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Introducing #OpSLAM – Stop The Lying Media BOYCOTT

TWG: You can find more boycott lists by visiting the BOYCOTT category of this blog.  There are several pages of information there.  It’s long past time to STOP SUPPORTING MARXISM!


Operation SLAM — #OpSLAM

Stop the Lying Media was introduced a little over a year ago. However, at the time, the conservatives on Twitter seemed to still be of the belief that we could rely on a fair electoral process and the Republican party to easily remove a completely failed president. Of course, with the media providing cover, parroting the lies of the administration and helping to select our candidate during the primaries, the result was another four-year term of the rapidly growing dictatorship.

We reintroduced #OpSLAM two days ago to a public that was now ready to act. Click here to read  the plan overview if you have not done so already. The concept is simple. We own about 60 percent of the buying power in America, and it is time we stopped supporting those who are working to destroy our lives, and that includes those who sponsor them.

Additional Background Information

To do this, we are going to have to adopt the tactics of the left. At first blush, this might appear distasteful to some. However, in adopting the tactics of the left, we do not have to become as disgusting as the left. We can maintain the high ground of language and behavior, and yet forcefully make our point that we are simply not going to allow our consumer dollars to be used against us any longer.

If one is interested in reading an excellent book on how to use the tactics of the left without becoming the left, we would recommend Rules for Radicals Defeated by Jeff Hedgepeth (@AlinskyDefeater) available on Amazon for only $2.99 on Kindle by clicking here. It is well worth the investment. We consider it our battle bible against the left.

Another great piece of background information is the book Hypocronance by Martin H. Petry (@usamutt) which describes in great detail how we got to this point in our society and the media’s role in the treachery against us. You can get a copy of that book here. Ordering from that page will actually support this effort, as Martin has graciously pledged a portion of the proceeds toward this effort. Any proceeds received will be announced and allocated publicly. Unlike this administration, we know the meaning of the word “transparency.”

Current Status of #OpSLAM

We are awaiting the short videos of the leading voices on MSNBC with their “greatest hits” of their more egregious comments. This will be used to shame sponsors. Once we have these, they should be posted to YouTube for all to be able to link up and send to sponsors.

We have the sponsor list and it is current and provided below. We have researchers working on their Twitter ID’s, consumer e-mail, and consumer comment phone lines now.

The plan is to single out a specific sponsor, one at a time, freezing it, polarizing it, and personalizing it with a hard barrage of e-mails, phone calls, and social media messaging, drawing attention to the videos and shaming the sponsors for using our consumer dollars to pay for this attack on our sensibilities. Suggested e-mails and tweets will be provided.  However, these should be personalized to your own words.

MSNBC Sponsors

Thanks to the efforts of @kmita3 we have the  lists of sponsors of Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews from the shows this weekend. We should nominate her for the Patriot Medal of Freedom, and more importantly, award her a bottle of Pepto for sitting through these shows in order for us to have these current and updated lists of sponsors of this vile hate speech. While we are not ready to launch a coordinated campaign against any of these sponsors, you may wish to start withdrawing your personal financial support at this time. And of course, if you want to make your own feelings known to any of them with which you do business currently, that is entirely up to you. Clicking each sponsor will open their web page.

Also, remember, a boycott is useless unless you tell a sponsor you are no longer using their product and why. E-mails and letters have a lasting effect.

Note that these include some Hawaii local. It’s up to you if you want to speak to them. Also, if you have additions from recent viewing, please add to comments, including web link, social media contact, consumer e-mail and phone numbers.

Rachel Maddow

Sponsors Rachel Maddow Show Saturday, 11/10/12:
1.  Staples
2.  Chase
4.  SyFy (Total Blackout original series)
5.  CXS
6.  Walmart/Humana team up
12. Oral B
20. USPS Priority Mail
21. Dell 
27. Crest
29. Aleve
30. DeVry
* VICTOR CRUZ  wide receiver NY Giants, spokesman for *Time Warner Cable AND For *Campbell’s Soup https://twitter.com/TeamVic http://www.nfl.com/player/victorcruz/2507855/profile

Chris Matthews

Hard Ball Weekend with Chris Matthews Saturday, November 10, 2012
1.  V8
5.  Oceanic Time Warner Cable   (Maddow, too)
6.  OC 16  (Hawaii Local)
7.  NoNo
9.  Pacific Diamond and Swiss Watch Exchange (Hawaii local, family owned)

 Local Hawaii advertisers:

1. OC 16 http://www.oc16.tv/
2. Zippy’s Restaurant http://www.zippys.com/
3. Mauna Loa http://shop.maunaloa.com/?gclid=CKScov7TxrMCFeGDQgodUW8A5w

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