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Israel Fighting For Their Survival Against muslim terrorists In Palestine

[TWG: I pray Israel turns that Hellhole into a boiling puddle of glass.  muslim terrorists launch bombs into Israel with no regard for children and other innocents, then they claim to be the victims while hiding behind their own civilians.  Those evil beasts need to be eliminated for good.]


Heartbreaking, awful photo: Netanyahu tweets ‘Hamas deliberately targets our children’; Rocket attack strikes Tel Aviv ; Update: Reports that no rocket landed inside city; Update: Holon hit? Airport closed

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I saw today a picture of a bleeding Israeli baby. deliberately targets our children bit.ly/W9uYkA pic.twitter.com/z8orVsfE

Horrific and devastating. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Israel and its children.

As Twitchy has reported, IDF launched a “widespread campaign on terror sites” and Israel has been under heavy fire for days.

The IDF has been providing information and horrific photos via its Twitter feed. Prime Minister Netanyahu is doing the same.

Watch as 17-year old Paz of Ashkelon talks about what it’s like to live under constant threat of attack in Israel. bit.ly/T1O1im

We are not prepared to make peace with a situation in which Israel’s citizens are menaced by the terror of rocket fire bit.ly/ZuY6qL

More from Netanyahu’s statement to foreign press:

“In recent days and weeks, Hamas and the other terrorist organizations in Gaza have made normal life impossible for over one million Israelis. No government would tolerate a situation where nearly a fifth of its people live under a constant barrage of rockets and missile fire, and Israel will not tolerate this situation.

This is why my government has instructed the Israeli Defense Forces to conduct surgical strikes against the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza. And this is why Israel will continue to take whatever action is necessary to defend our people.
I want to remind you that seven years ago, Israel withdrew from every square inch of Gaza. Now Hamas, they took over the areas we vacated. What did it do? Rather than build a better future for the residents of Gaza, the Hamas leadership, backed by Iran, turned Gaza into a terrorist stronghold.

They fired thousand of rockets at our cities, at our towns, at our civilians, at our children. They’ve smuggled thousands of rockets and missiles into Gaza, and they deliberately place these rockets and missiles in civilian areas: in homes, in schools, near hospitals. This year alone, the fired over one thousand rockets and missiles at Israel, included close to 200 rockets in the last 24 hours.

He goes onto explain there is no moral equivalency here. Hamas deliberately targets civilians, including children. They are terrorists who not only target children, but place rockets next to their own children. Hamas is a terrorist group, solely focused on death and destruction.

Netanyahu continued tweeting as well.

No country would agree to such a situation; Israel is not prepared to reconcile itself to such a situation bit.ly/ZuY6qL

Hamas and the terror organizations have elected in recent days to escalate their attacks on Israel’s citizens bit.ly/ZuY6qL

The terror organizations hurt our citizens with premeditation, while they deliberately conceal themselves behind their own citizens.

We in contradistinction refrain to the extent possible from harming civilians; this is a fundamental difference between us and them

They would simply like to wipe us off the face of the earth and they have no reservations about harming innocent civilians

Exactly. And some sickly support and defend Hamas?

It continues.

Our thoughts & prayers are with over a million brave Israeli citizens who for another night seek shelter from endless rocket attacks.

Breaking: A rocket fired from Gaza struck an open area near Rishon LeZion, a city with more than 200,000 people.

RIGHT NOW: Incoming rocket alerts heard in Tel Aviv for the first time since the 1991 Gulf War. TEL AVIV PEOPLE — SEEK COVER IMMEDIATELY.

RT @SethAMandel: Times of Israel: Air raid sirens in Tel Aviv for first time since 1991 Gulf War: ow.ly/fjOvG

BREAKING- I hear explosions over Tel Aviv. Rockets hitting Tel Aviv.

ALERT: Tel Aviv area was just hit by a rocket attack from .

Twitchy will continue to monitor and provide further updates.

