297) 
1990, Bush1

1. Served under Ronald Reagan from 1981-1989 as 43rd Vice President
2. Was head of the CIA from 1976- 77. (See Reagan, 1982.)

1990 August – Bush1 launched the Gulf War

1. The Persian Gulf War was Bush Family Oil War 1.
2. Troops were ordered to take anthrax vaccine, even though untested.
3. Troops were sick with desert fever, cause “unknown”.
4. U.S. took tons of nerve gas to Iraq.
5. Harris was searching for a safe vaccine, framed by the FBI as a terrorist.
6. 1991 February – Bush1 stopped short of taking Bagdad and capturing Saddam Hussein — another incomplete war in which the leader was allowed to escape.  
1991-1993 – Bush1 and Greenspan attempted to deregulate the banks – a move that would have crashed the banks like the S&Ls. (Inside Job, 7, 325-326) 

1992 – Ruby Ridge, August 21, 1992. Federal agents killed citizens on private property. Was this an early skirmish in RW2 (Revolutionary War 2)? Also see Waco.

1993 – Waco. Six Branch Davidians died during the February 28, 1993 raid and, at least 80 during the April 19, 1993 fire. The U.S. military assisted federal agents. Was this an early skirmish in RW2 (Revolutionary War 2)? Blatant violation of the Constitution and law are apparent. Also see FRON Index. Also see Ruby Ridge.

1993-2001 – Clinton Legacy of Treason

1. Tried to match FDR’s record of issuing EOs. “Stroke of the pen, law of the land. Kinda cool.”
2. Trashed federalism with EO 13083, later replaced by EO 13132.
3. Critically damaged the moral image of the White House.
4. Allowed his lesbian wife to take over as co-president when the Lewinsky story broke. Co-presidency is a most unconstitutional act.
5. Allowed Hillary Clinton to gain access to about 1200 FBI files to extort politicians.
6. Cox Report on Chinagate
a. Arguing national security, Clinton blocked the Cox Report on Chinagate from being used in his impeachment trial. The Cox Report would put about twenty Congress People in prison and to death, including C2G and Diane Feinstein.
b. Clinton sold missile, neutron, nuke, and possibly sub drive train technology to China who possibly sold to other nations.
c. China now has18 missiles pointed back at the U.S.
d. China openly declares that the U.S. is China’s #1 enemy.
e. China and Loral give generously to the DNC.
f. Chinagate was not included in articles of impeachment. So much for Congress and Hillary’s 1200 FBI files (Filegate, which was also excluded from the articles).
g. Documentation on Chinagate is extensive. Go to Fron Sub Index.
7. Congress allowed EO 13132 to become law.
a. Effectively destroyed our Constitution and States Rights (Federalism).
b. Gives president dictatorial powers.
8. Clinton is re-enacting Hitler History. It worked once. No need to write it again.
9. Clinton used NEP to send troops to Bosnia over objections of Congress.
10. Gore used NEP to confiscate federal employees retirement funds and divert their use.
11. Suspicious, unsolved murders
a. There is a trail of murders from the Clinton White House all the way back into Arkansas, enough to reveal the Clinton modus operandi. Look here also. No other president has had so much research into his murderous past, with over 30 Internet sites allocating much space to C2G’s possible murders. This sounds like a brutal king from the Dark Ages of history, like Macbeth come to life.
b. Clinton modus operandi
1) Abduct – without warrant
2) Kill
3) Cremate – destroys all evidence
4) Secrecy – No civilian officers or investigative journalists are allowed on the scene .
5) Suicide – announce death as suicide
6) Smear – Run a smear article in the local media on a no good punk.
12. Clinton and Congress could have stopped the Panama Canal give-away by enforcing the treaty. We now have a serious breach in our national security.
13. Ad naseum.  
1997 – Congressman Hansen, retired, told Forest that the CIA was responsible for over 70% of the illegal narcotics traffic in the U.S.

1999 – FBI releases its Megiddo Report listing good folks as extremists and terrorist suspects. This report was distributed to law enforcement agencies.

2001 April – Klamath Basin Farmers

1. The federal government turned off the irrigation water to 1500 farmers in the Klamath Basin to save a pesky trash fish and the not endangered coho salmon to appease the eco-wackos.
2. Neither fish was endangered and the coho doesn’t even spawn in the Klamath River. Something is phony here.
3. This is happening elsewhere in the U.S.
4. Apparently the federal government is intent on shutting down the nation’s food producing industry.
5. The federal government is in gross violation of the U. S. Constitution.  See KBD.
2001 September – Vaccination for anthrax

1. Government speaks of mandatory vaccination
2. Vaccine has never been properly tested
3. Only maker is fraught with fraud and impurities.  
2001 October – Bush2 signed the USA Patriot Act (H.R. 3162) (See Mechanism is Complete.)

2001 + Bush2

1. + Trashed the Kyoto treaty. Good. (This is a plus.)
2. + Gave an income tax rebate. (This is a plus.) 
2001 December + Ron Paul wrote in his “Terrorism and the Expansion of Federal Power”: ” History demonstrates that the powers we give the federal government today will remain in place indefinitely.”   (This exposure is a plus.)

2002 January – Patrick J. Buchanan published The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization. The white races are dying out while the Islamics are increasing rapidly and will soon dominate the world. America now harbors a nation within a nation.

2002, m/l – Bush2

1. Launched the Afghanistan War.
2. The leader, Ossama bin Laden, was not caught – another incomplete war.
3. This is Bush Family Oil War 2. They need an oil pipeline through Afghanistan. I certainly hope I don’t have to pay for it. Ron Paul wrote of this connection.
4. The Afghanistan War could have been prevented with proper immigrant screening and monitoring. That points back to Clinton. There is something interesting here that points to IBL control.
5. In two short months, Bush2 pushed more people controls through Congress than Clinton had accomplished in eight long years and is lobbying for more. Those controls would not have prevented the 911 tower attacks.
6. Bush2 is promoting EO13166 by Clinton ordering all applications for freeby aid be available in any language the aliens request. That trashes our nationalism. Immigrants are supposed to speak American before being granted citizenship.
2002, November – On November 25, 2002, Bush2 signed the Homeland Security Act of 2002 into law. (See Mechanism is Complete.)

