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New tone: Tolerant Left spews slurs, wishes Justice Scalia be put on ‘kill list,’ hopes other Justices die

Posted at 1:26 pm on June 25, 2012 by Twitchy Staff |

Obama please put Scalia on your kill list.


Civility! The oh-so-tolerant Left once again showed itself to be hate-filled and violent. As Twitchy reported earlier, the United States Supreme Court handed down decisions today on Arizona’s immigration law. They also ruled on an important case involving free speech, which reaffirmed the Citizens United decision.

To the Left, this was cause to spew hate. And death wishes.

forget a constitutional amendment to overturn citizens united, we need a constitutional amendment to legally kill Scalia

Motherfuck, can Antonin Scalia just fucking die already?

Well, at last. A compassionate decision made by this court of the likes of Scalia & Thomas. What dreadful choices they were. They never die!

Justice Thomas was a target as well, starting even a couple of days ago.

Clarence Thomas is one nigger that should of been a slave

News flash: supreme court sucks! Shout out to Montana for trying to fight corruption. Fuck Clarence Thomas,crooked teabagger asshole.

Scalia goes commando under his robes so his ass cheeks are ever available to Thomas’s eager lips.

Some more new tone!

“…and even place their lives in jeopardy.” –Antonin Scalia, who is free to go fuck himself, as far as it concerns me.

So, if I’m reading this right, Antonin Scalia can just to fuck himself, right?

Fuck you Justices Roberts, Alito, Scalia, Kennedy & Thomas. Now corporations are the only “people” whose votes will count

As a fellow Hoya, I have one thing to say to Antonin Scalia—go fuck yourself.

As always, the Left says new tone for thee, but not for me.

How hard would executing a 14 year old Mexican kid make Scalia?

And that he’s a bully. And an asshole. RT @JonathanJewel: Someone please remind that his father was an immigrant from Sicily.

In an unanimous decision, Justice Scalia ruled an asshole.

Every time an immigrant gets deported, Antonin Scalia, no matter where he is, spontaneously comes in his pants.

Stay classy, Left. We won’t hold our breaths, however.

If Clarence Thomas rules against ObamaCare, embrace yourself for the “Uncle Tom”, “House Negro” comments. I’m sure he’s prepared for it

Sadly, yes. That is sure to happen. The Left is nothing if not predictable in their bigotry and hate.

Source: http://twitchy.com/2012/06/25/new-tone-tolerant-left-spews-slurs-wishes-justice-scalia-be-put-on-kill-list-hopes-other-justices-die/

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