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University of Rhode Island Professor Erik Loomis Wants Gun Rights Advocates “BEATEN TO DEATH” and NRA Heads “On A Stick”

This is a college “PROFESSOR”.  Why is this evil thing still at the pulpit spewing his LIES to our kids and promoting this violence and bigotry? Parents? Anyone?

University of Rhode Island professor’s retweet: Murder anyone who thinks teachers should be armed

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First fucker to say the solution is for elementary school teachers to carry guns needs to get beaten to death.

Four days ago, Erik Loomis, an assistant professor of American history at the University of Rhode Island, retweeted the above tweet. In case it disappears down the memory hole, here’s a .jpg captured for posterity:

erik loomis RT

That was just one of Loomis’ many angry, profane tweets/retweets bashing pro-gun organizations and individuals such as NRA chief Wayne LaPierre in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting massacre in Newtown, Conn.

14 Dec 12

@ErikLoomis heartbroken more than anything, then complete visceral anger

@rmccrory I was heartbroken in the first 20 mass murders. Now I want Wayne LaPierre’s head on a stick.

Looks like the National Rifle Association has murdered some more children.

14 Dec 12

There are just no words

@fmanjoo There are words. Fuck the National Rifle Association and its policies to put crazy guns in everyone’s hands.

You are goddamn right we should politicize this tragedy. Fuck the NRA. Wayne LaPierre should be in prison.

Wayne LaPierre is a criminal and should be in prison for complicity with murder. 27 counts.

Dear Republicans, Do you know the definition of family values? It’s not having our kids FUCKING SHOT AT SCHOOL!! Fuck the NRA.

It’s harder to buy Sudafed in a pharmacy that high-caliber rifle bullets. Fuck the NRA.

Can we define NRA membership dues as contributing to a terrorist organization?

I bet terrorist NRA head Wayne LaPierre will sleep well tonight.

Larry Pratt and the group Gun Owners of America are terrorists and should be dealt with as such. thinkprogress.org/justice/2012/1…

Idiot of the day: Eugene Volokh, for arguing we should arm school teachers. volokh.com/2012/12/14/a-t…

The NRA pushes for policies that make it complicit in mass murders in the US and Mexico. Repeal the 2nd Amendment.

Another day, another NRA facilitated terrorist attack. This morning at an Alabama hospital. abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/p…

Your daily NRA-facilitated terrorism. San Antonio this time. thedailybeast.com/cheats/2012/12…

He calls it an “intimidation campaign” when websites such as Campus Reform, quote what he said about Wayne LaPierre:

The right-wing intimidation campaign against me for saying the NRA was a terrorist organization continues. Will not succeed.

17 Dec 12

@ErikLoomis no, but seriously, fuck those people. don’t let them threaten you into silence.

@NeilAnAlien Indeed they will not. In fact, I’d like to write up my story of right-wing intimidation for a magazine.

The Venn diagram between those who are trying to intimidate me and those who think Obama is the Kenyan usurper is sizable.

He backs away from his “head on a stick” comment but doubles down on his view that Wayne LaPierre should be imprisoned:

Dear right-wing morons, saying you “want someone’s head on a stick” is a metaphor. I know metaphor is hard for you to understand.

Dear rightwingers, to be clear, I don’t want to see Wayne LaPierre dead. I want to see him in prison for the rest of his life.

Even when not addressing guns,  Loomis seems to have significant anger and anxiety issues:

16 Dec 12

@ErikLoomis At least for me, trashy tv is better relaxant than movies, but obviously YMMV.

@jacremes Bad TV makes me angry.

How do people relax after writing without alcohol? Am trying, failing. A jumble of nerves, determined no one will ever publish the book.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the need for access to mental health services. We hope Loomis seeks the help he so obviously needs.


Rhode Island professor Erik Loomis deletes his Twitter account; Update: What is he hiding?

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What do you do when you are an assistant professor at a public university and you’ve been caught red-handed retweeting a tweet advocating murder?

If you’re University of Rhode Island professor Erik Loomis, you delete your entire Twitter account.

Here is what his page looked like about 20 minutes ago:

erik loomis assistant professor002

Here is what it looks like now:


We’re glad he won’t be advocating violence on Twitter any longer. Hopefully, he will use the freed-up time to seek help from a mental health professional.