2002-2003, m/l – Two dates of completion of the IBLs agenda have surfaced.

1. 2002 was stated by Gorbachev. ?? (I do not have documentation)
2. 2003 was stated in a CFR journal. (Council on Foreign Relations) ?? (I do not have documentation)
3. Time will tell.
4. It appears too late to meet the above deadline, for which I am thankful. Nonetheless, the signs of premeditated war as outlined by Pike in 1859 are showing in the Mideast. 
2002 January – WTO (UN) demands U.S. change tax law, signifying a loss of U.S. sovereignty. Congress capitulates to the globalists. Can anyone explain why? 8</

2002 January 24 – over 13,000 ELs (executive laws) are on the books as laws. This is highly unconstitutional if they go outside the limits of running the Executive Branch. 

2002 January 24 – Pike Plan for WW3 from 1859

1. In the Afghanistan War, Bush2 drove the Jihad out of Afghanistan.
2. Osama was not captured. It almost appears as if he were allowed to escape in an unfinished war to foment WW3. The IBLs do not wish to destroy their seed.
3. Ossama bin Laden is considering setting up headquarters in Gaza.
4. The Jihad are moving into Gaza.
5. This meets the Pike Plan. See 1859. 
2002, m/l – A look at history reveals that once controls are in place, they are seldom, if ever, removed. See the Controls List. Also see Ron Paul. 

2002 January – Walking Together, a new organization with backing of the Kremlin, is pushing a movement back to old style Soviet Russia.

2002 June – Bush2 removed restraints on FBI for search and surveillance, all under the guise of combatting terrorism. There is an old rule from political science that says that when we convert our police force from a crime solving unit to a crime prevention apparatus, we have created a police state. Source 1. Source 2.

2002, November – On November 25, 2002, Bush2 signed the Homeland Security Act of 2002 into law. (See Mechanism is Complete.) Source.

 2003 -Bin Laden is no longer a primary objective. This another incompleted war. Source.

2003 July 10 + Ron Paul gave his Neo-Conned speech to the House of Representatives. Stated were the facts that government was rapidly expanding and increasing debt in spite of promises to the opposite. America is broke, but war and welfare is promoted.


Invisible to the average citizen, most of the control items and agenda are intangible (imaginary, unreal). Unreal things are being used to control real people. If, and probably only if, and when the people awake to this fact, the IBLs will be put out quickly, providing the people wake in time. It may very well be that the people will not awaken until they are looking through barbed wire fence. Then it will be too late. The IBLs will have snared the world in a brutal dictatorship. A study of the imaginary is vital to the existence of this Constitutional Republic.

The main control item used by the IBLs is money — the creation and issuance of money. That is done through the Fed, the IMF and the World Bank.

Money is unreal. Currency is real. All government, organizations and rules are unreal. Soldiers, guns and the people in their sights are very real. Laws are unreal, but prison camps and barbed wire are very real.

Time Line-6 (TL6) is the update of Time Line-4 that was mailed certified to Congress, et. al.

 This Time Line is far from complete. But it does show the progress of the IBLs through history down to current events. It is a force that must be dealt with, far better sooner than later. The more they become entrenched, the more difficult to dig them out.

IBLs are the International Banklords (and international banking families) that own the international banks that control the world’s wealth, and hence, all people and most things. They are also known as Illuminati.

 “Constitution” refers to the “Constitution of the United States and its inherent Bill of Rights”.

 The Supreme Law of the Land is that trilogy comprising the Constitution, the Federalist Papers and the rulings of the Supreme Court of the United States.

The Fed is the Federal Reserve System, a most corrupt tool of the IBLs.

NEP is National Emergency Powers that give the president more power than Hitler had. Hitler set aside the German Congress in three short months.

 Herein is a list of events by years to portray the progress of the IBLs in their goal to completely control all people, their societies and their governments. The following statements are backed with megs of documentation. The IBLs have chosen to work unseen and have been identified as the “unseen enemy”. This identification enables sedition and treason to be considered. The IBLs cause others to do their dirty work and take the rap.

C2G = Clinton, Clinton and Gore, that trilogy that created the Clinton Legacy of Treason.

A discussion distinguishing the various Bushs is in order.

Bush0 = Prescott Bush = the elder Bush = Granddaddy Bush.

Bush1 = the 1st President Bush = George Herbert Walker Bush = Daddy Bush.

Bush2 = the 2nd President Bush = George W. Bush = Dubya = Boy Bush.

Basic areas the IBLs Allegedly plan to control
Must reduce U.S. status to world level for control.

1) Money – controls all people and most things

2) Government

a) The Constitution must be destroyed
b) Rhodes Scholars, Fabian

3) Elections

a) Controlled by money
b) Media is controlled

4) Economy

a) Wars
b) Depressions

c) Controlled 5 percent inflation

 5) People and society

a) Degrade style of living
b) Destroy family structure

c) Reduce to dependent paupers

d) Destructive income tax

e) Reduce freedom with restrictive laws

f) Reduce savings through inflation

g) Drugs via CIA

h) Mind

i) Drugs via CIA
ii) Media – controlled.

iii) Schools – Goals 2000 is Fascist and will take childrens’ minds from parents
Basic Information

1) The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic.

2) Constitution as used in this paper means the United States Constitution and its inherent Bill of Rights.

a) Is the law of the land and must NOT be violated or evaded, not even by treaties.
b) Is the basic job description for the President, Vice President, Congress, federal judges and all federal employees.

3) The Supreme Law of the Land is that trilogy comprising the

a) Constitution
b) Federalist Papers

c) The rulings of the Supreme Court of the United States.

4) IBLs
a) Definition. Is/are the unseen enemy that brings sedition and treason to reason. Includes
a) Unseen enemy that is destroying America.
b) IBL – international banklord; IBLs – international banklords
c) International banking families.
d) Illuminati
e) House of Rothschild
f) Rockefeller
g) Fed – Federal Reserve System  h) UN – United Nations
i) OWO – One World Order
j) NWO – New World Order
k) Third Way – same as NWO
l) CFR – Council on Foreign Relations
m) TLC – Trilateral Commission
n) Bilderbergers 

 b) IBLs work out of sight, causing others to do their dirty work and take the rap.

i) 200 years ago they hid in the lodges of the Grand Orient in Europe.
ii) Today they hide in the 32nd and higher degrees of the Masonic Lodge.

iii) It is highly probable that they operate as a group within a group, thus hiding their presence.

