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muslim Demographics – Serious Cause For Concern

November 30, 2012 2 comments

I’ve posted this video here before, but people just don’t seem to GET IT.


Better start paying attention.




muslims Behead 14 Year Old Girl….. For Refusing “Marriage Proposal”.

November 30, 2012 6 comments

TWG:  More from the muslims, following the commands given to them in their  quran.  These aren’t ‘radical extremists”. They are doing EXACTLY what their quran dictates.  Where’s the UN “Women’s Rights” council, “Human Rights” council and the rest of the muslim terrorists squatting on the UN thrones pretending to care?  What are they doing with the BILLION$ the United States hands them every year?  With such vermin as Ahmadinejad on their “Council”, it’s no wonder they do NOTHING about muslim torture and slaughter of Women and little girls.   These are the evil cretins that the obama regime and their glassy eyed minions here are supporting. While they scream and whine about Conservatives not wanting to play a part in their “choice” to slaughter their own children, they sit back and say NOTHING about little girls being murdered by muslims for the crime of being raped, learning how to read, or turning down a “marriage proposal” from some old muslim murderous pedophile.  Just as the UN has no credibility on these issues, obama and his glassy eyeds have demonstrated their allegiance to those horrific terrorists.  Where are the “Women’s Rights” feminazis? Where’s the “Homosexual Rights” whiners and thugs?  “Gender equality”, my ass.  DEFUND THOSE USELESS ASSHOLES AT THE UNITED NATIONS AND KICK THOSE BEASTS  OUT OF THIS COUNTRY FOR GOOD.

Afghan girl beheaded after refusing man’s marriage proposal

By Jeff Stacklin

A 14-year-old Afghan girl was beheaded and killed in an attack by two men, one of whom apparently asked her to marry him.

The attack happened Tuesday, a day before new legislation was introduced in Congress calling on the U.S. government to take steps to help protect Afghan women and girls as the U.S. military prepares to exit Afghanistan.

Gasitina, a student, was beheaded in the Imam Sahib district of Kunduz province. The attack was initially reported by local media, and was confirmed by Amnesty International researcher Horia Mosadiq in an email.

The girl was fetching water when she was accosted, according to reports. The men, who have not been identified, were arrested by police. The girl and her parents had refused a marriage proposal by one of the men, according to the Amnesty International report.

This was the 15th deadly attack on a female victim in Kunduz in 2012, the human rights organization said.

“Amnesty International is very concerned about the violations against women in Afghanistan,” said Cristina Finch, director of the organization’s Women’s Human Rights program.

Amnesty reported a similar incident in October, when a young woman was murdered and her throat slashed. In that case, the woman apparently refused to work as a prostitute.

Although it appears such attacks are increasing in frequency, it may be that the world outside Afghanistan is just beginning to hear about them, Finch said.

On Wednesday, Sen. Bob Casey, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, and Kay Bailey Hutchison, a Republican from Texas, introduced the Afghan Women and Girls’ Security Promotion Act. If passed in its current form, the bill addresses how women’s security will be monitored as the U.S. military withdraws from the country.

The bill also calls for improved gender sensitivity among Afghanistan’s national security forces and recruitment of women within the ranks of those forces.

Amnesty International USA’s executive director Suzanne Nossel applauded Casey and Hutchison for introducing the bill.

“As the United States military transitions out of Afghanistan, Afghan women’s human rights continue to be at grave risk and demand urgent attention,” Nossel said in a statement. “The fate of women will be a crucial determinant of that country’s prospects for a stable and prosperous future.”

In a report on Afghan violence against women, Amnesty International wrote that one of the justifications of the U.S. military going into the country in 2001 was to ensure the protection of human rights, including women’s rights.

“More than 10 years after the overthrow of the Taliban, modest advances have been made for girls and women in Afghanistan,” the report said. “But much remains to be done. Peace talks between the Taliban, Afghan government and the U.S. jeopardize even these modest gains as the U.S. searches for a quick exit.”


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obama Fires 20,000 Marines, While Promising Billion$ to muslim Green Energy Schemes

November 27, 2012 5 comments

Is Obama Always Faithful to our Marines?

The current political winds in Washington, DC, have dictated that less will be spent on the various Branches of the Armed Forces of the Unites States.

Case in point: the Commander-in-Chief has decided to fire 20,000 of our U.S. Marines.

In an article published by San Diego, California’s North County Times, ironically on Thanksgiving Day, Military Affairs reporter Gretel C. Kovach cites;

“The Corps is shrinking by 20,000 Marines, to 182,100.”

The North County Times also cited that America’s premier fighting force is;

“scraping to repair or replace battle-worn equipment.”

