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[TWG Note: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS!!!  C’mon Mom’s and Dad’s!  Do something to prove you care about your daughter’s safety and security!!!]



Inaugural Event June 9 2012



Boys learn to shoot in Scouts, or with their Dads. Often the girls are left behind, because shooting isn’t ‘girly.’ Well, we can, and do, shoot, and well! Learning to shoot gives young women confidence, helps to build self-esteem, and introduces them to a sport they can participate in their whole lives.

This event will promote firearms safety and education, as well as family bonding through participation in an exciting and fun sport.

Even though we are focusing on the young women, Moms and sons are welcome.  The whole family can shoot together, safely and enjoyably.

If you believe, as we do, that this is a worthwhile event, please help us keep it going.  There is a donate button to the right side at http://www.nationaltakeyourdaughtertotherangeday.com .  In this first year, fully 100% of the money raised is supporting the infrastructure and events.  The start up costs have been kept to a minimum by using social media to get the word out, but we founded a non-profit corporation, built the website, and filed for a trademark to protect the name.  Plus there are administrative costs coming, mailing prizes, etc.  There is no minimum donation, and every dollar is greatly appreciated and will help us to keep this going and to make it an annual event.

Larger sponsors please take a look at the Information for Sponsor Page for information.  Donations and gifts in kind will be gratefully accepted and distributed among participating ranges.

Follow us on Twitter @NTYDTTRD

Thank you all for your support and … Safe Shooting!


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