1) CFR
2) TLC

3) Mafia

4) Above 32nd degree in the Masons

iv) Satan, God’s anti-Christ, is worshipped.

v) They plan to rule the world, no matter how long it takes.

vi) Their marks are all over the one dollar Federal Reserve notes and in the layout of our capital campus.

vii) See Pawns In the Game

c) Rhodes Scholars, Fabians
i) It is significant that Rhodes and Fabian had the same goal as the IBLs and probably are united.
ii) Both plan to rule the world by control of wealth.

iii) Humans are considered disposable goyim.

iv) It is highly probable that the IBLs control the Rhodes Scholars and Fabians.

v) Rhodes Scholars have been placed in key government positions throughout the world.

vi) Rhodes Scholars at Oxford University do not study, but party and learn to dominate.

vii) Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar.

5) Needless wars for the benefit of the IBLs.

a) French Revolution
b) We did not need to fight WW1, WW2, Cold, Korean, Vietnam and Gulf Wars.

c) We do NOT need another war in the Mid East or Far East.

d) We do NOT need another Cold War.

e) The Afghanistan War could have been avoided by control of our borders.

f) The Afghan War is Bush Family Oil War 2. The Gulf was BFOW 1.

[Note: I am an Army Veteran and respect those that gave their lives for their country. But that is not the issue here. This paper is concerned with the perpetrators of wars.

6) In about 1921, Henry Ford stated that if we removed the control of money from the bankers (IBLs), we would stop all wars.

7) When will Congress wake up? Most probably when they get awakened! Congress does not act; Congress reacts.



Stage Is Set

Can these be true?

Watch for these points in the Time Line

Present Status of Government Control

Control of the Masses
Through FEMA, REX and a myriad of ELs ( Executive Laws – illegal laws issued by the president with names like EO, PDD, etc), a complete plan of crowd control is in place. All the president need do is utter two magic words, “National Emergency”, and martial law will be declared. That may be the position we are in today, 1-27-02 since Bush declared a ten year national emergency against terrorists. These plans are kept so secret not even Congress has read them.
So we have a plan for control to protect us, we pay for it, but we can not read it. There seems to be something wrong with this picture.

It is of vital importance to note that Hitler employed nearly the exact procedure when he set the German Congress aside and declared a dictatorship. WW2 ensued. That war followed Pike’s Plan to the letter.

OUR military is manufacturing nasty weapons designed to control civilian masses.

Government is attempting to remove guns from the people – an unconstitutional act.

Mock invasions of U.S. cities and arrest of leaders has been occurring.

Prison Camps

i) Possibly over 100 prison camps, many of them being updated, exist today in America in times of peace, but my representatives will not speak of them.
ii) At least one of these camps is/was guarded by troops that can not speak American.

American troops might not fire on Americans, but bitter foreign troops will. Those troops may be here, now!

Marines at Camp Pendleton were asked if they would fire on Americans. The very fact that they were asked that question starts one thinking.

Government in reverse. Laws passed by OUR Congress allow prosecution for treason

i) Of those citizens who speak out for truth in government. Labels them traitors.
ii) Traitors can be imprisoned or confined to a mental institution.

(1) Little legal help is available there, nearly none in a mental institution.
(2) FDR used the insane asylum technique to control opposition.

(3) Brains are fried with drugs.

iii) Such prosecution violates OUR Constitution.

Covert Operations

The U.S. has for decades been the leading exporter of munitions to third world nations.
Our government has been using American citizens as test monkeys for decades with neither consent nor knowledge with radiation, aids, agent orange and anthrax.

Horrible weapons of war continue to be developed.

HAARP in Alaska can destroy the ionosphere and people and continues to be developed and enlarged, but the people are not informed. Sick people are looking toward HAARP. There have terawatt capacity now.

Total military plans under FEMA and REX exist to control the civilian police forces and the masses, but not even Congress is allowed to read the documents.

Perhaps as many as 100 prison camps exist, but no one in government will discuss them.

Munitions supply fed the Bosnian War. We then stationed our troops there. The same routine preceded WW1 and WW2. The IBLs financed both sides and made big money.

The United States gave CBW (Chemical/Biological Weapons) technology to Iraq before the Gulf War.

OUR United States military took tons of poison gas to Iraq in the Gulf War. How can we condemn others?

OUR United States military encased bullets and bombs with nuclear poison and used them in the Gulf War.

Children in Iraq are suffering birth defects and other symptoms of nuclear poisoning. Our troops are sick.

Harris was framed by OUR FBI in a probable attempt to start a CBW war in Iraq.

Clinton provided China with bomb, missile and guidance technology.

Chinagate was not included in articles of impeachment

China sells war technology and equipment to its neighbors.

Israel gets technology, missiles and bombs from the U.S. and sells them in China and Korea.

The CIA continues to create specters of war and sends spies abroad.

Congress gave Clinton dictatorial powers with EO 13132.

Rhodes Scholars/Fabians are in place in key government positions

Israel History

The British established Israel.
The UN made Israel a nation.

The US finances Israel. Israel gets more money from the US than the US gives any state. And it’s all borrowed. Not one dime of IRS income tax gets back to Congress to pay bills.

(See Israel in 1859 Pike Plan, 1917, 1947, 1978 Camp David Peace Accord, Israel Covert, Israel History.)


Pike’s Plan for WW3 appears to be happening in the Mideast.
Osama bin Laden may be heading for Gaza.
Sadam is offering Iraq’s help to the Muslims and Palestinians.

China and Russia are exchanging munitions.

India is exploding nukes. Pakistan and Indian are mad at each other.

U.S. is bombing Afghanistan and looking for someplace to bomb.


Has U.S. technology for neutron and nuke bombs and missiles, thanks to Clinton and Loral.
Has a $60 billion trade deficit to fund it, thanks to GATT, NAFTA and the UN.

Openly declares that U.S. is China’s #1 enemy.

Go figure.


May be reverting to the old hard line Soviet Russia backed by the Kremlin.
Rockefeller and his Chase Manhattan Bank penetrated Russia about 8 years ago. Rockefeller is probably the only IBL in America, but the strongest in the world.

