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The obamacaretax Schemes… 21 Tax Hikes And How The Numbers Have Evolved THUS FAR.

Ack!  We know government can’t do anything right, other than knowing how deflect, divide, deceive, lie, cheat and steal.  Everything they touch turns into the shit sandwiches they continue to throw back at We, The People.

Take a look at some numbers updates on the obamacaretax scheme and how it will affect average Americans.  While you read this and weep, just think about how much WORSE it’s going to get when the whole truth actually comes out.

Not only will EVERYONE have to pay more taxes and penalties/fines,  (the obama regime hired 16,000 new SS troops stationed with the IRS to enforce this crap),  we will have no doctors to provide this so-called “healthcare”.   You’re covered! Great! Now TRY finding a doctor who isn’t some sub-standard government union hack with a three year waiting list. 

Do you hear that giant sucking sound? It’s the sound of our youth, deciding they no longer want to become doctors under a socialist medical system. It’s also the sound of millions of practicing doctors who know what’s coming and aren’t going to play this damned socialist game.  Prepare for millions of so-called “doctors” flooding the United States of America from poorly educated third world countries. No speaka english? Awww… too bad. You’re a racist.

It won’t be long before Americans will have to go to other countries for their healthcare.  Imagine THAT!  Up until now, America was the destination for quality healthcare!  The BEST medical system in the entire world!  No more. We’re going to have a system of very few qualified doctors that only the ultra wealthy can afford.  The rest of us will be waiting three years for a simple apendectomy, unless the unelected goons (beauracrats) obama has granted the authority to make OUR life and death decisions decide you aren’t worthy.  Maybe you need some “social justice” for what happened a thousand years ago.  Good luck with that. 

As someone with serious medical issues, I am deeply offended… no…. PISSED OFF BEYOND BELIEF at the idiots who advocate for this shit sandwich.  I will NEVER forget or forgive what they’ve done (and continue to do) to destroy the quality of life for all Americans.  I will forever despise those dirty, rotten, glassy-eyed bastards.

Don’t like my message or my language?  Too fucking bad. Make an appointment with one of obama’s “psychiatrists” and get yourself some dope.  Better yet, go huff some paint and smoke a bowl of obama-approved weed in between your xanax and thorazine.

Take a look at today’s shit sandwich menu. Prices will increase tomorrow and every day from now through eternity.  Hat tip Three Days To Anarchy for the post.    21 Tax Hikes.  (ps….. don’t forget that the union thigs who helped shove this shit sandwich down our throats, the politicians and the muzzies are EXEMPT from this scheme. They made sure they wouldn’t have to swallow.)


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