In spite of the Nobel Peace Prize award winning Obama ordering a recent surge in combat troops the Afghanistan theater of war, Kovach also pointed out that America’s beloved Marine Corps is still to be slashed by roughly 20 percent;

“despite no sign of an enemy collapse.”

So What Will The Taxpayers Money Be Spent On?



Update on the muslim World War Against Infidels

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Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11
Donate to TROP?
Weekly Jihad Report
Nov. 10 – Nov. 16

 Jihad Attacks: 50
 Allahu Akbars*: 2
 Dead Bodies: 156
 Critically Injured: 174
 *Suicide Attacks
Monthly Jihad Report
October, 2012

 Jihad Attacks: 209
 Countries: 26
 Religions: 5
 Dead Bodies: 911
 Critically Injured: 1464
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Official Communist Press PRAVDA Calls It Like It Is. Communism Won

November 26, 2012 2 comments

TWG:  This story was released a few days ago, but I have not yet posted it because it just seems so obvious to those of us who are paying attention to this horrid regime that the United States has, indeed, been overthrown by the communists, marxists, socialists, progressives, liberals, islamics and the rest of the fascist trolls sitting on thrones around the world.  After receiving a few requests to post this here, I have decided to do so, if for no other reason than to shove it down the throats of the glassy eyed fools who embrace their own demise and have aided and abetted the total destruction of America .  This once great Nation is finished, and we will NEVER see Freedom & Liberty again.  Our Constitution is finished, our Bill Of Rights is finished an our children’s future is now quite bleak.  Anyone who does not see and understand this today is a blind damned fool.   It’s a sad irony that PRAVDA is actually calling this game, but they would know. It takes the victims of communism to see communism for exactly what it is.   They’re all the same beast today.  The communists, socialists, marxists, progressives, liberals, democrats, islamics, fascists and every other world terrorist.  They share their common hatred of Western values, Freedoms, Liberties and Human rights.  We can Thank the so-called “educators”, the “parents” and the “public school system administrators” for this obamination.  I pray every last one of them responsible for this will rot in the hottest spot in Hell reserved for vermin like them.

Russian News Outlet Pravda (Previously the Official Press of the USSR) Labels Obama a ‘Communist’ in Scathing OpEd

The famed Russian news site “Pravda,” which ironically was formed as the official Communist publication of the former Soviet Union, recently released a scathing opinion column entitled, “Obama’s Soviet Mistake,” in which the author unabashedly labels the U.S. president a “Communist without question promoting the Communist Manifesto without calling it so.”

The author, Xavier Lerma, goes on to note how Obama’s “cult of personality” has mesmerized the ignorant in America, who will follow the hope and change icon in much the same way as ”fools” still praise Lenin and Stalin in Russia.

“Obama’s fools and Stalin’s fools share the same drink of illusion.”

Adding an interesting twist to the article, the author juxtaposes President Obama with Vladimir Putin, noting that the Russian president has been sounding more and more like “Ronald Reagan” or other “conservatives in America” who seek to promote smaller government and lower taxes. Lerma attributes the following remarks to Putin regarding the country’s taxes and the economy:

“…we are reducing taxes on production, investing money in the economy. We are optimizing state expenses.

The second possible mistake would be excessive interference into the economic life of the country and the absolute faith into the all-mightiness of the state.

There are no grounds to suggest that by putting the responsibility over to the state, one can achieve better results.

Unreasonable expansion of the budget deficit, accumulation of the national debt – are as destructive as an adventurous stock market game.

During the time of the Soviet Union the role of the state in economy was made absolute, which eventually lead to the total non-competitiveness of the economy. That lesson cost us very dearly. I am sure no one would want history to repeat itself.”

Reading Putin’s speech “without knowing the author,” begins Lerma, “one would think it was written by Reagan or another conservative in America.”

“The speech promotes smaller government and less taxes. It comes as no surprise to those who know Putin as a conservative,” Lerma writes with irony.

After referring to liberalism as a “psychosis,” Lerma blasts ”O’bomber” over Fast and Furious and goes on to state:

He is a Communist without question promoting the Communist Manifesto without calling it so. How shrewd he is in America. His cult of personality mesmerizes those who cannot go beyond their ignorance. They will continue to follow him like those fools who still praise Lenin and Stalin in Russia.  Obama’s fools and Stalin’s fools share the same drink of illusion.

The author questions if Americans have ever read history and concludes that American schools have been “conquered by Communists long ago,” paving the way for a revisionist history that would only lead to the election of a Communist president in the U.S.