The UN is attempting to force its World Court on the U.S.

Mind Control

Education, Schools
a) Goals 2000 is Pattered after Marxism
b) Designed to control America’s minds for womb to tomb control through education.

c) Will take our children’s minds from their parents. During WW2 children were taken from parents and placed in brainwashing schools. Today the minds are taken. The bodies are left at home.

d) Probably written by those same IBLs that financed the writing of Nazism in Germany and Communism in England.

e) ClintonS claim authorship. That places ClintonS in bed with the IBLs.

f) Has already entered our schools as OBE, etc. (Outcome Based Education)

g) It is unconstitutional for the federal government to meddle with schools and education.

h) Is influenced my the UN, which we do NOT need.

i) The plan hiding behind the schools is STW.

Insane Asylum Commitment

a) Good storage place for trouble makers
b) Once committed, there is little help to get out. The courts are mute.

c) Doctors fry you brains with drugs.

d) FDR used this weapon .


Is owned and/or controlled by the IBLs.
Masters of spin, misinformation, noninformation, disinformation and just plain lies.

IBL Covert Control Organizations

a) United Nations, New World Order, One World Order, Third Way — all the same.
b) Agencies controlled by the IBLs (UN).

i) GATT and NAFTA are disasters to the American economy and health.
ii) Fast Track slips around the Constitution which demands that the Senate approve all treaties.

iii) MAI will take control of international financing, crippling the American economy and freedom.

iv) IMF (International Monetary Fund)

(1) Gives OUR money to IBLs to cover their bad loans. We pay!
(2) IMF is the global equivalent of the Fed. (So stated by Britain’s Prime Minister. )

v) OECD (Economic Cooperation and Development) is giving the IBLs the reins.

vi) AHRI (American Heritage Rivers Initiative) is giving our land and headwaters to the IBLs. We are also losing our parks.

vii) IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) is taking our land.

viii) MAB (Man and the Biosphere) is taking our land and coastal waters. Biospheres are very unconstitutional and have been defunded by Congress, but they still get our money from somewhere and keeping growing.

ix) Environmental Agencies are causing unnecessary controls on we people.

x) Clinton signed an EL that gives the IBLs (UN) control of the U.S. Armed Forces. Michael New objected and was court martialed.

xi) The IBLs (UN) have vetoed two Congressional laws. That has to be the height of Constitutional violation.

xi) And on and on . . .

 c) Federal Reserve System

i) Is unconstitutional and the greatest fraud in history.
ii) IRS is a crippling progressive tax, a goal of communism.  There is no law that states we must pay, yet judges put us in jail for violation a non-existent law.

d) Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), et. al.

58 members of Congress belong.
The Democratic National Platform under Clinton and Gore was nearly word for word identical with the Communist Party Platform.


Forest Glen Durland knows how to finance the United States government without income tax and debt. Any national debt at all is absolutely insane! But the IBL’s love it. We people get the bill. Not good.

 Government must come out in the open.

a) OUR government is not telling America citizens the truth. I object.
b) I demand the whole truth with an honest viewpoint.

c) About 99 percent of the secrecy in the America government should be considered a Constitutional violation and removed.

d) The America taxpayers have paid for all of the military. I demand truth and to see.

e) Every Congress Person

i) Must KNOW ALL of the contents of the black budget or stop funding it.
ii) Must abolish the CIA, or at least know everything they are doing and control it.

ii) I demand to know and see what I am paying for or I stop paying for it!



This list is by no means complete. But it is enough to illustrate the fact that the IBLs are dead serious about completing their agenda. It also demonstrates the merciless character of the IBLs in their methods and weapons. We goyim are dispensable. Along the way it becomes more than obvious that Congress is either blind, dumb or crooked. They don’t have guide dogs and they talk too much to be dumb, so they must be in bed with the IBLs. For Clinton, Gore and the federal judges, there can be no excuse. They are definitely guilty of treason as defined in the Constitution they swore to uphold when they took their oath of office. Will Bush and Cheney do better?

We must not allow the IBLs to complete their agenda. To stop this trend, it is mandatory that we block Bush from instigating any more armed conflicts. This can only be done by removing the NEP from the President.

Bush has made some moves back to national sanity. I am still waiting for more. But his last moves were more control of we people. Not good.

Forest Glen Durland

Saratoga, CA


Conclusions and Recommendations

In this section an outline of events leading to dangerous outcomes is presented. Being aware of the hotspots will enable one to spot indications of them in the Time Line, as well as in the media.

In Time Line5, the previous edition, the possibility of Clinton initiating WW3 was discussed. Thankfully, that did not come to pass. This is one time I am glad to be wrong. However, it will always be remembered by the wise that Clinton came much closer to starting WW3 in Kosovo than the media will ever tell us.

WW3 is showing its designs almost to the letter as Pike planned it in 1859. (See above). This necessitates logging the events of war to inform the people of possible impending disaster at the option of the IBLs, but at the hands of the people. For it is the people themselves that destroy themselves by waging war, not the IBLs. They just sit back and watch the fun. By charging the people for creating their money for them, and then taxing the people to further enslave them economically, the IBLs have trillions of dollars to plan war and finance both sides of the conflicts, for additional interest of course. The controllers in key government positions are Rhodes Scholars and Fabians.

If only people would wake to that fact and realize what control of money is causing them to do to themselves.

Forest Glen Durland, 1-25-02



 [hot links to docs will be added as time permits.

Everything here is documentable with the exception of IBL identity and ties. This is the opinion of Forest Glen Durland, who identifies items by examining their tracks.]

NEPs are National Emergency Powers.

ELs are Executive Laws (my term); EOs, etc., that have become law.

1) No law exists that requires a U.S. citizen living and working in the U.S. to pay any income tax.
2) The IRS has no legal teeth to enforce, yet they do, in brazen violation of our Constitution and its inherent Bill of Rights.
3) To add insult to injury, judges enforce a non-existent law and send people to prison.
4) These are the conditions that drove our forefathers from the old country.
5) This is why they wrote our Constitution and its inherent Bill of Rights.

Read the above timeline to see what is happening to us. It is now complex and terrifying.

For documentation, go to my web site, It’s all there if you will but read with open mind. Absorb these facts. This stuff is documented. It is really happening – right now!! Go to <>. Click on Topics and Fiedor Report On the News to find stuff. Read from this site. It will pry open yours eyes and it’s well documented.

