The obama Food Police State

[TWG Note:  Wow.  We’ve been reading a LOT about the so-called “Food Police”,  but things are really getting out of line when some glassy-eyed commie thinks they can tell me what I can and can not eat, and what parents can feed their own children.  Parents actually allowing the so-called “public education system” to dictate whether their chilren can bring their own home-made lunches to school!!!  Besides, with the “pink slime” (and who knows what else) those schools are using to dumb down our children, WHAT PARENT WOULD BE INSANE ENOUGH TO TRUST THEM WITH THEIR CHILDREN?  Oh, nevermind… Apparently, PLENTY of so-called “caring parents” believe the government thugs know best.  Those marxists/socialists/communists would NEVER harm your children, right?  Yeah, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.  Now go shove another ritalin down your child’s throat and go back to watching your favorite “reality” show.]



The site below provides an EXTENSIVE list of recent “Food Police” tactics.   Orwellian?   No question.



As if there wasn’t already enough government intervention in the everyday decisions made by a “free” people, there is a new regulatory fad underway — an Orwellian attempt to get you to eat healthy food whether you like it or not.  Without the cooperation of the national news media, the Food Police would be just an annoying group of easily ignored troublemakers.  Unfortunately there are plenty of elected officials who love to embrace a “crisis” in an attempt to appear to be solving problems.  The Nutrition Crisis is the perfect bait for publicity-hungry politicians.  After all, who could be against good nutrition, especially for “America’s Children”?

The national news media, rather than questioning anything they hear, have been fueling this debate by adding just enough hype and phony concern to keep people watching TV or reading the newspaper.  Their use of the term “Obesity Epidemic” implies that obesity is contagious.  But in many cases, obesity is the result of poor self-control, and the obese individual has only himself to blame.

Unfortunately there is much more to this issue than junk food.  It has to do with trial lawyers,* intrusive government, personal responsibility and freedom.  This page is primarily about the busybodies, not the problem of obesity or the nutritional value of french fries.  Liberals think you’re stupid, they think you’re incapable of making your own decisions, and they want the government to enforce their paternalism.



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