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Ohio obama-snugglers Have No Idea What Happened In The Benghazi islamic Terrorist Attacks

Take a good look at obama’s ignorant glassy eyed minions.  God Almighty, these stupid little freaks are VOTING!  What are we to do with these kids coming out of the public “education” system? They’re lazy, stupid, bigoted, hateful, racist and dumbed down to the point they can’t even see the truth when it’s slapping them in their snouts.  We can thank the so-called “educators” for creating these ignorant fools.  WHY ARE PARENTS ALLOWING THIS BRAINWASHING???


  1. Cheryl
    October 23, 2012 at 16:10

    Amazing isn’t it. This is what happens when libs and unions run the education system.

    • October 23, 2012 at 17:20

      This nation is doomed forever if we don’t shut down those indoctrination camps and convict the cretins responsible for this. They’re churning out the glassy eyed morons by the millions. Once our generation dies off, there will be nobody left to fight for this Nation and for what our Founding Fathers sacrificed so much. Homeschoolers, who will know, will have no voice. They’ll be FAR outnumbered by those idiots. I don’t understand why the teachers unions have ANY validity anymore. They’re still using our children as hostages, demanding more money and respect from us all when they are clearly failing our children and destroying this once great Nation. I don’t have children, and I have no idea WHY parents would hand over their most precious, beloved child to those beasts.

      A few months ago I was at a Veterans event where I met a couple and we talked for a bit. When they each told me they were teachers, they said it as though I should curtsey and kiss their rings. They were SO proud of themselves. To their utter shock, I looked at them as I’d look at a child rapist and told them I’d like to see them hanging from trees for what they’re doing to our children. They asked me why and I just told them they’d better get, and stay, the F* away from me.

      The schools are the head of this snake. If we don’t do something about them, this Nation is going down and our children will have no future.

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