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The Keystone XL Pipeline: A Line in the Sand for America’s Future

[TWG Note:  Good read.  I would also add that the EPA already issued their report, and it indicates there would be very litte, if any, environmental impact by the Keystone XL Pipeline.  Montana Governor Schweitzer has also  demonstrated his support of the pipeline, and that it conforms with Montana’s environmental policy laws. LAY THE PIPE ALREADY! Our citizens are suffering and they need JOBS!]



by Marita Noon on January 3, 2012


Ask people about the future of energy, and you’ll probably hear mention of “solar,” “wind,” and “ethanol.”  These developing energy technologies have been invested in, loaned to, subsidized, and mandated—yet they’ve repeatedly fallen short.

If the vaunted renewables aren’t yet ready for prime time, what will we do if, for example, Iran makes good on its threat to close the Strait of Hormuz and blocks a significant supply of the world’s energy? Just the fear of a supply disruption bumped up the price of oil.

The geopolitics provide a perfect backdrop for pushing the pipeline that will boost the economy through more jobs and price stability, provide energy security, and help balance the trade deficit. Opponents see building the Keystone XL pipeline as a flashpoint for the struggle between old and new energy paradigms—yet with the failure of so-called future energy, the pipeline is representative of our energy future.


READ MORE: http://www.globalwarming.org/2012/01/03/the-keystone-xl-pipeline-a-line-in-the-sand-for-america%E2%80%99s-future/

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