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Shovel Ready in San Fran: $205,075 to ‘Translocate’ One Shrub from Path of Stimulus Project

Well, is it any wonder Kalifornication is going up in smoke? With IDIOTS like nancy pelosi, dianne feinstein and barbara boxer in charge down there, they’ll be lucky to survive another four years.  Personally, I hope they burn.  Ashes to ashes…… dust to dust.

(Hat-Tip CowboyPress for the post. Thanks Cowboy!)


(CNSNews.com) — The government spent at least $205,075 in 2010 to “translocate” a single bush in San Francisco that stood in the path of a $1.045-billion highway-renovation project that was partially funded by the economic stimulus legislation President Barack Obama signed in 2009.

“In October 2009, an ecologist identified a plant growing in a concrete-bound median strip along Doyle Drive in the Presidio as Arctostaphylos franciscana,” the U.S. Department of Interior reported in the Aug. 10, 2010 edition of the Federal Register. “The plant’s location was directly in the footprint of a roadway improvement project designed to upgrade the seismic and structural integrity of the south access to the Golden Gate Bridge….


  1. April 15, 2012 at 10:32

    …..Our point is reinforced by this and several other reports of government insanity every day…..Go figure……Time for the fat lady to sing…..or fart or whatever she does…..Well, no……she can’t fart because that would contribute to global warning and drive the green weenies even crazier…..I think I will go for a long hike in the woods…..let my head clear…..I wish things made sense……

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