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United States’ Veto Rights At The United Nations In Serious Peril

I suggest you all pay VERY CLOSE attention to what hitlery is doing over at the UN.  She’s using the Syria situation to relinquish our veto rights at the UN, which will allow those beasts to impose the provisions in the Arms Trade Treaty, the Law Of The Sea Treaty and anything else that pack of islamic terrorists, dictatorial tyrants and genocidal murderers want to impose on the United States of America.

WATCH HER.  Watch what she says about the fact that Russia isn’t allowing the UN to step in with regard to Syria.  This is why she’s spreading rumors about Syria and nerve agents being moved around there.  If individual Nation members had no veto rights, the UN could do whatever the global elitists want them to do, INCLUDING THE COMPLETE DESTRUCTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’S CONSTITUTION, BILL OF RIGHTS AND SOVEREIGNTY.

WATCH HER.  She’s selling us out to the tyrants of the UN.  Her and her slick willie have already secured their positions at that cabal.  They’re selling us out.  We will, very soon, have war here on our soil that will dwarf any war in the history of the world.


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