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Will Those Who Escaped Communism By Immigrating To America Vote For marxist obama This Time Around?

obama flag democrat How Soviet Immigrants Made Fools Out Of Communist Democrats

[TWG Note:  There are many who escaped Russia, communist China, communist Cuba and many other communist Nations who are not going to vote for the marxist squatter in our White House this time around. Not just the first generation immigrants, but most with relatives who escaped hitler’s reign can see the writing on the proverbial walls today.  Without America, where will *anyone* go?    The votes marxist obama and his clan will receive this time around will be from his glassy eyed idiots, avowed communists/marxists/socialists, union thugs, globalist elites, islamic terrorists and illegal aliens from Mexico.   Oh, and homosexuals. Because obama the messiah now says he likes them, too.    Too bad we have so many selfish idiots in this Nation today.  Thank a so-called “teacher” and a so-called “professor”.   America’s beacon is about to be extinguished forever.]


Three Pigs In A Pod


How Soviet Immigrants Made Fools Out Of Communist Democrats

The day after Barack Obama’s election, a physical therapist from the old Soviet union, who came to Staten Island to live in freedom, got a call from her best friend (a fellow Soviet immigrant who lives in the Russian section of Brooklyn.) The caller got one word out before they both started to cry for three minutes. Then the caller speaking Russian said, “We came here to escape them. Where do we go now?” Both women knew the “Them” were Communists, and both saw Democrats as no different from Communists.

To those who don’t live in either the Brooklyn or Staten Island portions of New York City, Republican Bob Turner’s victory in a special election to fill Anthony Weiner’s vacant Congressional seat is a fluke caused by public disgust at Weiner’s antics. That explanation is foolishness supported by stunned Democrats and their cheerleaders in the media. It was a result of a big Russian immigrant turnout…..(Con’t)

CONTINUE READING: http://www.westernjournalism.com/how-soviet-immigrants-made-fools-out-of-communist-democrats/

  1. May 11, 2012 at 21:14

    …..This never was a perfect country…..but it was about as good as it gets for most…..Most of us felt free…..Unknown to us unseen hands were seizing the controls…..A generation ago being a communist/marxist/socialist was a serious offense. Now they flaunt it. Even casual evaluation of his posture, his agenda his actions shows Obama is ONE. There are scores of THEM in congress…Most politicians make Benedict Arnold look like a patriot There are thousands of traitors in our government. Once the penalty was hanging. If it happened now there isn’t enough rope. Hollywood and other molders of popular culture aare awash with them……Our schools and churches are infested with them. They control the media. The main ones to blame, though, are the american people. Everything we have, or thought we had, is gone……and most people don’t have a clue….

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