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obama Eats DOG MEAT!!!


I’m cracking up over here.  Can hardly type this out…. but here goes…..

We’ve been hearing a lot of whiney, asinine comments from the obamacommiezombies on the issue of the Romneys vacation trip where they secured their dog carrier on the top of their car for a drive and how much their dog enjoyed those rides.

Yesterday, I see the obama regime has plastered campaign signs all over yahoo and other sites, with photos of their own dog asking to join obama’s clan.

As it turns out, OBAMA EATS DOG MEAT!!!  Look it up!  True story!


C'Mon Bo! Big Daddy B.O.Got A Special Place For YOU At The Dinner Table! Slurpity slurp! Pass the salt!


BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!  I think I will laugh myself to sleep tonight. Not sure when I’ll stop laughing over this one, but it’s gonna be a while.

  1. April 18, 2012 at 14:52

    …..I think I read recently that Obama has a special dog man paid for by the people at over a hundred thousand dollars a year…….to take care of the royal pooch……..

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