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Second Amendment Foundation URGENT Message – Gary Marbut MT HD99

[TWG Note: I’m a huge fan of Gary Marbut’s work on behalf of our Second Amendment Rights, as well as many other liberty related efforts not just here in Montana, but across the entire United States.   Mr. Marbut works diligently throughout the year, especially when our legislature is in session.  He’s in Helena nearly every day our legislature meets and certainly every day they schedule legislation that would affect our gun rights and State Sovereignty issues.  Mr. Marbut deserves whatever support we can provide for him in this coming election. WE NEED HIM……. BADLY.  Please donate whatever you can afford to give in order to help Mr. Marbut win Montana’s HD99 race.  Even if you reside in a different State, please support Mr. marbut. He’s working for ALL of us!]

From Mr. Gottlieb:


Gary Marbut has been one of the Nation’s most successful pro-gun political activists for nearly three decades.  That’s why he was twice named Gun Rights Activist of the Year at the Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference. 

Gary is now a candidate for the Montana Legislature.  GARY NEEDS YOUR HELP.  Gary needs some serious money to win his campaign against a liberal anti-gun lawyer.

Why should you help?  Here are just a few of the 58 bills that Gary Marbut has written and lobbied through the Montana Legislature:

– Putting the right to hunt and fish into the Montana Constitution;

– The Shooting Range Protection Act, to protect shooting ranges from arbitrary closure;

– The Shooting Range Development Act, using hunter license dollars for matching grants to improve shooting ranges;

– The Self Defense Bill, strengthening many legal aspects of self defense in Montana;

– Montana’s “shall issue” concealed weapon permit law;

– The original Montana Firearms Freedom Act.

Many of the bills Gary has written and gotten passed have been a model inspiring clones of his bills in other states, like the Firearms Freedom Act, the Shooting Range Protection Act, and more.

Gary Marbut has worked long and hard for gun rights.  Now we need to help Gary!  If we can help Gary get elected, just think how much more effective he will be for us “on the other side of the table” as a full-time legislator instead of an un-elected, part-time volunteer.

To win his election, Gary needs the most generous contribution you can afford to send him – now.  The maximum he is allowed by law to receive from any individual is $160, although you and another family member could each send $160.

If you can’t afford this much, please send $100, or $50, or whatever you can.  Any amount is a big help.  If you send $35 or more, Gary is required to report your occupation and employer, so please write those in the memo line of your check.  Corporate checks aren’t allowed.

Please send whatever contribution you can, right now, to:

Montanans for Marbut

P.O. Box 16106

Missoula, Montana 59808

Or… You can contribute online at the link below:


Gary has always stood with us – now we need to stand with him.  My personal thanks for whatever you can do.


Alan Gottlieb

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