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Police Murder Innocent Homeowner When He Answers 0130 Knock on Door With Gun In Hand.

Deputies Knock On Wrong Door At 1:30AM At Night, Shoot & Kill Man Who Answers With Gun

Sheriff’s deputies who failed to identify themselves when knocking on a man’s door at 1:30AM at night immediately shot and killed the homeowner after he allegedly opened his door with a gun in hand.

The man who was murdered, 26-year-old Andrew Lee Scott, was described by neighbors as a good person and “very nice guy.”

The deputies realized later they got the wrong house, but for good measure they searched the man’s apartment and found drugs, which apparently justifies their murdering him randomly.

The police are entirely unapologetic. Lt. John Herrell said of the incident, “The bottom line is, you point a gun at a deputy sheriff or police office, you’re going to get shot.”

For police who refuse to identify themselves to point their guns at you is A-OK, yet for you to do the same in self-defense is grounds for summary execution.

In contrast with this gang of criminals, a 92-year-old Toledo woman who found herself in the same situation just the other day actually shot an officer in the side of his head, yet the Toledo police chose not to press any charges against her, as Police Sgt. Joe Heffernan said, “I don’t think it meets all the culpability standards for felonious assault on a police officer.”

Indeed, 26-year-old Andrew Lee Scott had ever right to open his door fully armed, and, at least if he was in a state where the Castle Doctrine was recognized, he may have even had the right to use deadly force in defending himself from the police’s illegal armed invasion.

See the additional video report here.

Source: http://www.informationliberation.com/


  1. Steve
    July 17, 2012 at 02:14

    It just goes to show you that more and more states/counties are putting unprepared and iltrained morons on local streets, giving them some ride time with a Veteran cop, someone who may have been on the street for 2 years, and then gives them a gun after riding for 2-3 weeks and after a mere 5 day weapons course. And then guess what!? The 2 year street veteran finally gets to go to the state sanctioned POLICE ACADEMY! This is so true people. The waiting lists for these academy slots can be YEARS down the road before these fools actually get REALLY TRAINED, by real instructors on enforcing the law and handling situation. These new hires work for a couple of years with just basic knowledge that they got from Deputy Joe, who in turn got it from Deputy Bill, who got his from Deputy Slim. Most of these new hires for local police forces are rather large and intimidating men and women who can intimidate others with their size and the fact that they carry a gun. I’ve known a few that have met this crappy standard, 3 to be precise, in certain SW and Central Virginia counties. One was eventually fired because he liked spending Friday and Saturday nights cruising the local teen hang outs looking for people (especially teenage girls) to intimidate and…uh…let’s say threaten arrest for something minor if they didn’t … Uh…do as he said. The fourth victim finally notified the state police to handle it. No charges were EVER filed…just fired from that job. Then I learned he got hired in another state…as a sheriffs deputy. Another one, right after he got his badge, started pulling over his exgirlfriend until she filed harassment charges…he wasn’t prosecuted…he was only reprimanded…he still works as a deputy. The third literally beat the crap out of his exwife and her new husband when he found out they were expecting a baby. Something she had refused to have with him. He was temporally suspended, no charges were filed and he was bought back to the sheriffs office after getting anger management. These are just the people I KNOW!!! How many more are here!

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