“President Vladimir Putin could never have imagined anyone so ignorant or so willing to destroy their people like Obama much less seeing millions vote for someone like Obama,” Lerma quips. But the American president wasn’t the only one to draw the author’s ire. He also noted the pervasive influence of the ACLU and the eroding of America’s Christianity — something that was, of course, also a key tenet of the Soviet Union:

The red, white and blue still flies happily but only in Russia. Russia still has St George defeating the Dragon with the symbol of the cross on its’ flag. The ACLU and other atheist groups in America would never allow the US flag with such religious symbols. Lawsuits a plenty against religious freedom and expression in the land of the free.

Russian News Outlet Pravda (Previously the Official Press of the USSR) Labels Obama a Communist in Scathing OpEd“Christianity in the U.S. is under attack as it was during the early period of the Soviet Union when religious symbols were against the law,” Lerma notes astutely.

In terms of all of the U.S. States that have filed petitions to secede from the union, Lerma coins these Americans” hostages to the Communists in power” who will eventually need to rise up in the face of “tyranny.” Lerma concludes with a powerful comparison of the suffering endured for nearly a century under the oppression and brutality of the USSR and quotes Don Mclean’s famed song, “American Pie”:

Russia lost its’ civil war with the Reds and millions suffered torture and death for almost 75 years under the tyranny of the United Soviet Socialist Republic. Russians survived with a new and stronger faith in God and ever growing Christian Church. The question is how long will the once “Land of the Free” remain the United Socialist States of America?  Their suffering has only begun. Bye bye Miss American Pie!

Those who recall the days of the former Soviet Union, or who have friends and family members who fled a life of degradation, will see much truth in Lerma’s words. Even envisioning the now-famous “Hope” and “Change” campaign posters, which elevated Obama to a cult of personality, strikes fear and anxiety into the hearts of those who lived through eerily similar propaganda behind the iron curtain. It is ironic that this opinion column, so scathing of Communism and so keenly perceptive of how history is repeating itself in President Obama, comes to us from the publication that was formed to be the official Communist mouthpiece of the former Soviet Union itself.

Perhaps that is what lends it all the more weight.

Now should one be mindful of the fact that the author of this opinion column also considers Vladimir Putin a “conservative”? Yes, however, more disturbing still is that Lerma finds Putin conservative in comparison to Obama. Opinions on Putin vary greatly among those living in Russia in much the same way as Americans differ in opinion con President Obama. What’s more, Lerma’s personal views on Putin do not necessarily negate that there is merit to his observations on President Obama. Russians who have witnessed the trappings of the former Soviet Union either during its height or in its aftermath, tend to speak from a place of personal experience — something that warrants careful consideration. Based on our Google search of the author, he does appear to be a Russian columnist for Pravda who also maintains his own conservative-leaning blog.

Shortly after TheBlaze published this article citing Pravda’s opinion column, author David Frum posted a hair-trigger response on his Daily Beast Blog, accusing TheBlaze of agreeing with Pravda on President Obama. Frum disparages Lerma’s “journalistic” credentials and goes on to focus solely on Lerma’s opinions on Vladimir Putin, as well as the Pravda author’s reference to attacks on Christianity in America. Frum does not address any other points raised by Lerma concerning the cult of personality that has been build around Obama, nor the parallels Lerma sees between present-day America and the former Soviet Union. Frum also appears to miss the irony that was the true crux of this Blaze article: That the former official mouthpiece of the Communist Party believes Obama is a Communist and that Putin is Conservative by comparison. That, of course, was the point.


First Woman To Shoot The .700 WTF

November 25, 2012 8 comments

The inventor’s girlfriend has become the first woman to shoot the monster cartridge …

I know what I want if I ever have to go hunting for a T-Rex.



You might have noticed Jarod’s girlfried was shooting without a muzzlebrake. The reason the recoil was not uncontrollable is because she was shooting a moderate load (1200 fps with a 1132 bullet). The “hot” load, which requires a muzzlebrake, is the same bullet but fired at over 2000 fps.

The .700 WTF is made by fire forming a .50 BMG case and then sizing and trimming it to 3″ in length. It is loaded with a 1132 grain lead bullet.



obama’s Media Propagandists Ignoring Major Teacher Scandal

November 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Months-Old, Three-State Teacher Certification Test Cheating Scandal Gets Major AP Story — on a Slow News Weekend

By Tom Blumer | November 25, 2012

Read more:


From what I can tell, a major scandal involving teachers in three states has received almost no national press coverage since CNN first broke a story about it in July. Among the non-participants or nearly non-participants (again, from what I can tell based on archived news search attempts) is the Associated Press, which decided early this morning on a slow news weekend when few are paying attention to publish Adrian Sainz’s 1,200-word story on the topic.

