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Marxist Hollywood Jesters, beyonce and jay z, Throw Lavish Party For The Marxist Messiah, obama, While The World Comes Apart

Obama Fundraiser With Jay-Z And Beyonce Features “Floor-To-Ceiling” Tower Of 350 Gold Champagne Bottles Costing $800 Each, White House Bans Photos Of Event…

Now why would they ban photos of an event like this?

Via New York Post:

Nix the flags and the podium. Cue the opulent 18-foot tower of gold-bottled French champagne.

When President Obama addresses an elite roster of hipsters and multimillionaires, including hosts Beyoncé and Jay-Z, in New York tonight, he will do so next to a custom-designed tower of $800-per-bottle champagne that dominates the main room at Jay-Z’s 40/40 nightclub.

The 350-bottle champagne tower — designed by Jeffrey Beers — is a monument to Jay-Z’s favorite bubbly, Armand de Brignac, which is known colloquially by rappers, clubgoers and connoisseurs as Ace of Spades because of its gold-spade label.

It’s floor-to-ceiling gold bottles in the entire space. It’s beautiful — breathtaking,” a rep for the Flatiron District hot spot told The Post. “It’s the first thing you see when you walk in.”

But the White House, which meticulously controls Obama’s image, is not expected to release any photos of the president’s appearance at the lavish club.

Details of the party are “under lock and key,” according to the rep, and the White House was guarding the guest list as if it were the latest intelligence profile of Iran’s nuclear program.

END NYT Article


Sooooooooo, does this mean we’re “Calling the spade a spade”?

Here’s the superstar marxists, beyonce and jayz, sitting in OUR top secret Situation Room as special guests of  the obama regime…

Marxist whore, Beyone’s shirt says it all…..

Hey beyonce & jay z, you marxist whores!   MY SHIRT IS BETTER THAN YOUR SHIRT.

While our once great Nation burns to the ground, our embassies are under terrorist attacks all over the globe, our diplomats are being murdered by terrorists, our troops are dying in the middle east, we have no jobs, our economy is in a tailspin, and waste, fraud and abuse eat away at this nation’s treasury,  obama ad his abhorrent regime drink champagne out of gold bottles and party with the hollywood jesters.

Just sayin’.

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