In Essays of Worth, “Prologue” explains our problems and the only solutions.

“State of the Union 1998” really tells it like it is. Run a search for Hitler if you want an eye opener on Clinton. Same thing. Clinton is re-enacting Hitler History. I lived through those years.

Money is Unreal, Blowing the Whistle on the Federal Reserve System explains how to finance our government without income tax and debt. That’s what Ben Franklin and our Founding Fathers did.

Click “Theories” and study the graph of our history to see where you are in the happenings picture. You will find you and your family at the top (or bottom) of the compound, exponential curves pictured. When an exponential curve is going nearly straight up (or straight down) , it is nearly over. You must come crashing back to the start. Enjoy. 8<)

“Could Have Known and Should Have Known” is an old and established precedent that says politicians have no excuses. It dates all the way back to President Lincoln. This precedent is explained in the essay on “Lincoln”.

Check out the “Contents” of Money is Unreal: Blowing the Whistle on the Federal Reserve System. It will open your eyes, if you will but open your mind.

Carr, William Guy. Pawns In the Game. Available from CPA Books, Monetary Science Publishing and Omni. Very revealing history of banking control with quotes. Carr documents that the billionaire banklords actually plan, instigate and finance both sides of all wars and revolutions. Also see Lindbergh. Read the Introduction. Monetary Science Publishing, Box 86, Wickliffe, OH 44092. (Owned by Peter Cook, Monetary Scientist.) Also try CPA Books, P O Box 596, Boring, OR 97009. Phone 1-800-578-7124.

Ford, Henry, Sr. Thomas Edison’s Famous Interview On Money. pb. Monetary Science Publications. Contains the Ford Interviews On Muscle Shoals. Ford stated that if we removed the power of money from the banklords that we would stop all wars. Try Monetary Science Publishing.

Lindbergh, Charles A, Sr. Lindbergh on the Federal Reserve. pb. Formerly titled Economic Pinch. Available at Monetary Science Publishing. Reveals fomented and controlled depressions by the banklords on page 94 and 95. War profiteering, pages 99 and 103. Forest Glen Durland adds that depressions cause poverty that leads to misery and death, leading to his statement that the IBLs consider people dispensable. Carr documents that the IBLs actually plan, instigate and finance both sides of all wars and revolutions. Also see Fed’s destructive history in the Definitions.

Owen, Robert L. Senate Document 23, “National Economy and the Banking System of the United States”, Jan 24, 1939, 76th Congress, 1st Session, Vol 3. A most valuable document. The Benjamin Franklin quotes are on pages 98 and 99. This document is on microfiche in the repository section of universities.

[Name and title withheld by request]. Page 63, Gold was sold under value.

Williams, Lindsey. Energy Non Crisis. P.O. Box 7, Kasilof, AK 99610. Phone (907)262-4000.

Pizzo, Inside Job. McGraw, 1989. The story of the S&L give away and CIA looting.

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Greider, Wm. Who Will Tell the People. NY: Simon and Schuster, 1992. Page 67: “Starting in the 1960s, banks lobbied to strip the thrifts of their protected position, and they finally succeeded in 1980, amid double-digit inflation, with the deregulation of interest rates. Financial deregulation was done by Democrats in the Carter Administration, not by Ronald Reagan and the Republicans as so many assume.”

Help for the big banks. Who Will Tell the People, loc. cit., p 283. Also see TBTF.

Greider, Wm. Secrets of the Temple. NY: Touchstone, 1989. Page 578-9 – Making money on money was more profitable than investing in material things.

Secrets Temple, loc. cit., p 156, Banks were deregulated. Money was free at last. p 163, it was a big bank victory. 156 and 176, State usuary laws were set aside. p 666, risk of debt explosion. The free market was always itself a fiction.

Galbraith, John Kenneth. Great Crash 1929. C. Galbraith, 1988. Boston: Houghton. p xviii.

Galbraith, John Kenneth. Culture of Contentment. C. Galbraith, 1992. Boston: Houghton

Bush1 and Greenspan tried to deregulate the banks. One can not help but ponder their motive

I have 15 newspaper clippings documenting this attempted banking disaster.
Who Will Tell, loc. cit., p. 67 for Bush1.

Pizzo, loc. cit., p. 325 for Greenspan and Congress.

Mercury News (San Jose, CA), 9-6-90 c1: “Banking overhaul is urged”. FDIC chief and Greenspan want to repeal the Glass-Steagal Act, the McFadden Act and the Bank Holding Company Act. The chairman of the Senate Banking Committee was Don Riegle, Jr (D-Mich), a member of the notorious Keating Five.

The Keating Five who conspired fraud at Lincoln Savings and Loan were Cranston, Reigle, deConcini, John Glenn and John McCain. SJ  Mercury News, 2-1-91: “Keating One”. Cranston took the rap for the others. Also see Pizzo, loc. cit.

Lincoln was assassinated by the IBLs.

Durland, Forest Glen. Money Is Unreal. p193. Adapted from Michael Journal, Sep-Oct 87, p 14, “Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy: Two great presidents of the United States assassinated for the cause of justice” by Melvin Sickler. Michael Journal, Rougemont, PQ, Canada, JOL 1MO. (Also Garfield.)
Cottrell, John. Anatomy of an Assassination. NY: Funk and Wagnalls, 1966.

 Basler, Roy P., ed. Assassination and History of the Conspiracy. NY: Hobbs, Dorman and Co, 1965

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Oldroyd, Osborn H. Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. WnDC: Oldroyd, 1901. Re-published in 1990 by Heritage Books, Maryland. This is a good, authentic review. This book is more of an account of happenings than any theory.

President Garfield was assassinated in 1881.

” ‘President Garfield, shortly before his assassination, declared that whoever controls the supply of currency would control the business and activities of the people. Thomas Jefferson warned us a hundred years ago that a private central bank issuing the public currency was a greater menace to the liberties of the people than a standing army.’
It is interesting to note how many assassinations of Presidents of the United States follow their concern with the issuing of public currency; Lincoln with his Greenback, non-interest-bearing notes, and Garfield, making a pronouncement on currency problems just before he was assassinated.”

