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Important Letter To Ron Paul, Rand Paul and Kevin McCarthy re: Constitutional Convention, America’s Sovereignty and Our Second Amendment

To:  Repr. Ron Paul                                                Oct. 27, 2011        FAXOGRAM /

       Sen. Rand Paul                                                                              E-MAIL

       Congressman Kevin McCarthy


With great disappointment I have read that all three of you are calling for a Constitutional Amendment with a view toward a limitation on the budget.  The idea to place a limit on the amount of money Congress spends is fine, but the method to reach that objective is very wrong!  It could open the doors to the long sought method desired by the tyrannous world government groups who intend to replace our rightful Constitutional system with a world government militarized constitution.  Three different versions of world government constitutions exist. All three promote a communist/socialist system to replace our 1789 Constitution.


The purpose for sending you this faxogram is to beg you to change the idea of needing an amendment and to redirect your effort so as to conform to a “law” — and not an “amendment”.
May I remind you that the unlawful plans that the left has long held in order to take advantage of transferring our country permanently under a world government militarized power has been watching and waiting for a Constitutional Convention, the only non-violent method under which they could substitute a world government constitution in place of our 1789 Constitution and our Bill of Rights.  A constitutional amendment would open up their chance to convert the procedure into a constitutional convention.  This is what would benefit those seeking to overthrow our rightful government system, and they won’t miss the opportunity to make the conversion, which they call “change”.   I have seen their evil objective written in print. 


Such evil planning has been on the back burner of global government advocates for a long time.  Many efforts have been spent by patriotic Americans, including their time and money, which they have been forced to spend in order to awaken public awareness of the hidden objectives and dangers behind the move to further an “amendment” to the United States Constitution.


The vulnerability strongly exists that an “amendment” will subject us to the opening up of a Constitutional Convention!  We, then, would be assisting global government planners and their intention to open up the heart of our American government system, and replace our 1789 Constitution and Bill of Rights with a communist militarized system of governing.  With an amendment much of the basic groundwork would have been achieved, which makes it easy to slide into a Constitutional Convention mode.  It is much safer to write an ordinary “law”.


I am, therefore, repeating what I have requested in the past, which is for you to switch your effort and draft a “law” instead of an “amendment” in support of a balanced budget.  I am one of the long standing supporters and donors of Repr. Ron Paul.  I believe I am owed the courtesy of a reply. 


Most sincerely,

                                    Bernadine Smith, Director of Second Amendment Committee


Copies to Concerned Groups, with a request to circulate this

information including Dudley of the National Association for Gun Rights.

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