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Geometry teacher who compared student’s Romney t-shirt to KKK garb faces lawsuit

TWG: I’m glad to see this lawsuit.  Conservatives need to send a flurry of these lawsuits against the glassy eyeds calling us filthy names and accusing us of abhorrent behavior.  It’s slander, defamation, bullying, racist threats, hate speech…  They constantly lie about us and it’s time to shove that trash back down their snouts.  Hit them in their pocketbooks.  Take every damned dime they have. And any “educator” doing something like this should be FIRED immediately with no future monetary benefits, and with a ZERO TOLERANCE policy imposed.


The family of a 16-year-old Philadelphia teenager who charges that her geometry teacher mocked her for wearing a Mitt Romney t-shirt has sued both the teacher and the school district for violating her First Amendment rights.

The teacher, Lynette Gaymon, allegedly told Samantha Pawlucy to “get out of this class” and pointed to the door when she entered math class at Charles Carroll High School in September, FOX 29 reported. Gaymon then tried to mark the shirt with a red marker.

Gaymon also said the pink “Romney-Ryan” shirt the high schooler wore to school was akin to the garb Ku Klux Klan members wear, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

  1. Cheryl
    December 29, 2012 at 07:52

    Unfortunately, this ill-informed teacher is teaching children. She needs a few history lessons: like who founded the KKK and who the real racists are. Sad that this is what’s passing for teachers who are molding today’s children. We have the unions to thank partially for this.

    • December 29, 2012 at 08:18

      Nothing will get better until we abolish these “public schools” and arrest, convict and punish those “educators” accordingly for their crimes. We’re out here fighting for nothing if we allow them to continue this brainwashing.

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