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democrats and planned (anti)-parenthood’s War on Women Backfires

[TWG: The Dims keep trying to portray Conservatives as racists who hate women.  “War on women”?  Yeah, only now the dims have ALSO waged war and genocide on baby girls, simply because they are girls.  The dims have an abhorrent record with regard to racism, civil rights and human rights.  The same individuals who whine about waterboarding TERRORISTS will advocate for sticking a spike into an unborn child’s skull to kill it while still in the womb…. JUST BECAUSE THAT CHILD IS A FEMALE.   democrats = Murdering, genocidal, sexist racists.]


Planned Parenthood has been trying to create the “War on Women” for so long that they have now pushed themselves into an uncomfortable position.

Not only have they been caught encouraging the abortion of baby girls just because of their sex, but now their attempt to spin their way out of this uncomfortable spotlight is causing them to speak out of both side of their corporate mouth.

In reaction to Live Action’s exposé, Planned Parenthood immediately reacted by firing the first Planned Parenthood worker caught on tape encouraging sex-selection abortion. The abortion giant responded to The Daily Caller, Huffington Post, and others claiming to oppose sex-selection abortions.

But what they said next is telling, “all staff members at this affiliate were immediately scheduled for retraining in managing unusual patient encounters.” Planned Parenthood didn’t train their staff to counsel people away from gender selection; they trained them on how to spot an undercover investigator…(Con’t)


CONTINUE READING: http://aclj.org/planned-parenthood/planned-parenthood-war-on-women-backfires

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