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islamic terrorists and the Creeping Caliphate on America’s Borders

TWG: Do you think the obama regime is assisting their caliphate terrorist pals only in the middle east? You’d be wrong. They’ve been systematically aiding and abetting them in Mexico. Once the terrorists were busted transporting weapons, troops and nuclear materials directly into Venezuala, 1500 MILES FROM OUR COASTLINE, the obama regime took another route. Yes, Venezuala now has nukes and islamic troops stationed there. Those beasts have also been slithering across our southern borders for a few years now,  setting up their terror training compounds all across this nation in order to prepare for war here on our soil.  Sucking up our welfare programs so generously handed out by the obama regime and bulking up for the fight.  Better start paying attention, America. You’re about to get stoned and  stuffed.  Say bye bye to your children’s future. America is FINISHED.  Thank a so-called “educator” for brainwashing our citizens.

Spare me the denials.  I’ve been watching this nightmare with a magnifying glass.

Mexican drug cartels and Hezbollah strengthen alliance: New report

During an interview of a top GOP lawmaker on Fox News Channel on Monday, while discussing the threat by terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah to Israel, Congressman Mike McCaul stated that a new report reveals that Hezbollah is operating in the Western Hemisphere and is as much a threat to the United States as it is to Israel.

CONTINUE READING: http://www.examiner.com/article/mexican-drug-cartels-and-hezbollah-strengthen-alliance-new-report

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