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More Lunacy From California DIMwit, Dianne Feinstein

[TWG: That putrid HAG needs to be courtesy flushed. Californians really ought to consider putting their crack pipes down, no more sniffing glue and stop huffing paint. If they re-elect that fascist, gun-grabbing hag, they deserve exactly what’s coming their way.]


Loony California Senator refuses to debate Republican challenger Elizabeth Emken – walks out of ABC interview when asked why (Video)

feinsteinIn a state as far left and nearly bankrupt as California, this probably wouldn’t matter much. The drones in the failed state will vote to re-elect to old loony Senator Diane Feinstein no matter what she does. But Republican challenger Elizabeth Emken wants at least one debate with the dried up old witch and she wouldn’t even do a debate. In fact, Feinstein became so offended about the question as to why she wouldn’t debate Emken that she walked out of a softball local ABC interview. If this state re-elected Barbara Boxer in 2010, I have no doubt they will re-elect Feinstein.

WATCH THE VIDEO INTERVIEW HERE: http://www.fireandreamitchell.com/2012/09/09/loony-california-senator-refuses-to-debate-republican-challenger-elizabeth-emken-walks-out-of-abc-interview-when-asked-why-video/?utm_source=FAM_Blog&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+FireAndreaMitchell+%28Fire+Andrea+Mitchell%21+Exposing+Liberal+bias+cause+the+MSM+doesn%27t+have+to.%29

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