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muslims Behead 14 Year Old Girl….. For Refusing “Marriage Proposal”.

TWG:  More from the muslims, following the commands given to them in their  quran.  These aren’t ‘radical extremists”. They are doing EXACTLY what their quran dictates.  Where’s the UN “Women’s Rights” council, “Human Rights” council and the rest of the muslim terrorists squatting on the UN thrones pretending to care?  What are they doing with the BILLION$ the United States hands them every year?  With such vermin as Ahmadinejad on their “Council”, it’s no wonder they do NOTHING about muslim torture and slaughter of Women and little girls.   These are the evil cretins that the obama regime and their glassy eyed minions here are supporting. While they scream and whine about Conservatives not wanting to play a part in their “choice” to slaughter their own children, they sit back and say NOTHING about little girls being murdered by muslims for the crime of being raped, learning how to read, or turning down a “marriage proposal” from some old muslim murderous pedophile.  Just as the UN has no credibility on these issues, obama and his glassy eyeds have demonstrated their allegiance to those horrific terrorists.  Where are the “Women’s Rights” feminazis? Where’s the “Homosexual Rights” whiners and thugs?  “Gender equality”, my ass.  DEFUND THOSE USELESS ASSHOLES AT THE UNITED NATIONS AND KICK THOSE BEASTS  OUT OF THIS COUNTRY FOR GOOD.

Afghan girl beheaded after refusing man’s marriage proposal

By Jeff Stacklin

A 14-year-old Afghan girl was beheaded and killed in an attack by two men, one of whom apparently asked her to marry him.

The attack happened Tuesday, a day before new legislation was introduced in Congress calling on the U.S. government to take steps to help protect Afghan women and girls as the U.S. military prepares to exit Afghanistan.

Gasitina, a student, was beheaded in the Imam Sahib district of Kunduz province. The attack was initially reported by local media, and was confirmed by Amnesty International researcher Horia Mosadiq in an email.

The girl was fetching water when she was accosted, according to reports. The men, who have not been identified, were arrested by police. The girl and her parents had refused a marriage proposal by one of the men, according to the Amnesty International report.

This was the 15th deadly attack on a female victim in Kunduz in 2012, the human rights organization said.

“Amnesty International is very concerned about the violations against women in Afghanistan,” said Cristina Finch, director of the organization’s Women’s Human Rights program.

Amnesty reported a similar incident in October, when a young woman was murdered and her throat slashed. In that case, the woman apparently refused to work as a prostitute.

Although it appears such attacks are increasing in frequency, it may be that the world outside Afghanistan is just beginning to hear about them, Finch said.

On Wednesday, Sen. Bob Casey, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, and Kay Bailey Hutchison, a Republican from Texas, introduced the Afghan Women and Girls’ Security Promotion Act. If passed in its current form, the bill addresses how women’s security will be monitored as the U.S. military withdraws from the country.

The bill also calls for improved gender sensitivity among Afghanistan’s national security forces and recruitment of women within the ranks of those forces.

Amnesty International USA’s executive director Suzanne Nossel applauded Casey and Hutchison for introducing the bill.

“As the United States military transitions out of Afghanistan, Afghan women’s human rights continue to be at grave risk and demand urgent attention,” Nossel said in a statement. “The fate of women will be a crucial determinant of that country’s prospects for a stable and prosperous future.”

In a report on Afghan violence against women, Amnesty International wrote that one of the justifications of the U.S. military going into the country in 2001 was to ensure the protection of human rights, including women’s rights.

“More than 10 years after the overthrow of the Taliban, modest advances have been made for girls and women in Afghanistan,” the report said. “But much remains to be done. Peace talks between the Taliban, Afghan government and the U.S. jeopardize even these modest gains as the U.S. searches for a quick exit.”

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/afghan-girl-beheaded-refusing-man-marriage-proposal-185239042.html

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  1. pbobhelms
    November 30, 2012 at 17:08

    Why does this not surprise me? in order to truly protect them we would have to re-write the shariah in the Koran, and change Islam! it is the Muslim faith and practice.

    • November 30, 2012 at 17:25

      The thing that bothers me most about all of this is that the glassy eyeds refuse to admit it happens and that it’s the result of the quran and the dictates of islam. They still believe islam is a “religion of peace” in spite of all the examples that prove otherwise. They believe those who commit these atrocious acts are some kind of “radical extremists” and that Christianity is somehow even worse. Notice how they always bring that up? Always trying to put Christianity on the same moral ground as these muslim monsters, when nothing could be further from the truth. It’s despicable, and we have the so-called “educators” and the global elitist politicians to blame for this brainwashing. Our youth are being taught to embrace those monsters!

      And the other thing that bothers me about this is that we provide BILLION$ each year to the UN, who do absolutely NOTHING to help anything anywhere. They’re useless tyrants, and we should have kicked them to the curb a LONG TIME AGO. The UN is crawling with islamic terrorists, bent on imposing the caliphate. Just like their pals obama, clinton, ahmadinejad and jarrett.

  2. pbobhelms
    November 30, 2012 at 17:13

    Reblogged this on Bob's Opinion and commented:
    I don’t think it is any government’s place to tell the Muslims what to believe, except the Afghan government.

  3. Sir Richard
    November 30, 2012 at 22:08

    The same filthy, 9th century throw back pig/dogs muslims that killed that boy are the same bastards that congradulated imam obama on his victory. Why do you pro-fag carpet-munching dykes support obama? They think that a women is beneath a pig, and they will not eat pork. Do you purse totting homo-sapiens realize what obama’s friends do if you are found guilty of “Being Gay”,… death, via a wood chipper

    • November 30, 2012 at 22:13

      7th century. The day they come to put me in a burkha is the day they die a horrible death.

  4. Sir Richard
    November 30, 2012 at 22:21

    Why don’t you liberal fucks go to U-tube and type in “Sihk girls groomed by muslims”. Why don’t you liberal fucks read about the 14 year old girl who was beheaded for refusing to marry some filthy, 9th century, pig/dog MUSLIM? Oh, I forgot Mohammed had a 9 year old wife. I guess the “Religion of Peace” is a religion of peace, depends on who is on top

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