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Five States That Voted For Marxist obama About To Get Hit With TOP TAX INCREASES.

While I’m sad for the American Conservatives who have to suffer this, I wouldn’t give the teeniest, tiniest, turdiest turd about the DIMS who have to suck this up.  THIS is what “social justice” looks like.  HA!  They get what they voted for.   Just wait until they see how many companies are shutting down because of the obamacare scheme.   I’ve seen lists that are JAW DROPPING.  Those that voted for marxism are about to see what consequences look like.  BOOT MARKS ACROSS THEIR SCRAWNY LITTLE NECKS AND WHIP MARKS ACROSS THEIR BONY, BOWED BACKS. I’ll spit on their DAMNED graves. “Elections have consequences” SUCKERS.

Sandy-Ravaged New Jersey Families Face $6,933 Tax Hike in Fiscal Cliff Stalemate

November 21, 2012

(CNSNews.com) – Families in Hurricane Sandy-ravaged New Jersey will face the highest tax increase as a percentage of their income – 6.82%  or about $6,933 more in taxes — if Congress does not reach an agreement on the fiscal cliff tax issues during the lame-duck session, according to an analysis by the Tax Foundation.

In its study of how the fiscal cliff would affect typical families in each state, the Tax Foundation reports that if the numerous tax provisions that are due to expire on Dec. 31 are not changed, a four-person family in New Jersey with a median income of $101,682 will see its taxes go up at a rate 6.82 percent of its income, which translates into about $6,933.

The tax issues in question are the expiration of the Bush tax rates, which also include the elimination of the 10 percent tax bracket and the reduced deduction for married filers; ending the 2 percent cut to employee-side Social Security taxes; and the Alternative Minimum Tax.

Maryland was ranked second by the Tax Foundation because a four-person family there, with a median income of $106,707, would see its taxes go up 6.74 percent as a percentage of income, or about $7,194.

Connecticut, ranked third, would see taxes for a family of four go up by 6.62 percent, or $6,653.

All five states with the top tax increases are “blue states,” which President Obama won in the 2012 presidential election. But so are four out of the bottom five states with the exception of Kansas.

Top Five Tax Increases Tax Increases as % of Income

#1 – New Jersey $6,933                                6.82%

#2 – Maryland    $7,194                                 6.74%

#3 – Connecticut $6,653                                6.62%

#4 – Massachusetts $6,632                           6.53%

#5 – New Hampshire $5,660                          5.81%

Forty states would see tax increases between $3,000 and $3,999. Six states would see an increase between $4,000 and $4,999 and three would see increases between $6,000 and $6,999.

New Hampshire would be the only state to see a tax increase between $5,000 and $5,999 and Maryland would be the only state to see a tax increase over $7,000.

Bottom Five Tax Increases Tax Increases as % of Income

#50 – Washington $3,362                                4.12%

#49 – Hawaii    $3,453                                    4.16%

#48 – Colorado $3,646                                    4.29%

#47 – Kansas $3,227                                      4.31%

#46 – Illinois $3,417                                        4.32%

The potential for tax increases on millions of U.S. taxpayers is still possible, the Tax Foundation explains, and would be especially devastating for lower-income families because of the changes to the child tax credit; the elimination of the 10 percent bracket, which would go back to 15 percent; and the reduced standard deduction for married filers — all of which are provisions in the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts.

Source: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/sandy-ravaged-new-jersey-families-face-6933-tax-hike-fiscal-cliff-stalemate

  1. November 21, 2012 at 19:34

    I hope you people that voted for obama are ready to be a socialist country!!

    • November 21, 2012 at 19:54

      They’re not ready, but they sure are going to regret their choices. Sadly, they’ve been brainwashed to embrace and beg for their rulers. Will they care when We, The People are shuffled off to prison camps? I don’t believe they will. They’ve been brainwashed to HATE us. They will help cuff us and throw us on the trains. Well, some of us anyway. Some of us aren’t going to bow down.

      Just like hitler’s minions did. They will laugh as we are carted off to ovens.

      Will they even feel the pain when it’s stomping on their throats? They’re about to get a boot print across their throats and whip marks across their backs.

      I won’t feel ONE BIT sorry for them.

      And they’d better stay off my porch.

  2. November 22, 2012 at 09:44

    twg, I have commented from time to time over last few months. Check your site each and every day. You are one I be thankful for this day. HappyThanksgiving to you today. Still on this day… be around with eyes wide open.

    • November 22, 2012 at 10:12

      Hi Unit! Thanks for the note. Haven’t seen you in a while, and I’m glad to see you’re still here!

      Have a Blessed Thanksgiving. I’m treating it as if it may be our last.

      Onward, in Liberty.

      • November 22, 2012 at 15:39

        Yeah, I haven’t made comment lately. You always got lots to read. Maybe I should just always just at least give thumbs up as heart, mind and soul always agree.
        Unit is a unit you know as described on Mark Levin program a year ago, one defined by Independent Payment Advisory Board, death panel. Just give Grandma (grandpa) a pill. Had quite a flare up of osteoarthritis last few months and did have to have doc give me some pills to have ability to hold my equalizer in my rather cold, stiff fingers. Never happened before, not a comforting situation. All better now. 🙂

      • November 22, 2012 at 15:45

        Ah, I know it well. Being a crohn’s patient, my arthritis acts up and I have trouble getting around. It appears that, if I live that long, I will be one of those hunchbacked, gnarly old ladies.

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