(Hat Tip Sweetp for the forward. Thank You, Sweetp!)

People if we don’t stop the indoctrination and hijacking of our children we will have lost in the fight for freedom.  Please take a look at this website and 5 short videos to learn about the communist program taking over our schools called COMMON CORE CURRICULUM.
PLEASE Pass this along.

Make 2013 the year to fight indoctrination in our schools. NO COMMON CORE, NO IB, NO Race to the Top, NO Outcome Based Education. Lets get back to the 3 R’s instead of the 3 E’s.

  1. CounterRevolution
    November 19, 2012 at 21:57

    Look for the book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, it’s really expensive and rare to find a copy in a library but the Communists have a 30+ year head start on the gig. We have to work harder. Fortunately my varmints got a good start at home and are truly conservative, my 20 year-old daughter cried all night the day Frank Marshall Davis Jr. was re-elected President the week before last, she knows what’s coming.

    • November 20, 2012 at 07:16

      I’m so proud of the home schoolers and their “students”. I’m thankful for parents who actually care enough about their children and about this nation to take their education into their own hands. I can always spot a home schooled child. They’re responsible, respectful, honest, caring, generous, intelligent and kind. not like the kids being churned out by the indoctrination camps.

      The one thing that horrifies me more than anything else these days is that our youth have been so brainwashed to embrace their enemies. The enemies of Freedom and Liberty. The muslim demographics should give everyone cause for serious concern. While they’re breeding at jaw dropping rates, far more than the infidels, they are slowly but most surely going to outnumber the civilized world and our children and grandchildren are going to be forced to live under their savagery.

      While we continue to sound the alarm about the looming threat that is communism and islam (fascism), our youth coming out of the indoctrination camps have been taught to spit in our faces, demonizing and ridiculing us and ignoring the facts. We show them the facts with no ambiguity, yet they do not see them.

      At what point do we stop fighting for them? At what point do we sit back and say “Fine. You asked for it, and now you will get it. You’ll be sorry one day.” They’re brainwashed. How do we deprogram them to see the truth? Is it possible anymore?

      I’ve never been the kind of person to say “I told you so.” I think it’s rude and mean. But in the end, I will cross my arms and shake my head in disgust. I will know that I fought for them, but just how long will I fight for them anymore? I have no children. If parents don’t care about their child’s future at least as much as I do, then why should I sacrifice my life for those who won’t help themselves and are most careless and irresponsible?

      The homeschooled children will be too far outnumbered. They won’t have a voice.

      We have GOT to shut down those “schools”. Anything less, and we are fighting for nothing.

  2. Kelly kafir
    November 21, 2012 at 00:57

    And what was intersting… is that Bill Gates is funding this, charter schools, the Islamic Gulen charter schools and the charter school authorizers… a friend of mine went to a Gates Foundation presentation and they said that they did not want parents involved in their children’s education… only the “experts”…. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH GATES???

    • November 21, 2012 at 08:20

      The Gates’ are hard core NWO and eugenics freaks. I saw a video speech of his where he touts the benefits of using the vaccination program for population control. They’re spending a LOT of money “vaccinating” the masses.

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