* * *

Update: What exactly is Loomis hiding? Before he deleted his Twitter account, we managed to make note of a few of his angrier tweets (no screen caps, sorry):

“Nothing makes me more angry than being ordered what to do. Usuallly good at checking emotions, am now in towering rage at laptop-banning bar”

“@drfarls You have no idea how much I wanted to break my glass over that guy’s head.”

This was interesting, too:

“I love teaching books on the history of sexuality. I talked about dildos in a completely appropriate way in class today.”


Dr. Erik Loomis

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. University of New Mexico, 2008
M.A. University of Tennessee, 1999
B.A. University of Oregon, 1996

Research Interests:

Environmental History, Labor History, Late 19th-Early 20th Century U.S. History, U.S. West

Courses Taught:

  • HIS 141 – History of the United States to 1877
  • HIS 339 – Emergence of Industrial America, 1877-1914
  • HIS 364 – U.S. Environmental History
  • HIS 365 – Civil War and Reconstruction
  • HIS 441 – Topics in U.S. History (U.S. West)
  • HIS 495 – Senior Seminar


“Lives Under the Canopy: Spotted Owls and Loggers in Western Forests,” to be published in Natural Resources, Law Journal, Summer 2012
“Preserving Nature to Preserve the Republic: Laurens Bolles, New Mexico’s Cold War Conservatonist,” to be published in New Mexico Historical Review, 2013″


“Empire of Timber: Work and Nature in the Pacific Northwest Forests”

Contact Information:

Department of History
University of Rhode Island
80 Upper College Road, Suite 3
Kingston, RI 02881
Office: 217B Washburn
Phone: 401.874.4079
Email: ferguson@uri.edu

HERE IS ERIK LOOMIS’ BLOG AT LAWYERS, GUNS & MONEY: http://www.lawyersgunsmoneyblog.com/author/erik-loomis

It appears that thing’s colleagues, family and the police are now involved. Thank God the police paid it a visit and questioned it as to it’s violent outbursts and vitriolic hate speech.

Here’s an excerpt from that thing’s web blog:

“The last couple of days have been a bit challenging for me. Being attacked by a David Horowitz wannabe for saying I wanted to see Wayne LaPierre’s head on a stick has led to a world of fun, ranging from a meeting with the Rhode Island State Police last night to people inundating the University of Rhode Island community with warnings of their murderous colleague in their midst.

So to clarify, I want to make it blindingly clear that I did not call for the assassination of Wayne LaPierre. In my world, calling for someone’s head on a stick is a metaphor to hold them responsible for their actions. I think the last time “head on a stick” actually meant murder was sometime around 1450. That anyone would take this seriously as a murder threat is completely absurd. What stinks about it is that it has now involved my family, colleagues, and university. So I’ll apologize to them and to anyone legitimately offended by my metaphor.”



Apparently, this erik loomis vermin has a history of threatening Conservatives with death. HE NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED AND CHARGED WITH VARIOUS CRIMES: https://twg2a.wordpress.com/2012/12/18/university-of-rhode-island-professor-erik-loomis-has-a-long-history-of-threatening-to-murder-conservatives/

  1. CounterRevolution
    December 18, 2012 at 11:42

    Wow! I’ve been out looking for more information on the Holmes/Lanza/LIBOR connection. It’s all over the web now. This is probably a manufactured “Crisis” before Frank Marshall Davis Jr. is sworn in again. These people know the end is coming nearer and they have to wrest control of the nation from duly elected/authorized/appointed authorities quickly. When wil the “Commissar Order” be issued?

    • December 18, 2012 at 11:50

      I have to say that the only thing I find terribly frightening about all of this is how many glassy eyeds are convinced that obama is the messiah, we should burn our Bill of Rights and Constitution, and that all gun owners and Conservatives need to be murdered.

      America is no longer the “United” force that it once was. When this thing hits the fan, we’re going to have the most bloodiest, violent war this world has ever seen, right here on our own soil. It frightens me that I will have to fight to the death my own fellow countrymen, as opposed to foreign forces. I would never have believed it would come to this, but I’m prepared.

      • CounterRevolution
        December 18, 2012 at 15:07

        I agree.

  1. December 18, 2012 at 13:11

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