Source: Mullins, Eustace. Secrets of the Federal Reserve: the London Connection. This source is highly documented.

CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, Tales from the Crypt: The Depraved Spies and Moguls of the CIA’s Operation MOCKINGBIRD by Alex Constantine, Who Controls the Media? Send “subscribe info ” to Posted by: “Steve Wingate” <>. Date: ed, 12 Nov 1997

Webb, Gary. Dark Alliance. C. 1998 by Gary Webb. Published by Seven Trees Press, 140 Watts St, New York, NY 10013. P 68, The Contras despised Carter and welcomed the Reagan and Bush1 team. Reagan and Bush1 started the Contra movement in 1981. This is a well documented and highly respected book by a veteran reporter.

Continental Illinois Bank was considered too big to fail (TBTF) for fear of cataclysmic effects on the nation. Complete documentation will be found in TGTF. Also see Great Crash, p xviii; Culture, p 61 and Greider.

 Sitchin, Genesis Revisited, page 330-331. NY: Avon Books. Z. Sitchin 1990.






UN flag “We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”
David Rockefeller Baden-Baden, Germany 1991

“Rarely have Americans lived through so much change, in so many ways, in so short a time. Quietly, but with gathering force, the ground has shifted beneath our feet as we have moved into an Information Age, a global economy, a truly new world.”
President William Clinton State of the Union Address 1998

“We must all be profoundly grateful for the magnificent achievements of our forbearers in this century. Yet perhaps in the daily press of events, in the clash of controversy, we don’t see our own time for what it truly is – a new dawn for America.”
President William Clinton State of the Union Address 1999

hammer+sickle“…all of us here at the policy-making level have had experience with directives…from the White House…. The substance of them is that we shall use our grant-making power so as to alter our life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.”
H. Rowan Gaither, Jr., President – Ford Foundation
(as told to Norman Dodd, Congressional Reese Commission 1954)

“They [the Soviets] intend…to induce the Americans to adopt their own ‘restructuring’ and convergence of the Soviet and American systems using to this end the fear of nuclear conflict…. Convergence will be accompanied by blood baths and political re-education camps in Western Europe and the United States. The Soviet strategists are counting on an economic depression in the United States and intend to introduce their reformed model of socialism with a human face as an alternative to the American system during the depression.”
Anatoliy Golitsyn The Perestroika Deception 1990

“Those who hope that we shall move away from the socialist path will be greatly disappointed. Every part of our program of perestroika…is fully based on the principle of more socialism and more democracy.”
Mikhail Gorbachev Perestroika – New Thinking for Our Country and the World 1988

hammer+sickle“The New Deal is plainly an attempt to achieve a working socialism and avert a social collapse in America; it is extraordinarily parallel to the successive ‘policies’ and ‘Plans’ of the Russian experiment. Americans shirk the word ‘socialism’, but what else can one call it?”
H.G. Wells The New World Order 1939

“The sacrifice of personal existence is necessary to secure the preservation of the species.”
Adolph Hitler Mein Kampf 1923

“The task of saving the earth’s environment must and will become the central organizing principle of the post-Cold War world.”
Senator Al Gore Putting People First 1992

“Our ideology is intolerant…and peremptorily demands…the complete transformation of public life to its ideas.”
Adolph Hitler cited in The Psychopathic God 1977

“What we’re talking about is creating new forms of life on the basis of new values.”
Mikhail Gorbachev From Red to Green Audubon magazine 1994

“Our overriding environmental challenge tonight is the worldwide problem of climate change, global warming, the gathering crisis that requires worldwide action.”
President William Clinton State of the Union Address 1998

hammer+sickle“I am a Communist, a convinced Communist! For some that may be a fantasy. But to me it is my main goal.”
Mikhail Gorbachev New York Times 1989

“Now that we are rid of this syndrome of imposing the communist model on people, now that we’ve given them the chance to get rid of this dogma, I have to tell you Americans that you’ve been pushing your American way of life for decades. You thought it was perfection itself, the ultimate achievement of human thought… There has to be a different approach… Americans have to be more modest in their desires. We have to stimulate human qualities in people rather than greed.”
Mikhail Gorbachev From Red to Green Audubon magazine 1994

“Please remember one lesson of the 20th century. One cannot force happiness, impose happiness on nations by imposing any kind of utopia on others. The Communist model of society was a kind of imposed utopia for which the Russian people in particular paid a great price. Still, sometimes we see that attempts are being made to impose some other kind of model on the entire world – maybe a Westernized or Americanized model… This is not the way to go because this can only create conflict.”
Mikhail Gorbachev Northeastern University 1998

“Socialism has a bad name in America, and no amount of wishful thinking on the part of the left is going to change that…. The words Economic Democracy are an adequate and effective replacement.”
Derek Shearer cited in Reason 1982

“More socialism means more democracy, openness and collectivism in everyday life…”
Mikhail Gorbachev Perestroika – New Thinking for Our Country and the World 1988

UN flag “This new and complete Revolution we contemplate can be defined in a very few words. It is (a) outright world-socialism, scientifically planned and directed, plus (b) a sustained insistence upon law, law based on a fuller, more jealously conceived restatement of the personal Rights of Man, plus (c) the completest freedom of speech, criticism, and publication, and a sedulous expansion of the educational organization to the ever growing demands of the new order….
Putting it at its compactest, it is the triangle of Socialism, Law, and Knowledge which frames the Revolution that may yet save the world.”
H.G. Wells The New World Order 1939

“I would think that, if you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees that we would become communist.”
Jane Fonda Michigan State University 1970

“Communism is one of the options that can improve people’s lives.”
Tom Hayden New York Times 1975

“I’ve always been a strong U.N. proponent…. Who was that guy who had the round table? Arthur? One for all, all for one.”
Ted Turner CNN Interview with Larry King 1997

UN flag “We will proceed toward better socialism rather than away from it. We are saying this honestly, without trying to fool our own people or the world. Any hopes that we will begin to build a different, non-socialist society and go over to the other camp are unrealistic and futile. Those in the West who expect us to give up socialism will be disappointed.”
Mikhail Gorbachev Perestroika – New Thinking for Our Country and the World 1988