One rocket hit Tel Aviv, no casualties according to Israeli Army radio. Watch Reuters.com for updates

Rocket from Hamas Hits Tel Aviv: Numerous reports on Twitter indicate that a rocket from Hamas has hit Tel Aviv…. bit.ly/SsXnQR

BREAKING: Explosion heard in Tel Aviv following air-raid sirens, Gaza rocket strike feared. -BW

Rocket from Gaza strikes Tel Aviv as Israel teeters on the brink of full scale war bit.ly/TLCYIo pic.twitter.com/5AlnMFlp

Missile just fell in Tel-Aviv, where innocent civilians live! @ Tel Aviv (תל אביב) instagr.am/p/SDsD3PEFLk/

Picture from Channel 10 with rocket warning for Tel Aviv. pic.twitter.com/YH0FYHX4

rocket alarm sounded in Tel Aviv right outside my window. pic.twitter.com/Yx4iQTKY

Stay safe xx RT @Yair_Zivan Our bomb shelter which we just saw for the first time when the Tel Aviv siren went off. pic.twitter.com/VRBBcabu

Picture from @news10 of Fajr rocket being fired towards Tel Aviv. pic.twitter.com/nNQBT1wd

That awkward moment when everyone’s talking about & Tel Aviv and I’m in the shelter reading their tweets..


IDF says no rockets actually struck.

A few minutes ago, sirens in Tel Aviv sent residents running for shelter. We can confirm that no rockets struck in the area.

Confirmed: Sirens indicating rockets launched, but so far reports indicate that none actually struck inside the city.

Confirmed:despite sirens in Tel Aviv,rockets did not land in the area.

More: IDF clarifies rockets did not hit the ground in Tel Aviv metropolitan area. Last 24 hrs, 274 rockets fired from at Israel.

Israel remains under fire.

Since yesterday, 274 rockets fired from have hit .

Twitchy will continue to monitor and update with all developments.


LIVE BLOG: Rockets strike Tel Aviv area; three Israelis killed in attack on south haaretz.com/news/diplomacy…

@JoshBlockDC: Reports of explosion in Tel Aviv, . Air raid sirens heard.Residents ordered into bomb shelters

Update: Reports that the airport has been closed.

Tweep from Jerusalem –> RT @ASoldiersMother has closed the airport; after rockets hit near Tel Aviv

Reports, unconfirmed, of a rocket landing in Holon, on outskirts of Tel Aviv.

Rocket strikes southern outskirts of Tel Aviv | JTA – Jewish & Israel News jta.org/news/article/2…

According to Reuters, the rocket landed in the sea. According to others, it hit Holon, near Tel Aviv. Many conflicting reports so far.

Sister in Tel Aviv. Father-in-law visiting family in Holon. Sirens going, rockets hitting TA-suburbs. Just the beginning.

Rocket just landed in Holon… My whole family lives there… israel.

Confirmed:despite sirens in Tel Aviv,rockets did not land in the area.

@izar_t They DID land near Holon…

Follow #IsraelUnderFire or #PrayforIsrael:

Whole situation is horrible RT @max_buchdahl: A rocket just landed in @Casspi18‘s hometown of Holon, Israel.


Hamas has suffered a severe blow to its underground infrastructure, but it still maintains a capability to fire long-range rockets.

Terrorist groups in Gaza fire rockets from residential areas. Would you raise your child in such a neighborhood? ow.ly/fk8cE

During the past hour, the IDF targeted approx. 70 underground medium range rocket launching sites in . Direct hits were confirmed.

Hamas has turned into a frontal base for , terrorizing residents of Israel&forcing them to live under unbearable circumstances

More than 1,000 rockets fired from hit in 2012 alone pic.twitter.com/LqPfjaTj


Beer Sheva is also under attack:

Al Qassam Brigades bombing Beer Sheva military bases with dozens of projectiles

Another rocket hits a house in Beer Sheva. Earlier today 3 people lost their life in a similar hit.

media reporting direct hit on house in Beer Sheva- family was inside but only sustained shock. .

Getting reports from friends who live throughout Southern Israel about all the sirens going off and the rockets landing. Damn. Not good.

@JRCohen Saw a cell phone vid on FB that was taken in Beer Sheva. Not sure why they were outside but the images & sounds were unbelievable.

@EvanPokroy Where are you in Israel? My family in Beer Sheva had a sleepless night, rockets raining down frequently. Not good.

This Twitterer raises a very good point:

Good morning to our friends in . While you were sleeping, 3 Israelis were killed when a rocket hit their house.

.@IDFSpokesperson remember when @BarackObama said “U.S. will stand with Israel if attacked”? Me too.

While President Obama has shown himself to be anything but pro-Israel, we stand and will continue to stand with Israel.

Update: Netanyahu continues tweeting.

In past 24 hrs made clear it will not tolerate rocket attacks on its civilians. I hope & other terrorists in Gaza got message

The terrorists in are committing a double war crime. They fire at Israeli civilians, and they hide behind Palestinian civilians

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