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Clint Eastwood Showed The Honor Of MEN. REAL MEN.

"When bullies are breaking the cardinal laws of life and exploiting
their fellow man...., then there is only one course of action for
honorable men – disrespect – courageous, colorful disrespect."

Nelson Hultberg, September 1, 2012 -The political left in America is
outraged at Clint Eastwood’s recent presentation at the GOP
convention. The shock and disbelief of Rachel Maddow at MSNBC and the
Blitzer gang at CNN is heavy with condemnation of this inimitable
American icon.

The establishment media response has basically come down as follows:
“Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.” “What was he thinking?” “Have the
Republicans gone daft?” “The Democrats must have sent Clint to the GOP
so as to sabotage their convention.” “This was inexcusably

Yes, indeed, it was disrespectful. But what kind of humans allow
themselves to be enslaved by a Marxist mandarin and his bureaucratic
henchmen with a smile on their face and kind words about their

Craven humans, that’s who! Obedient victims who, as Ayn Rand told us,
“sanction their enslavement.” And unfortunately that is what the
American people have become, obedient sanctioners who are willing to
give up their freedom with a smile on their face and kind words for
the usurpers in Washington who are so zealously destroying the freedom
and sanity of our lives.

Did Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, and Patrick Henry play nice-nice
with King George? Did they remain respectful to the tyrants who were
ruining their lives? They most certainly did not. They declared the
English tyrant to be a corrupt and criminal despot. They rallied their
countrymen to spring up in rebellion. They stood up for their
fundamental rights, as all courageous men and women do when faced with
despotic bullies. They did what the valiant Chinese student did in
Tiananmen Square when he stood in front of those monstrous approaching

If Jefferson, Adams, and Henry were alive today, they would have been
cheering Clint on with vigorous enthusiasm. But what do we see from
today’s mealy-mouth media? We see a rush to defend the tyrant
mandarins in Washington and smear the rebel Eastwood. We see squawking
and crying and yelps of protest. But what we really see is what lurks
in the subconscious of the establishment media – fear that their
Emperor is as buck naked as Dirty Harry portrayed him. This is why the
vacuities at CNN and MSNBC are so outraged. Eastwood pierced deeply.
He showed Mr. Obama and the empty suit Biden up for precisely what
they are.

This is what disrespect is, and why it is so important when a people
are confronting tyrants. Those who obey their masters and play
nice-nice with tyrannical regimes live miserable lives as doormats.
Those recalcitrant rebels who boldly proclaim their disrespect for the
despots of history have a chance to live in freedom. They might still
get squashed; the tanks might still roll over them. But they at least
know that they stood up for freedom and honor in their time. They know
that they did the right thing, the manly thing, not the craven,
accommodative thing. When bullies are breaking the cardinal laws of
life and exploiting their fellow man (which is what the statists in
Washington have been doing for over 80 years now), then there is only
one course of action for honorable men – disrespect – courageous,
colorful disrespect.

This is what Clint Eastwood did on August 30, 2012 in Tampa. He did
the honorable thing – the manly thing. He heaped contempt on the
statist mandarins in Washington. He did not lay down and play
nice-nice with them. He did not try to compromise with them. He did
not pacify them so as to be popular. He excoriated them with his words
and his attitude.

In his advice to America’s young men, the twentieth century poet E.
Merrill Root wrote, “I would ask you again to dream and dare, and thus
to ride again the stallion of manhood whose back is known only by
those who with a brave heart grasp the mane of life and ride bareback
and shouting even in God’s thunderstorm.”

Reality demands this from man, but the collectivists are at war with
it. Thus their feminizing of our men today. This is not by accident.
The collectivists want a neutered man; it makes their drive for world
domination all the easier. What is horrifying is that large numbers of
obedient men now welcome this travesty. To be forceful, unflinching,
and self-reliant in face of life’s vicissitudes no longer appeals.
Modern psychology tells us that the virile Clark Gable / Clint
Eastwood persona is unhealthy for society. Dustin Hoffman is to be
preferred. Softness is correct; toughness is detrimental. But this is
decadence masquerading as progress.

The crucible of life demands that men strive to fulfill their natures,
that they stand heroically in face of adversity, that they defend the
female and family with gallantry in face of the subtleties of evil.
The real man welcomes this and refuses to apologize for his toughness
and masculinity, his stoic steel will. For him egalitarianism and
collectivism are living death. Early in life he knows instinctively
that he hates the amoeba-like image of man with which Marxian-Freudian
collectivism is trying to poison his soul. He loathes what the
professors in college teach him. The real man senses early on that, in
the words of General MacArthur, “there is a constant conspiracy
against the brave” in this world. The herd mentalities of humanity
wish to neuter manliness, for it stands in their way of collectivizing
the world. Thus it must be purged from our lessons to the young. The
real man resolves to fight this. He chooses to be in life what in
essence he must be – a warrior for truth, a rock of granite, a seeker,
a builder, a hero.

Clint Eastwood has exemplified such traits all his life. The weasels
dislike him, and the naked emperors try to smear him with sociobabble.
But there is a strain of man out there that knows his kind are the
Atlases who hold up the world, that America was exceptional because
she unleashed such men to climb as tall as they could dream. What we
need so desperately today is for these kind of men to rise up and show
massive disrespect toward the despots of Washington. Hoorah for Clint


[TWG: Bullies deserve nothing less than a well placed punch in their snouts. I have ZERO respect for democrats aymore, and I certainly do not allow those beasts to spew their lies without correcting them. I will never again give them an ounce of common courtesy or respect. They don't deserve it.  And on a personal note, as far as MEN are concerned, what the schools have created today are not "Men". They are neutered bois, with not one ounce of masculinity or honor. Our MEN have been neutered and feminized by the tyrants who cannot stand against REAL MEN. Every last one of those bullies who scream and whine against honor and masculinity deserve nothing less than a punch in their snouts. There are a few real men out here, but they are few. It's not hard to identify them. They're the ones who speak AGAINST evil, no matter the cost, and they are the ones who walk the talk where honor and integrity are at issue.]
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  1. September 2, 2012 at 09:19

    And at the end of the day, it is reported that Obama said he was still a “huge fan” of Clint Eastwood.

    • September 2, 2012 at 09:28

      Yeah, sure he is. I don’t believe one single fart coming out of the gaping hole in that thing’s face.

  2. pbobhelms
    September 2, 2012 at 09:31

    This article should be read by every individual who loves America. it is a great tribute to a heroic American icon, and goes beyond recognizing Clint Eastwood, but should encourage everyone who gives a flip about our nation, to examine our own motives, and intestinal fortitude to stand firm in our faith and our nation. It is time to make a stand, and renew our commitment to our nation, it’s constitution, and our freedoms! Go ahead, liberals, make our day!”

    • September 2, 2012 at 09:38

      I stopped associating with ANY obama minions back in 2006 when I began to see just how evil and vile they are, and now finding myself disassociating myself with ANYONE who lacks the spine to speak up against that evil regime. If they’re derelict in their duties as Americans, and ESPECIALLY if they’re of the male gender, I have ZERO respect for them. I will never again associate with anyone who demostrates apathy and weakness in the face of this evil. Silence in the face of evil IS EVIL.

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