“The crisis [the Great Depression] discovered a great man in Franklin Roosevelt…None too soon he has carried America forward to the second stage of democratic realization. His New Deal involves such collective controls of the national business that it would be absurd to call it anything but socialism, were it not for a prejudice lingering on from the old individualist days against that word…Both Roosevelt and Stalin were attempting to produce a huge, modern, scientifically organized, socialist state, the one out of a warning crisis and the other out of a chaos…”
H.G. Wells The Fate of Man 1939

“I doubt if these two fine, active minds [President and Mrs. Roosevelt] have ever inquiried how it is they know what they know and think as they do. Nor have they ever thought of what they might have been if they had grown up in an entirely different culture. They have the disposition of all politicians world over to deal only with made opinion. They have never inquired how it is that opinion is made.”
H.G. Wells The Fate of Man 1939

“The Soviet transition to a new political structure shows that the Soviet strategists are thinking, planning and acting in broad terms, way beyond the imagination of Western politicians. For this reason Western politicians cannot grasp the fact that the Soviet intention is to win by ‘democratic’ means. Through transition to a new system, the Soviets are revitalising their own people and institutions, and they are succeeding. Contrary to Western belief, they are holding their ranks together.”
Anatoliy Golitsyn The Perestroika Deception 1990

hammer+sickle“But, you will say, we destroy the most hallowed of relations, when we replace home education by social….
The Communists have not invented the intervention of society in education; they do but seek to alter the character of that intervention, and to rescue education from the influence of the ruling class.”
Karl Marx and Frederich Engels The Communist Manifesto 1888 edition

“10. Free education for all children in public schools… Combination of education with industrial production,”
Karl Marx and Frederich Engels The Communist Manifesto 1888 edition

UN flag “Article 26 (1) Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit.”
United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948

“The Information Age is, first and foremost, an education age, in which education must start at birth and continue throughout a lifetime. Last year, from this podium, I said that education has to be our highest priority. I have something to say to every family listening to us tonight: Your children can go on to college…. Because of the things that have been done, we can make college as universal in the 21st century as high school is today. And, my friends, that will change the face and future of America.”
President William Clinton State of the Union Address 1998

“Now, there are more children, from more diverse backgrounds, in our public schools that any time in our history. Their education must provide the knowledge and nurture the creativity that will allow our entire nation to thrive in the new economy.”
President William Clinton State of the Union Address 1999

– Democracy

  • A goverment of the masses.
  • Authority derived through mass meeting or any other form of ‘direct’ expression.
  • Results in mobocracy.
  • Attitude toward property is communistic – negating property rights.
  • Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate,… without restraint or regard to consequences.
  • Results in demagogism, license, agitation, discontent, anarchy.

Army Training Manual Concerning Citizenship 1928

“Armament should be an illegality everywhere, and some sort of international force should patrol a treaty-bound world. Partial armament is one of those absurdities dear to moderate-minded ‘reasonable’ men. Armament itself is making war. Making a gun, pointing a gun, and firing it are all acts of the same order. It should be illegal to construct anywhere upon earth any mechanism for the specific purpose of killing men. When you see a gun it is reasonable to ask: ‘Whom is that intended to kill?'”
H.G. Wells The New World Order 1939

“…I would like to be clearly understood…we, the Soviet people, are for socialism…. We want more socialism and, therefore, more democracy.”
Mikhail Gorbachev Perestroika – New Thinking for Our Country and the World 1988

“Hitler’s dictatorship differed in one fundamental point from all its predecessors in history. It was the first dictatorship in the present period of modern technical development, a dictatorship which made complete use of all technical means for the domination of its own country. Through technical devices like the radio and the loud-speaker, eighty million people were deprived of independent thought. It was thereby possible to subject them to the will of one man…”
Albert Speer, Hitler’s Minister for Armaments (at his trial after World War II)

hammer+sickle“It’s my conviction that the human race has entered a stage where we are all dependent on each other. No other country or nation should be regarded in total separation from another, let alone pitted against another. That’s what our communist vocabulary calls internationalism and it means promoting universal human values.”
Mikhail Gorbachev Perestroika – New Thinking for Our Country and the World 1988

“Thanks to the leadership of Vice President Gore, we have a government for the Information Age, once again a government that is a progressive instrument of the common good, rooted in our oldest values of opportunity, responsibility and community, devoted to fiscal responsibility, determined to give our people the tools they need to make the most of their own lives in the 21st century, a 21st century government for 21st century America.”
President William Clinton State of the Union Address 1999

“Tonight, I propose a 21st Century Crime Bill to deploy the latest technologies and tactics to make our communities even safer. Our balanced budget will help put up to 50,000 more police on the street in the areas hardest hit by crime, and then to equip them with new tools from crime-mapping computers to digital mug shots. We must break the deadly cycle of drugs and crime. ”
President William Clinton State of the Union Address 1999

“In 1931, when Brave New World was being written, I was convinced that there was still plenty of time. The completely organized society, the scientific caste system, the abolition of free will by methodical conditioning, the servitude made acceptable by regular doses of chemically induced happiness, the orthodoxies drummed in by nightly courses of sleep-teaching – these things were coming all right, but not in my time, not even in the time of my grandchildren….Twenty-seven years later,…I feel a good deal less optimistic… In the West,…individual men and women still enjoy a large measure of freedom. But…this freedom and even the desire for this freedom seem to be on the wane.”
Aldous Huxley Brave New World Revisited 1958

UN flag “When I say that peace must be planned on a world basis, I mean quite literally that it must embrace the earth…. And it is inescapable that there can be no peace for any part of the world unless the foundations of peace are made secure throughout all parts of the world…. Its accomplishment depends primarily upon acceptance by the peoples of the world…. So unless today, while the war is being fought, the people of the United States and of Great Britain, of Russia and of China, and of all the other United Nations, fundamentally agree on their purposes, fine and idealistic expressions of hope such as those of the Atlantic Charter will live merely to mock us… They will become real only if the people of the world forge them into actuality.”
Wendell L. Willkie One World 1943

