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obama Regime Receives Another Endorsement – This time, AL QUEDA

TWG: With endorsements from nearly every America-hating dictator,  tyrant, terrorist, murderer and fascist in the world, the obama regime has made an interesting circle of Friends and enemies.  He and his entire regime have proven their allegiance time and again, and it is NOT with America and American Citizens.  We, The People are his enemies, while his friends and allies are islamic terrorists, communist dictators, genocidal maniacs and racist eugenics freaks. 

I do not want a POTUS who wants “REVENGE” on half the population of this Nation.

I do not want a POTUS who’s proven allegiance is to those whose goal is the demise of America and Her Citizens.

I do not want a POTUS who has consistently lied to the American people.

I do not want a POTUS who wants less wealthy citizens, rather than wanting less poor citizens.

I do not want a POTUS who leads gun running schemes to transfer high powered firearms and other weapons to the enemies of this Nation.

I do not want a POTUS who believes that Women are nothing more than a pack of vaginas who spread their legs, slaughter their babies, can’t afford their own birth control and who want the POTUS to force tax paying Americans to pay for their sexual habits and for the slaughter of their unwanted children.  A POTUS who harbors “Women” who believe this way and who peddle their votes for a living, instead of WORKING for a living.


I do not want a POTUS who believes that Women “Vote with their lady parts”.  


I do not want a POTUS and COMMANDER IN CHIEF who conspires with the enemies of this Nation, does not support our Military, Veterans and our Deployed Troops fighting in far away places. 

I do not want a COMMANDER IN CHIEF who aids and abets the enemies in the murder of our diplomats and soldiers.

I do not want a POTUS who throws the Friends and Allies of this Nation under the bus while supporting the enemies of this Nation.   The obama regime’s “Friends and Allies” are the enemies of America.  America’s Friends and Allies are enemies to the obama regime.  The world is upside down, and the future of this once great Nation has been handed over to the trolls and evil vermin of the world..

I do not want a POTUS who runs on racism, hatred, deceit and class warfare, instead of running on what matters most to the health and success of this Nation.  The obama regime can NOT run on their record with our economy, employment, fiscal responsibility, race relations, national security, our children’s futures, freedoms, liberties and foreign policy.

The obama regime began their “campaigning” with “hope & change” and they are ending it with “REVENGE”.

Anyone who runs on that platform can not be trusted in our Oval Office.  If obama applied for a janitorial job at the local rest area, he couldn’t even pass an employment screening, yet he has somehow managed to squat on the throne of our White House. 

How did half of this Nation become so brainwashed to embrace these enemies?  We can thank the so-called “educators”. 

God help us all.  Our future looks quite bleak.

Posted by The Right Scoop The Right Scoop on November 5th, 2012 in

Obama has received another ringing endorsement from our America-hating enemies. In this case it’s a Sudanese Islamist who is linked to not only Al-Qaeda, but also Osama bin Laden:

AL-ARABIYA – “You know what ‘Baraka’ means in Arabic? Blessing,” says veteran Islamist leader Hassan al-Turabi, who is linked to al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in the 1990s.

Turabi told AFP news agency that he hopes U.S. President Barack Obama will win a second term on Tuesday.

“Obama of course,” Turabi said when asked about his U.S. presidential preference during an interview.

“He’s gentle towards the Muslims generally,” Turabi said, and referred to Obama’s childhood spent in Muslim-majority Indonesia, and his Kenyan father who was raised a Muslim.

Obama uses the word “terrorism” far less than his predecessor George W. Bush, and his name is a variant of the Arabic word “Baraka,” Turabi said.

Turabi has been a force in Sudanese politics for six decades, and was a key figure behind the 1989 coup which brought the Islamist regime of President Omar al-Bashir to power.

Sudan then became a notorious refuge for militant Islamists, including bin Laden, leading to American sanctions which Obama renewed last week.

Bin Laden, based in Sudan from 1991 to 1996, was killed in Pakistan by U.S. special forces last year.

“He’s a media image. He’s not the true bin Laden I knew here,” Turabi says of the man whose organisation has been tied to dozens of atrocities around the world including the September 11, 2001 attacks which killed around 3,000 people in the U.S.

Turabi, whose daughter studies in Philadelphia, fell out with Bashir about a decade after the Islamist coup and now leads the opposition Popular Congress Party.

In and out of prison numerous times during his career, Turabi said he read Obama’s books behind bars.

SOURCE: http://www.therightscoop.com/game-over-obama-receives-endorsement-from-al-qaeda-and-obl-linked-sudanese-islamist/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+TheRightScoop+%28The+Right+Scoop%29

  1. November 5, 2012 at 15:23

    Reblogged this on Gds44's Blog.

  2. Rebecca Folley
    November 7, 2012 at 08:56

    Americans committed National Suicide last night.

    Thank a teacher.

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