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Hollywood’s Latest Schills For The marxist obama Regime.

Take a look at these heavy-hitting hollywood schills who are amongst the klan of marxists/communists/socialists/progressives/ecoterrorists/islamicterrorists aiding and abetting the destruction of the United States of America.   Most we already know about, but I wanted to share their latest “efforts” for marxist obama.   I’ve got a rather lengthy list of these vermin, for my own “boycott” efforts. Feel free to copy it and USE IT.  You can find the lengthy list HERE. You can also find more information (and another list) about tinsel town’s efforts to help the obama regime destroy America HERE .   And HERE is a special little diddy by the once great Robert De Niro. 
These scumbags are FOREVER banned from my life.  I pray they ALL rot and burn in the eternal pit of fire reserved for things like them. They deserve nothing better.
Here’s a few of the latest braggars and accomplices for the obama regime….

Dreamworks’ marxist-loving executive schill. Jeffrey Katzenberger

Jeffrey Katzenberg

DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg is emerging as the town’s main political player on the communist side. He has become Obama’s most prominent and enthusiastic Hollywood schill, plus he has given $2 million to the communist’s “presidential” super PAC, Priorities USA.

J.J. Abrams and Katie McGrath

The producer-director and his wife, a former Ted Kennedy aide, have become the most engaged hollywood political couple to aid the obama regime, hosting circlejerks for communists from California Attorney General Kamala Harris to Michelle Obama. The couple recently gave $100,000 to Priorities USA and hosted a Communist Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser with California Rep. Nancy Pelosi on the rooftop of Abrams’ production studio, Bad Robot.


Ken Solomon

The Tennis Channel CEO has upped his game by becoming California co-finance chairman for the Democratic National Committee (aka The Communist Party USA). He serves alongside Capital Group’s John Emerson, known in Hollywood from his days in the Clinton administration.


Tom Hanks

The actor is expected to remain the communist’s reliable face for propaganda in commercials and in films.

Andy Spahn

He who got his Hollywood start as politics adviser to Steven Spielberg, Katzenberg and David Geffen at DreamWorks SKG has spent more than 20 years in national politics and nonprofits. He has become one of the most determined communist party fundraisers; this year alone, he has single-handedly brought in $1 million-plus for marxist obama’s “re-election campaign”.


Steve Bing

The producer has quietly put more than $200,000 into federal campaigns during the past three years. This year, he has given $400,000 to two communist super PACs. He’s expected to give much more.

Haim Saban

The media mogul gave more than $10 million to the (now) communist party from 2000 to 2002, helping prompt Congress to pass campaign-finance limits. Now that some of those limits have been ruled unconstitutional, everyone’s waiting to see how much Saban will give to other communist super PACs.


Chad Griffin

The former Clinton White House staffer made his name in Hollywood as a “philanthropy” adviser to Rob Reiner, Bing, Chris Albrecht and Janet and Jerry Zucker. These days, Griffin is considered one of entertainment’s most aggressive homosexual-rights zealots, especially in regard to California’s Prop. 8.   (HOW IN HELL DOES A WHITE HOUSE GRUNT MAKE ENOUGH MONEY TO GIVE TEN MILLION$ TO HIS FELLOW MARXISTS IN DC???)

Sooooo, there you go, folks.  Just an update and a reminder that some of us are keeping track of who’s aiding and abetting the enemies of this once great Nation.

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