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NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg Needs To Implement REAL Gun Control!

Written by

Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

Frontsight Firearms Training


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg needs to implement REAL gun control after two of his officers wounded nine bystanders as they attempted to stop an armed suspect no more than 5 yards in front of them!

That’s right, the suspect as you will see in the surveillance video is no more than 5 yards in front of them, yet two of Bloomberg’s finest, wounded nine innocent bystanders in the process of bringing the suspect to the ground.

Bloomberg needs to make sure his New York City Cops can control their guns. Gun Control is the ability hit what you are aiming at to immediately stop a lethal confrontation. It is best done with two hands on the weapon!

Watch this video surveillance camera footage of the shooting and then send Bloomberg an e-mail or two telling him to send New York’s Finest out to Front Sight for some real gun control.

Click to Play Video
Click To Play Video

I’m not blaming the New York City Cops for their miserable hit ratio, which historically is below 25% and was likely well below 25% in this shooting, if you don’t count all the hits they put on innocent bystanders! I’m blaming Bloomberg and the New York City police administration for failing to provide proper training to their police officers and failing to encourage or pay for their officers to train regularly and repeatedly.

As you know from my previous blogs, I think Bloomberg is insane for believing that disarming responsible law abiding citizens will somehow reduce violent crime, especially when all statistics over the last 20 years prove otherwise.

I also despise Bloomberg for his political grandstanding and calls for even more gun restrictions any time some drug crazed nut case attacks innocent people who were disarmed by the same Unarmed Victim laws Bloomberg supports.

Now Bloomberg needs to get a political haircut for the dismal performance of two of his officers in a shooting situation that ANY Front Sight student could have handled 100 times better. It is time for Bloomberg to implement REAL gun control in New York City and at least get his officers properly trained.

Take a look at this pathetic press conference where Bloomberg has to announce that his officers wounded nine bystanders!

Click to Play Video
Click To Play Video

Geez, EVERYBODY would have been safer if his officers had stayed back and simply followed the suspect until a private citizen with a CCW was in the area to take the suspect out.

I’m serious! Armed private citizens, especially Concealed Weapon Permit Holders have a MUCH higher hit ratio than law enforcement.

Want an example? A couple of weeks ago, a good ole boy with a revolver made a 150+ yard shot to SAVE a police officer who was missing the suspect at a much closer distance with his patrol rifle!

Check out this video and see what an armed and trained private citizen is capable of doing…

Click to Play Video
Click To Play Video

Hey Bloomberg, this good ole boy from Texas knows what gun control is all about… Hitting what you are aiming at!

As a side note, when I produced and narrated Front Sight’s 26 episode reality TV series, Front Sight Challenge, there was only ONE contestant out of the 80 contestants who participated in the show that MISSED the ENTIRE target in the Do or Die Drill. You guessed it… A New York City Cop!

You can see that part of the episode here…

Click to Play Video
Click To Play Video

So once again New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg is wrong.

Well, I always try to be part of the solution and not just point fingers at problems so let me help you out Michael. Let me help New York City’s Finest, and the great people of New York City.

If you, Michael Bloomberg, will at least acknowledge to me that you have personally read my blog on the Insanity of Gun Control and acknowledge after reviewing the videos in that blog that ARMED and TRAINED responsible citizens are a deterrent to gun crime, I will put my money where my mouth is and Front Sight will train EVERY police officer and every citizen of New York City (who can pass a criminal background check) free of charge!

That’s right Michael. We will train your officers free of charge and train every responsible citizen of your fine city as well!

All you have to do is read my blog and acknowledge that if they are allowed to be armed and trained, your fine citizens would be a deterrent to violent crime, just as every armed and trained citizen in every other city in the United states is a deterrent to violent crime.

What do you say Michael? Are you ready for some REAL Gun Control in New York City? I’ll bet your citizens and police officers are ready.

Let me help you. Give me a call…


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
7975 Cameron Drive, #900
Windsor, CA 95492

  1. August 27, 2012 at 13:55

    Reblogged this on Gds44's Blog.

  2. August 28, 2012 at 08:15

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg pardon me, but you are sadly mistaken when you say that New York is the safest big city in America.
    Kennesaw, Georgia is most likely the safest city in America and the reason being Kennesaw, Georgia’s ordinance requiring heads of households (with certain exceptions) to keep at least one firearm in their homes.

    • August 28, 2012 at 08:24

      Oooh! I LOVE Kennesaw, GA gun laws!!! Similar to the gun laws of Switzerland!

    • August 28, 2012 at 08:42

      Here’s a blurb from wiki on the Kennesaw gun laws:

      Gun lawIn 1982 the city passed an ordinance [Sec 34-21][18]

      (a) In order to provide for the emergency management of the city, and further in order to provide for and protect the safety, security and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants, every head of household residing in the city limits is required to maintain a firearm, together with ammunition therefore.
      (b)Exempt from the effect of this section are those heads of households who suffer a physical or mental disability which would prohibit them from using such a firearm. Further exempt from the effect of this section are those heads of households who are paupers or who conscientiously oppose maintaining firearms as a result of beliefs or religious doctrine, or persons convicted of a felony.
      Gun rights activist David Kopel has claimed that there is evidence that this gun law has reduced the incident rate of home burglaries citing that in the first year, home burglaries dropped from 65 before the ordinance, down to 26 in 1983, and to 11 in 1984.[19] Another report observed a noticeable reduction in burglary from 1981, the year before the ordinance was passed, to 1999.[20]

      Later research claims that there is no evidence that [the law] reduced the rate of home burglaries [in Kennesaw][21][22], even though the overall crime rate had decreased by more than 50% between 1982 and 2005.[23]

      The city’s website[24] claims the city has the lowest crime rate in the county.

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