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Cartoons – obama Campaign… Funny or Not So Funny



  1. May 20, 2012 at 11:14

    …..There probably is no purpose for my response…. Everything I hoped for has been stolen….My country is gone….We are ruled, not governed, by foreigners…..The elitists have grabbed all our resources and grudge us useless “bread gobblers” as so many cattle, so much state resources, so much fecal matter to be flushed down the globalist/NWO/totalitarian toilet…..I AM A HUMAN BEING MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD….These satanic beasts have nothing for me and my kind……Everything I hold dear will be lost within a few months, I think…..The people we elect have sold us out…..They make Benedict Arnold look good….A few thousand of these traitors should be tried for treason and hanged or shot……won’t happen…I blame the people for allowing these problems…..They keep re-electing the same scummy one=worlders for decades of self-indulgence and destruction of the american way….Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Barney Frank and on and on…..not to mention the republicans who have sold us and our country out….Justice won’t be done in this world…..I hop GOD will judge these people as the bible says and throw their sorry, luciferian, synagogue of satan asses into the lake of fire…..They may kill me today….or tomorrow….but I hate their guts….

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