What follows are portions CNN’s original report, today’s AP item, and a “edu-blog” post, in wondering why the conspiracy hasn’t received more attention, identifies a sadly predictable likely reason.

Read more:

jihad’s Collateral Damage

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Introducing #OpSLAM – Stop The Lying Media BOYCOTT

November 25, 2012 1 comment

TWG: You can find more boycott lists by visiting the BOYCOTT category of this blog.  There are several pages of information there.  It’s long past time to STOP SUPPORTING MARXISM!


Operation SLAM — #OpSLAM

Stop the Lying Media was introduced a little over a year ago. However, at the time, the conservatives on Twitter seemed to still be of the belief that we could rely on a fair electoral process and the Republican party to easily remove a completely failed president. Of course, with the media providing cover, parroting the lies of the administration and helping to select our candidate during the primaries, the result was another four-year term of the rapidly growing dictatorship.

We reintroduced #OpSLAM two days ago to a public that was now ready to act. Click here to read  the plan overview if you have not done so already. The concept is simple. We own about 60 percent of the buying power in America, and it is time we stopped supporting those who are working to destroy our lives, and that includes those who sponsor them.

Additional Background Information

To do this, we are going to have to adopt the tactics of the left. At first blush, this might appear distasteful to some. However, in adopting the tactics of the left, we do not have to become as disgusting as the left. We can maintain the high ground of language and behavior, and yet forcefully make our point that we are simply not going to allow our consumer dollars to be used against us any longer.

If one is interested in reading an excellent book on how to use the tactics of the left without becoming the left, we would recommend Rules for Radicals Defeated by Jeff Hedgepeth (@AlinskyDefeater) available on Amazon for only $2.99 on Kindle by clicking here. It is well worth the investment. We consider it our battle bible against the left.

Another great piece of background information is the book Hypocronance by Martin H. Petry (@usamutt) which describes in great detail how we got to this point in our society and the media’s role in the treachery against us. You can get a copy of that book here. Ordering from that page will actually support this effort, as Martin has graciously pledged a portion of the proceeds toward this effort. Any proceeds received will be announced and allocated publicly. Unlike this administration, we know the meaning of the word “transparency.”

Current Status of #OpSLAM

We are awaiting the short videos of the leading voices on MSNBC with their “greatest hits” of their more egregious comments. This will be used to shame sponsors. Once we have these, they should be posted to YouTube for all to be able to link up and send to sponsors.

We have the sponsor list and it is current and provided below. We have researchers working on their Twitter ID’s, consumer e-mail, and consumer comment phone lines now.

The plan is to single out a specific sponsor, one at a time, freezing it, polarizing it, and personalizing it with a hard barrage of e-mails, phone calls, and social media messaging, drawing attention to the videos and shaming the sponsors for using our consumer dollars to pay for this attack on our sensibilities. Suggested e-mails and tweets will be provided.  However, these should be personalized to your own words.

MSNBC Sponsors

Thanks to the efforts of @kmita3 we have the  lists of sponsors of Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews from the shows this weekend. We should nominate her for the Patriot Medal of Freedom, and more importantly, award her a bottle of Pepto for sitting through these shows in order for us to have these current and updated lists of sponsors of this vile hate speech. While we are not ready to launch a coordinated campaign against any of these sponsors, you may wish to start withdrawing your personal financial support at this time. And of course, if you want to make your own feelings known to any of them with which you do business currently, that is entirely up to you. Clicking each sponsor will open their web page.

Also, remember, a boycott is useless unless you tell a sponsor you are no longer using their product and why. E-mails and letters have a lasting effect.

Note that these include some Hawaii local. It’s up to you if you want to speak to them. Also, if you have additions from recent viewing, please add to comments, including web link, social media contact, consumer e-mail and phone numbers.

Rachel Maddow

Sponsors Rachel Maddow Show Saturday, 11/10/12:
1.  Staples
2.  Chase
4.  SyFy (Total Blackout original series)
5.  CXS
6.  Walmart/Humana team up
12. Oral B
20. USPS Priority Mail
21. Dell 
27. Crest
29. Aleve
30. DeVry
* VICTOR CRUZ  wide receiver NY Giants, spokesman for *Time Warner Cable AND For *Campbell’s Soup

Chris Matthews

Hard Ball Weekend with Chris Matthews Saturday, November 10, 2012
1.  V8
5.  Oceanic Time Warner Cable   (Maddow, too)
6.  OC 16  (Hawaii Local)
7.  NoNo
9.  Pacific Diamond and Swiss Watch Exchange (Hawaii local, family owned)

 Local Hawaii advertisers:

1. OC 16
2. Zippy’s Restaurant
3. Mauna Loa

Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago: Number ONE

November 23, 2012 3 comments

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