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UPDATE: Best Buy-Cott

Pressure on Best Buy Intensifies – CAIR’s Lawfare Fails

Despite thousands of protest emails, phone calls and petition signatures, Best Buy continues to hide behind diversity-speak in defense of their “platinum sponsorship” of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) – support first documented by Islamist Watch. Best Buy should be in the business of selling televisions, computers and washing machines, rather than supporting radical groups tied to Hamas by the United States government. Their obstinacy is stunning.

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a leading voice for moderate Muslims, appeared on the Fox News Channel, May 12, 2012, to discuss the growing protest movement against Best Buy and the problems with Islamist groups such as CAIR.

Fox News Channel, The Jerusalem Post and The Daily Caller are the latest media outlets to cover the story, which went viral after activists on the Islamist Watch email subscriber list got the ball rolling. Please sign this boycott petition which has already garnered over 11,000 signatures. “Like” the petition link on Facebook and/or forward the address to friends and family.

You can subscribe to the Islamist Watch email list here. Receive articles, news updates and action alerts. Send the mailing list link to friends and family. By doing so, you help protect Western values from encroaching Sharia law. Stand up for liberty, religious pluralism, women’s rights, equality under the law and free speech – all of which are under assault from Islamists.

**Update** CAIR’s Lawfare Fails:

After the Fox News segment, PetitionBuzz.com was threatened with a lawsuit unless they removed the boycott Best Buy petition. In fact, the petition was removed for a number of hours. But when it was proven that the facts were true (truth is an absolute defense in defamation lawsuits), PetitionBuzz.com put the petition back up.

Lawfare is a common tactic used by Islamists to silence their critics. They file baseless, predatory lawsuits that are eventually dismissed. But the cost of defending against them is often prohibitive – just the threat of a lawsuit can be an effective bullying tactic. The Middle East Forum’s Legal Project promotes free speech by assisting in the defense of lawfare victims.

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