No Voter Fraud in Montana? Yeah, says Linda McCullough, Montana’s DIMwit Secty of State. You can also read more about this here:

Rockin' On The Right Side

How incredibly irresponsible can an elected official be?  Montana Secretary of State Linda McCulloch recently distributed an editorial saying, “Crying wolf about the security of Montana’s elections is an intentional and deliberate attempt to decrease voter turnout by gaining support for laws that will restrict your right to vote.”

The official Montana Secretary of State website lists McCulloch’s number one priority: “interpreting state election laws and overseeing elections.”  Her job is to identify weaknesses in our voting system and take measures to prevent election fraud.  She should be proudly and aggressively investigating complaints, auditing processes, and training personnel to protect the integrity of our votes.

Instead, she denies any responsibility.  “The results are overwhelmingly clear. Voter fraud – votes knowingly cast by ineligible individuals – does not exist in Montana,” McCulloch wrote.

I think back to my first college job, busting my butt in Nelson’s tire shop in Great Falls…

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  1. September 25, 2012 at 16:05

    Don’t know exactly whats going on in Montana twg. But look…Emanuel Cleaver in his speech said blacks who don’t vote should turn in their color and African-American credentials. Fine, then they got some I.D. Then be proud to show it. Had to show birth cert. in June to get my drivers license renewed. Had to show my DD214 through the years to get wartime veteran benefits. Getting a bit older and will need it again one day for entrance into old veterans home, if it’s not done away with before then.

    • September 25, 2012 at 20:10

      Sadly, this once great Nation is GONE forever. I wouldn’t count on much from here on out. Our Nation has been raped, pillaged and is now breathing it’s last breath while obama sharpens his fangs and his glassy eyed minions play games on their new iphones.. May GOD Bless You for your service and keep you safe in the very dark and dangerous days ahead.

  2. namesay
    October 6, 2012 at 08:10

    Our County is in the same unorganized matter. It seems like to me that our County Election Admin. has not be educated correctly. 30 days allows you to vote!

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