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Pop Music’s “PSY” Advocates Killing Americans and American Soldiers

K-pop star PSY once advocated ‘slowly and painfully’ killing US soldiers

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anyone else know Psy, the Gangnam Style artist, publicly held anti-American views, also encouraging the killing of soldiers?

@scooterbraun Have you seen those anti-American lyrics from PSY back in 2003? I believe he sang about killing Americans.

Here’s a fun fact: In 2002, Psy performed at an anti-American concert in Korea and sang about killing our soldiers and how awful we are.

Psy the anti-American protestor: Certainly not the same guy you saw on Ellen lexne.ws/f61@KoreaLawToday

TIL Psy has a very anti-American past he is trying to hide tinyurl.com/asrywrx

He has the most-watched YouTube video ever (more than 900 million views), and is set to perform at the White House later this month.

Eight years ago, however, the “Gangnam Style” K-pop singer advocated  the murder and torture of US military personnel and their family members.

HAPS, an English-language Korean magazine, says news of PSY’s anti-American views have long been known in Korea, but only recently surfaced in the US.

The lyrics of the anti-US song performed live by PSY and several other popular Korean singers  in 2004 (shortly after the US invaded Iraq) were first translated into English  two months ago on CNN’s iReport:

싸이 rap :

이라크 포로를 고문해 댄 씨발양년놈들과
고문 하라고 시킨 개 씨발 양년놈들에
딸래미 애미 며느리 애비 코쟁이 모두 죽여
아주 천천히 죽여 고통스럽게 죽여

PSY Rap:

Kill those fucking Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives

Kill those fucking Yankees who ordered them to torture

Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers

Kill them all slowly and painfully

PSY’s anti-American views weren’t discussed when the K-Pop star appeared on Ellen.

Exit question: Will anyone in the mainstream media ask PSY if he still supports killing US soldiers and their family members?

Source: Twitchy.com

White House to go ‘Gangnam Style’ for Christmas, Psy invited to perform.



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