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MT Fish, Wildlife and Parks “Adaptive” Wolf Management Is Just Another Lie

[The wolf huggers in DC, CO, FL and CA seem to LOVE these predatory beasts.  I say we round ’em up and ship them to DC, CO, FL and CA.  Let those idiots live with these wolves and see how they like it.  Remember when those bears and wolves escaped in Ohio last year?  They residents were TERRIFIED!   We need to be able to LEGALLY hunt those wolves year round. Otherwise, people are going to have to break the law to protect themselves, their families, their pets and their livestock.  Montanans call it “The Three S’s”  I wonder if they taste anything like chicken…]





The state senators and representatives who make up the EQC have been catching a lot of flack from their constituents about getting the wolf problem under control.  But, as long as MT FWP remains the same, trying to reduce wolf numbers through a wolf season with an established quota, that is never going to happen.  Still, MT FWP Director Joe Maurier says he doubts if we will ever have the opportunity to take wolves whenever there is an opportunity – 365 days a year.  However, study after study from around the world has found that is the ONLY way to possibly ever reduce wolf numbers to the point where game populations can rebound – OTHER THAN AERIAL GUNNING…. (Con’t)


READ MORE: http://lobowatch.wordpress.com/2012/01/13/mt-fish-wildlife-and-parks-adaptive-wolf-management-is-just-another-lie/


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