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Hawaii Won’t Send Official Confirmation Of Obama’s Birth To Arizona

[TWG Note: ARREST HIM FOR TREASON.  In the three and a half years that lying, marxist pig has been squatting on the throne in OUR White House, the damage he and his ilk have done is reprehensible.  ARREST THEM ALREADY.  ALL OF THEM.]

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett is saying he is “stunned” that after eight weeks election officials in Hawaii still have not provided him with even so much as an Email confirming they have proper documentation on record regarding Barack Obama’s official birth certificate.

Because of their lack of official reply, Bennett is considering keeping Obama off of the Democrat ballot in Arizona! “For some reason they haven’t been willing to say yes,” the Bennett told radio talk show host Mike Broomhead. Bennett said he’s received over 1,200 Emails from his state’s citizens asking him to require Barack Obama to produce an original birth certificate. “This is impossible to get,” because states only provide certified copies of the original document. But the State of Hawaii apparently won’t even do that or even Email confirmation according to their new rule changes. “Hawaii can’t or won’t answer. . .do you have a birth certificate for this guy?” Bennett said.

In reply to Broomhead’s question: “Will you exclude the President from the ballot?”, the AZ official said that is a possibility, or he may ask all candidates to submit valid birth certificates. When CIR called both Bennett and his communications director, they both were either not at their desks or not in the office…(Con’t)


CONTINUE REAING: http://www.westernjournalism.com/hawaii-wont-send-official-confirmation-of-obamas-birth-to-arizona/


  1. Doyle Pritchard
    May 20, 2012 at 20:35

    Please, dear God IN Heaven, bolster this brave State Official, who dares to challenge obama and his henchlings over the Eligibility Issue! Please sustain his courage, and give him the fortitude to do what is RIGHT in performance of his duties as an Officer of the State of Arizona! Thank you, LORD! AMEN!

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