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Marxists obama and lisa jackson’s RAMPANT EPA Abuse – Threatening World Food Supply

During a famine, Chairman Mao was told the people were starving.  His response was, “Teach them to eat less“. 

10 million died that year.

Several marxists within the obama regime have professed their admiration, respect for and alignment with beliefs and actions of Chairman Mao.  

Does this not concern you?

Today’s EPA, led by another of obama’s marxist thugs, Lisa “FAT-FINGERED, DOUBLE-WIDE SLOB”  Jackson, has done more to destroy food security and safety in this Nation than any other individual or entity in the history of the world. 

Does this not concern you?

EPA Regulations Threaten World Food Security

EPA biotech food regulations will undermine food security worldwide.

Sixty members of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, comprising many of America’s most eminent biological scientists, and including Nobel Laureates Dr. James Watson and Dr. Gunter Blobel, have written to the US Environmental Protection Agency expressing  their concerns about recent EPA moves to change biotech crop regulations.

Professor Nina Fedoroff of the Pennsylvania State University is the lead protest letter signatory.

The biotech crop regulation changes mooted by the EPA were announced March 2011 in the Federal Register here (pdf).

Food Supply Threatened!
Scientist co-signatories on the Fedoroff Letter say that the EPA is going down a troublesome path that is not based on science, and which will frustrate and delay innovations needed to provide farmers with better cropping methods.  Because of the delays and unneeded extra cost burdens such a  policy shift would create, it would surely undermine global food security.

Read more at Biofortified …


  1. May 16, 2012 at 15:39

    Control the food supply and you control the people.

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