“The Soviet strategy of ‘perestroika’ must be exposed because it is deceptive, aggressive and dangerous. Gorbachev and ‘glastnost’ have failed to reveal that ‘perestroika’ is a world-wide political assault against the Western democracies…. It must be revealed that ‘perestroika’ is … not just Soviet domestic renewal but a strategy for ‘restructuring’ the whole world…. Gorbachev’s renunciation of ideological orthodoxy is not sincere or lasting, but a tactical manoeuvre in the cause of the strategy. The Soviets are not striving for genuine, lasting accommodation with the Western democracies but for the final world victory of Communism…”
Anatoliy Golitsyn The Perestroika Deception 1990

hammer+sickle“In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.”
Karl Marx and Frederich Engels The Communist Manifesto 1888 edition

“1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.”
“3. Abolition of all right of inheritance.”
“7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State; the bringing into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.”
Karl Marx and Frederich Engels The Communist Manifesto 1888 edition

UN flag “To keep global resource use within prudent limits while the poor raise their living standards, affluent societies need to consume less.
Population, consumption, technology, development, and the environment are linked in complex relationships that bear closely on human welfare in the global neighbourhood. Their effective and equitable management calls for a systemic, long-term, global approach guided by the principle of sustainable development, which has been the central lesson from the mounting ecological dangers of recent times. Its universal application is a priority among the tasks of global governance.”
United Nations Our Global Neighborhood 1995

“This World Youth movement claims to represent and affect the politico-social activities of a grand total of forty million adherents – under the age of thirty…It may play an important and increasing role in the consolidation of a new world order.”
H.G. Wells The Fate of Man 1939

“Directly we grasp this not very obscure truth that there can be, and are, different sorts of money dependent on the economic usages or system in operation, which are not really interchangeable, then it becomes plain that a collectivist world order, whose fundamental law is such a Declaration of Rights as we have sketched, will have to carry on its main, its primary operations at least with a new world money, a specially contrived money, differing in its nature from any sort of money conventions that have hitherto served human needs. It will be issued against the total purchaseable output of the community in return for the workers’ services to the community.”
H.G. Wells The New World Order 1939

“It is a historic fact, recurrent enough to be called an economic law, that capitalism, which builds up great civilisations, also wrecks them if persisted in beyond a certain point. It is easy to demonstrate on paper that civilisation can be saved and immensely developed by, at the right moment, discarding capitalism and changing the private property profiteering state into the common property distributive state…. Not until the two main tenets of socialism: abolition of private property (which must not be confused with personal property), and equality of income, have taken hold of the people as religious dogmas, as to which no controversy is regarded as sane, will a stable socialist state be possible.”
George Bernard Shaw Socialism 1926 Encyclopedia Britannica

“A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present-day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers…. The greatest triumphs of propaganda have been accomplished, not by doing something, but by refraining from doing. Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth.”
Aldous Huxley Brave New World foreword to 1946 edition

“If most of the divisions and barriers of the period of the sovereign states had disappeared, if there were no longer castles, fortifications, boundaries and strategic lines to be traced, there were still many indications that the world was under control and still not quite sure of its own good behaviour. The carefully planned system of aerodromes to prevent any untoward developments of the free private flying that had been tolerated after 2040 was such an indication, and so was the strategic import plainly underlying the needlessly wide main roads that left no possible region of insurrection inaccessable. From the air or on a map it was manifest that the world was still ‘governed’. The road system was like a net cast over a dangerous beast.”
H.G. Wells The Shape of Things to Come 1936

“The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. Not wealth or luxury or long life or happiness; only power, pure power….Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship….
If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”
O’Brien to Winston
George Orwell 1984 1949

“To that world assembly of sovereign states, the United Nations, our last best hope in an age where the instruments of war have far outpaced the instruments of peace, we renew our pledge of support – to prevent it from becoming merely a forum for invective – to strengthen its shield of the new and the weak – and to enlarge the area in which its writ may run.”
John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address 1961

“To destroy arms, however, is not enough. We must create even as we destroy – creating world-wide law and law enforcement as we outlaw world-wide war and weapons.”
John F. Kennedy Future of the United Nations Organizations 1961

UN flag “In addition, the United States Delegation will suggest a series of steps to improve the United Nations machinery for the peaceful settlement of disputes… – for extending the rule of international law. For peace is not solely a matter of military or technical problems – it is primarily a problem of politics and people.”
John F. Kennedy Future of the United Nations Organizations 1961

“The new century demands new partnerships for peace and security. The United Nations plays a crucial role, with allies sharing burdens America might otherwise bear alone. America needs a strong and effective U.N. I want to work with this new Congress to pay our dues and our debts. We must continue to support security and stability in Europe and Asia – expanding NATO and defining its new missions, maintaining our alliance with Japan, with Korea, with our other Asian allies, and engaging China.”
President William Clinton State of the Union Address 1999

hammer+sickle “Ultimately, our objective is to welcome the Soviet Union back into the world order.
Perhaps the world order of the future will truly be a family of nations.”
President George Bush Texas A&M University 1989

“We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order, a world where the rule of law, not the rule of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. When we are successful, and we will be, we have a real chance at this new world order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the U.N.’s founders.”
President George Bush 1991

“For two centuries we’ve done the hard work of freedom. And tonight we lead the world in facing down a threat to decency and humanity. What is at stake is more than one small country, it is a big idea – a new world order, where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind: peace and security, freedom, and the rule of law. Such is a world worthy of our struggle, and worthy of our children’s future.”
President George Bush State of the Union Address 1991

“We will succeed in the Gulf. And when we do, the world community will have sent an enduring warning to any dictator or despot, present or future, who contemplates outlaw aggression. The world can therefore seize this opportunity to fufill the long-held promise of a new world order – where brutality will go unrewarded, and aggression will meet collective resistance.”
President George Bush State of the Union Address 1991

hammer+sickle“We must establish a new world order based on justice, on equity, and on peace.”
Fidel Castro United Nations 1979

“We are moving toward a new world order, the world of communism. We shall never turn off that road.”
Mikhail Gorbachev 1987

“Two centuries ago our forefathers brought forth a new nation; now we must join with others to bring forth a new world order.”
The Declaration of Interdependence 1976

“National Socialism will use its own revolution for establishing of a new world order.”
Adolph Hitler during World War II

“Our nation is uniquely endowed to play a creative and decisive role in the new order which is taking form around us.”
Henry Kissinger Seattle Post Intelligence 1975

At the UN Headquarters in Geneva. Any question as to their goals?

UN Headquarters in Geneva. Notice the engraving says "Disarm OR Perish", not "Disarm AND Perish." No questions here.

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