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Romney backers ignore Fast and Furious at own peril

[TWG Note: This is SO true.  Romney won’t fool Second Amendment Advocates, and he sure won’t be getting our votes.  The TEA Parties, GOP and RNC made a huge mistake putting Romney at the top of the pile.  Romney’s anti-gun policies, along with his refusal to address the Fast & Furious scheme has taken him out of consideration for many of us.  Someone said last week  “Asking me if I will vote for Romney or for obama is like asking me if I want to be punched in the nose or kicked in the balls.”  Yes, indeed.]


Romney backers ignore Fast and Furious at own peril

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Gun Rights Examiner

Top Republicans have identified “a half-dozen very Mitt-specific political dangers” GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney “must navigate to unite the party and attract skeptical conservatives and independents,” Politico reported yesterday, and none of them deal with taking a stand on the Fast and Furious gunwalking criminal operation and the current administration’s role in it.

Among their concerns: The candidate “says stuff he shouldn’t say.” Romney “can’t connect with voters.” His base must be broadened. He faces “anti-Mormon” voter prejudice. His association with prominent backers like Donald Trump taints him with the “birther” brush. People aren’t convinced he can fix the economy.

The merits of these concerns are debatable, but one point is not: Nowhere in a list of priorities articulated for public dissemination by “top Republican officials” is there any indication that Fast and Furious is even on their radar…..(Con’t)

CONTINUE READING: http://www.examiner.com/article/romney-backers-ignore-fast-and-furious-at-own-peril?CID=examiner_alerts_article

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